I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 1: Successfully Reincarnated!

At the end of July, the city officially entered the summer season. Heatwaves pounded on the face, and the temperature in the air felt like a person could be roasted alive.

Not far away from the alley, five or six small beggars as hungry wolves pounced on the food. They took turns fighting for the discarded food on the ground, and a few people even went so far as to wrestle together.

In contrast-

Leaning against the wall next to them, also dressed in rags, the little loli was much quieter and better behaved.

In fact, she had been dazed for quite a while.

She didn’t even bother with the fine sweat that kept coming out on her forehead because of the heat.

Lu Li sat on the floor with her big black eyes wide open and her long raven feather eyelashes hanging down. She stared at her dirty little hands in a daze, her expression blank. ……

It took her a long time before she hesitantly extended a finger on her left hand and carefully poked her right hand…..

The skin underneath is soft and fleshy to the touch and has the unique human body temperature.

Warm and welcoming. ……

Not at all as cold as a fish ……

Lu Li’s black eyes lit up with a sudden twinkle, and as if in disbelief, her hands suddenly covered her small mouth.

“Oh, my God! I I I …… I’m really becoming my daddy’s daughter again!”

“I’ve been reborn!”

Finally, she was not a salty fish anymore!

Lu Li’s mother is the head of the Koi tribe, so Lu Li has been the little princess of the Koi tribe all her life.

Her own luck has always been good.

But she was really a salty fish who did nothing but sleep on the back of her wolf king father.

One day, she looked for her dad everywhere in the heavenly realm, but she couldn’t find him. Her mother told her that her daddy had something to do temporarily. He had gone to another world and would not return until a few years later.

As her daddy’s lapdog, little Lu Li couldn’t wait so long, and when she heard that her daddy might be in danger in that world, she couldn’t sit still any longer!

So without telling her mother, she searched for all the forbidden spells in the heavenly realm and tried every possible way to reincarnate, just to become her father Lu Junhan’s own daughter again.

But every time she was reincarnated, she turned into a fish. Every single time!

She’s been reincarnated almost twenty-five times, and she just couldn’t become human!

Lu Li almost cried with anger.

It wasn’t until later that she realized that her father didn’t have a wife in this world, so naturally, he wouldn’t have any children of his own, and she couldn’t be reincarnated.

Even more, her father was always working, just working.

He was cold and unfeeling toward women and children and spoke with no warmth at all.

But Lu Li was not discouraged.

After waiting like this for years, she really caught her chance!

Unfortunately, it was not easy for her to be reborn as a human being, as her father’s own daughter, and she wanted to see what her mother looked like, but Lu Li’s magic power was not enough.

Not only did she not see her mother’s face, but even during the two or three years she was born, she was just like an ordinary baby, her brain was blank as a sheet of paper, and her IQ was not high either.

Only now, when her mana was slowly recovering, did she gradually remember what had happened before.

“It was so hard!”

“It’s so hard to be a Dad’s kid!”

Lu Li remembered the hardship and heartache of this journey to reincarnation, and her small hand couldn’t help but hit the ground hard.

–But now is not the time to think about this.

The little girl got up from the ground with a bang, and without thinking about why she was here and without saying a word, she ran out of the alley with two short legs and an anxious look.

She had to find her father quickly.

She knew that the world was a world within a book.

She had read the whole book, and her dad was the villain in it and the worst and deadliest of them all!

Many people don’t like him, and there is always danger around him.


She had to hurry to protect her dad!

It wouldn’t be good if Dad were bullied.

The little girl was fierce and unstoppable when she started running.

However, once out of the dark and damp alley, the outside sunshine mercilessly shone directly on the skin, and as if Lu Li was scalded, she shrank back fiercely.

The momentum suddenly dropped from 1.8 meters to 1.4 meters ