My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 111: Carrying Gu Qi Qi to the bedroom


Under the tall french sycamore tree.

A black Rolls-Royce Phantom silently pulled up at some point.

The car’s window rolled down.

A man’s reserved and emotionless profile was slowly revealed.


Evil and wanton!

With a smirk, this cruel and wicked question was blurted out so quickly.

Xiao Ning’s small face was pale, and her legs and stomach were weak: ” Uncle Xiao ……”


Thousands of miles away from the imperial capital.


Chu Jun Mo was in his study, sitting under his lamp and reading at night.

A medical manual was spread out and slowly analyzed under the bronze light.

His azure-colored jacket revealed a touch of elegance and antiquity, and a pair of gold wire glasses were perched on the bridge of his defined nose. Yet, it made the man seem a little more gentle and handsome.

Secretary Jiao stood guard in the corner of the study and couldn’t help but heartily remind: 

“President, you’re not looking very well, don’t stay up all night ……”

Chu Jun Mo did not raise his eyes as he replied, his mellow voice steady: “I’m not well? Who said that?”

Secretary Jiao felt like he was going to cry: “……”

“I’m so sleepy, I forgot that this man hates being contradicted!

Fortunately, Chu Jun Mo didn’t continue to make things difficult for him. Instead, as if forgetting what had just happened, he asked, “The results of the entrance exam acceptances… have they come out yet?”

Secretary Jiao slapped his head, “I’ll look into it right away!”

The president’s heart is not very good, so he usually pays excellent attention to consistency. He goes to bed early and wakes up early. It all adheres to his way of wellness.

It was strange for him to stay up until midnight like this!

It turns out …… he was waiting for the admissions results of the entrance exam……

The president was surrounded by big names in the pharmaceutical industry, so who in the entrance exam was relevant enough to pique his interest?

Of course, it must’ve been that Qi Qi girl…

Secretary Jiao’s heart couldn’t help but shake: “God, the president stayed up all night, and it was for a woman, for Miss Qi Qi!”

This, this was an unprecedented first-time occurrence.

Quickly, he reported the results with a shocked face: “Miss Qi Qi has not been accepted into any school.”

Chu Jun Mo’s hand abruptly paused from flipping his manual.

The crest of his eyebrows wrinkled slightly: “Reason?”

“It appears that ..… her college entrance exam results were found to be fraudulent plagiarism, so she couldn’t be admitted.”

Secretary Jiao looked at this announcement. Not only did he doubt Gu Qi Qi’s character, he couldn’t help but add, “President, cheating means that there is a problem with the individual.”

But Chu Jun Mo interrupted him: “Call her phone number.”

The college entrance exam results were voided, and no school accepted her.

This cruel fact was a severe blow to that stubborn and proud girl, right?

I wonder if she’ll be alright.

Chu Jun Mo’s ten thousand years deep basin of a heart suddenly rippled.

There was actually a hint of worry.

“Reporting to the president! The phone is not working!” Secretary Jiao got even angrier and couldn’t help but complain, “President, this isn’t just an ordinary unreachable connection. She blocked you! This woman not only has a bad character but is also ungrateful, using and throwing you away……”

“Secretary Jiao, you talk too much.” Chu Jun Mo got up abruptly, “Prepare the car and go to the Imperial Military Medical University, President Qin’s house.”


“Aren’t you planning to sleep early?”

“Follow my orders!”


One o’clock in the morning.

President Qin’s living room.

The nearly seventy years old principal wiped his cold sweat: “President Chu, it’s not that I’m not giving you face, it’s just that admitting candidates who cheat and plagiarize is unprecedented.”

“Then set a precedent.”

“If word gets out ……”

“I can invest additional money in your latest medical research. one hundred million.”

“If that’s the case …… I will set her up within either the veterinary or forensic medical school so she can keep a low profile.”

“No, get the best clinical medical school. Official admission!” Chu Jun Mo’s face was expressionless, his tone insistent.

“Alas! It’s too difficult, and I’m afraid it would require military approval.”

“This should be a small matter if you think about the medicine I provide you.” Chu Jun Mo faintly said.

The old principal, however, felt his heart tense.

His god-forsaken chronic illness could only be relieved by the Chu family’s secret herbal medicine.

Because this medication couldn’t be stopped, he had to agree to it!

Alas, how can that little girl named Gu Qi Qi simply just invite such a giant Buddha to speak in her favor?



Naval camp.

Gong Zhu held the unconscious Gu Qi Qi in a bridal carry and got out of the car, walking with his long legs all the way to the bedroom.

Authors Note:

【Third Chapter Today~]

–The Little Train Theatre–

Master Yun: Currently the three main male gods, Gong Jue, Uncle Xiao, Chu Jun Mo, do the goblins like it?

Bai Lang (aggrieved): it’s obviously the four male gods!

Master Yun: Well, that makes sense. I’m going to ask you again, Gong Jue, Uncle Xiao, Chu Jun Mo, and Master Yun, the four male gods, are the goblins happy now?

Don’t like it?

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