White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 9: I’m a weakling.

After analyzing Su Mo Li carefully, Imperial Doctor Chen spoke to Su Chen, “Miss Su has anemia and a weak pulse, so she must not strain herself too much on a day to day basis.”

“Is she exhausted?” Su Chen felt it was a bit strange.

Imperial Doctor Chen took a look at Su Chen and sighed, “Miss Su’s body is obviously overworked, Lord Su, you have to give Miss Su a good tonic. It’s best if she wakes up after 9:00 am and sleeps before 9:00 pm. If she’d like to eat something, feel free to make it for her. However, you need to make sure that what she’s eating is nutritious but not too over the top. For example, things like ginseng aren’t needed, but a bowl of bird’s nest is good.”

Listening to the Imperial Doctor Chen’s instructions, Su Chen agreed in succession.

The surrounding maids and servants looked at each other.

The Imperial Doctor has been speaking for forever! How bad was the Eldest Miss’s health?

It was pitiful.

“Don’t worry, Imperial Doctor Chen. I’ve remembered everything.”

After thinking about it, he turned to Su Mo Li and asked, “Is there anything Li’er wants to eat today?”

Su Mo Li looked at Su Chen with eyes full of respect and said, “Father doesn’t need to ask. I’m fine with anything. But, if I can only get up after 9:00 am, then I won’t be able to go to school, nor will I be able to pay my respects to my Mother.”

Imperial Doctor Chen interjected, “Eldest Miss, your body has been pierced with a thousand holes. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that you were being mistreated. But for the sake of Lord Su’s reputation, the morning and evening routine can be omitted. After all, if you had an accident and it reaches the ears of the Emperor, how could it be explained?”

Su Chen hurriedly agreed.

How could he have forgotten that Su Mo Li was not only his daughter but also the Emperor’s niece? Ah!

Imperial Doctor Chen gave a few more instructions before leaving.

Su Mo Li got up and bowed to Su Chen, “Thank you for your care. Actually, this daughter’s body is not as weak as the Imperial Doctor says. Morning and evening greetings are what this daughter should do.”

After seeing Su Mo Li’s cute face and sparkling eyes acting so sweet, he said, “Morning and evening greetings can be canceled. It’s better to wait until you are well again.”

Su Chen thought about Su Mo Li’s weak body. Could it be that this child had suffered in the village?

Although she was told to pray, her food and clothing had never been less than it should be. How could her health be so poor?

Su Mo Li asked, “But Father, will Mother have a problem with me? Li’er is not Mother’s biological child after all. If Mother dislikes me because of this, will it make things difficult for Father?”

Su Chen sighed in his heart. This daughter of his was thinking of him from start to finish. This gesture couldn’t help but soften his heart a bit, “Don’t worry, your mother won’t be angry about this. Your father will talk to her.”

“Thank you, Father.” A slight smile appeared on Su Mo Li’s face.

After saying a few words of departure to Su Chen, she left.

On the other hand, Su Chen went back to his study and ordered someone to go forward to investigate the affairs of the Tianjia Village.

When Su Mo Li returned to the courtyard, Huang Fan took out a few letters and handed them to Su Mo Li: “Miss, this is a letter from the Marquis. He is asking if you were being bullied by the Su family. If so, they can take you back to the Marquis’s residence. This other letter is from Imperial Doctor Chen. He said that what he just told the Master is an exaggeration. So although your body is a bit weak, if you wanted to beat a cow to death, it wouldn’t be a problem. Next is a letter from the Emperor, asking when you’ll be free.”

“To the Marquis, tell them that I’m weak and just need to rest. Moving is too much trouble.” Su Mo Li said as she ate her food. “To Imperial Doctor Chen, tell him that it’s best to spread the word about this matter so that I won’t get bullied. To the Emperor, tell him that I’m weak and need to recuperate, so I don’t have any time to spare.”

At that moment, Huang Fan thought, your body is weak? What kind of nonsense is that?

Cheng Tao forced a smile and said, “Miss, the housekeeper just said that in the future, you can just study with Mrs. Liu in the afternoon.”

“Mm.” Su Mo Li yawned, “How about the Prime Minister’s guards?”

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan looked at each other. Cheng Tao quickly closed the door while Huang Fan said in a low voice, “Miss, the guards of the Prime Minister’s Residence are of average skill.”

“Hmm,” Su Mo Li pondered for a while and slowly said, “The five people of the Heavenly Character are to secretly enter the house and report on the factions in the house. The five people from the Earth Character are to enter the house dressed as young servants and maids and blend in with the Prime Minister’s Residence. The five people of the Xuan character should approach Su Xin Zhen, Su Jia Xuan, Su Chen, and Li Qianshi and become their followers.”

After a short pause, Su Mo Li seemed to have thought of something: “I remember that there was a woman in the Ren Character who was good at health care. Try sending her to my Grandmother. Huang Character and the others in the Ren Character are to go outside and gather information.”

“Yes, Miss.” Cheng Tao answered and quickly went to deliver the message.

In the Liuyuan courtyard, Li Qianshi listened to the housekeeper’s words and faintly smiled. “I also thought that Li’er’s body was too weak, and the morning and evening greetings were too much for her. But if I open my mouth and tell Li’er to rest, I am afraid that the Master will think that I’m not happy with her. Return to Master and say that I understand. I will allow Li’er to heal her body.”

The steward smiled and left with a bow.

As soon as the steward left, Li Qianshi turned pale and sneered, “I can’t believe that just a few days after coming back, the Master started to think of her. If this goes on for a few more days, I’m afraid that Zhen’er’s and Xuan’er’s places will be taken!”

Momo Chen’s heart sank, and she quickly looked over, “You guys, leave.”

When the maids left, only then did Momo Chen whispered, “Madam, what are you doing? With all these people coming and going, what if your words get out to the Master’s ears? So what if Master is now favoring the Eldest Miss because she’s weak? You’re the Madam of the Prime Minister’s family now! What’s more, wait until you mention Princess Huimin in Master’s ear…”

Momo Chen didn’t finish her words, but Li Qianshi immediately understood, and a smug smile appeared on her face: “Momo, you’re right. Master hates Princess Huimin the most. As long as I mention her, it is natural that he will hate her!”

“It’s good that Madam can think about it. Besides, when you take the Eldest Miss out to a banquet in the future and make her embarrass herself a few times, the Master will hate the Eldest Miss even more.”

Momo Chen’s face was full of disdain, “A person who grew up in the countryside cannot compare to the Second and Third Misses.”

Li Qianshi laughed as she extended her slender fingers and lifted a cup of tea, “You’re right. Back then, I was already able to fight Huimin. Today, how could I still be afraid of a little girl? Hehe.”

With a cold smile, Li Qianshi’s finger tapped the rim of the cup, and she slowly said: “Even so, we still have to take action and make the Master loathe Su Mo Li.”

Momo Chen’s eyes turned and said, “I heard that in a month, Old Master Feng He, also known as the God of Qin, will come to the capital and choose a disciple from the capital. If the Second and Third Misses are chosen, won’t it be a joyful occasion? Even if they aren’t chosen, there is no doubt that they would receive a compliment from Mister Feng He. I’ve heard that Old Master Feng He holds the qin in high regard and has a bad temper. If the Eldest Miss breaks the qin strings in front of him, Old Master Feng He will definitely despise her.”

Li Qianshi’s eyes lit up: “I’ve also heard about Old Master Feng He, but despite there being rumors for years that he would come to the capital, there has been no sign of him. I’m afraid that this time, there’s nothing to be done. But that idea of yours is great. Nowadays, it’s not only Old Master Feng He who loves the qin, but also the current Empress Dowager.”

The master and servant looked at each other and smiled unkindly.

As she was being plotted against, Su Mo Li rolled around the bed and could not sleep. Instead, she simply got up and prepared to go talk with Old Madam Su.

Unexpectedly, the voice of the second class maid rang out outside: “Miss, the Third Miss is here.”

Su Jia Xuan is an easy person to get along with. When thinking about some of the things that she had found out about her, Su Mo Li had to say that this Su Jia Xuan had a simple temperament.

“Big Sister!”

Su Jia Xuan cheerfully came to Su Mo Li’s side and glanced at the stone stools underneath the grapevines and sat down, “Big Sister, is it okay for us to play in the courtyard?”

Su Jia Xuan was extraordinarily cute, her eyes shining and smiling like the stars.

“Okay.” Su Mo Li responded as Cheng Tao quickly brought two cushions, placing one on Su Mo Li’s stool.

“Third Miss, let’s give you a cushion.”

“No need.” Su Jia Xuan waved her hand, “I’m fine.”

Saying that, she ordered Dong Xue beside her, “Bring my things over here.”

Dong Xue hesitated but placed a jar on the table and explained, “This is the food that Third Miss made in the kitchen, it might be a bit stinky, but the taste is excellent!”

After saying that, Dong Xue opened the jar.

The stench that came over the jar made the maids back away.

Su Jia Xuan, on the other hand, was bright-eyed.

Dong Xue stole a glance at Su Mo Li and saw that she was still smiling. Slightly relieved, Dong Xue took two pieces of dried tofu from inside.

“Miss, can you eat them?”

Dong Xue looked at the pale-skinned Su Mo Li and was a little hesitant. “It’s fine if Eldest Miss doesn’t want to eat it.”

On the other hand, Su Jia Xuan swallowed her saliva: “Big Sister, this tofu is very delicious.”

“Thank you, Third Sister.” Su Mo Li said softly as she took the chopsticks from Dong Xue’s hand, picking up the black dried tofu and taking a bite.

Dong Xue’s face was filled with respect.

Eldest Miss was really a righteous person. To not let Third Miss be sad, she even ate something that disgusting.

You must know that no one in the house can eat a bite of it.

Even the Madam was disgusted.

“Eldest Sister, is it delicious?” Su Jia Xuan’s little face was filled with tension.

Su Mo Li smiled lightly and finished the dried tofu before saying, “It tastes good. Third Sister is perfect.”

“Really?!” Su Jia Xuan jumped up, “Big Sister, you can eat it all then!”

Dong Xue’s cheeks twitched. Eldest Miss had given face by eating a piece of it, but she can’t keep pushing. Ah!

Su Mo Li lowered her head, “Okay, thank you, Third Sister.”

Under Su Jia Xuan’s expectant gaze, she took another piece.

The corners of Dong Xue’s mouth tightened, and she immediately looked at Cheng Tao and Huang Fan, her face full of apologies.

She whispered, “My Miss just wanted to share what she likes with Eldest Miss. This jar of stinky tofu is Third Miss’s favorite. No one in the family can stand the taste. Eldest Miss actually does not have to force herself.”

Cheng Tao was slightly startled but smiled. “Don’t worry about it. Miss did not refuse, which means that Miss also likes it.”

Dong Xue stared at her. Why was this maid so blind? Even if Eldest Miss wanted to refuse, she obviously was too embarrassed to do so!

Poor Miss, these two maids are so unreliable!

Dong Xue watched Su Mo Li eat all the stinky tofu. She sighed in her heart. The Eldest Miss, to not let the Third Miss be disappointed, had actually eaten so many pieces of stinky tofu, she was really a good person ……

Su Mo Li, who was enjoying her meal, was happy today!

It’s been a long time since she had eaten stinky tofu!


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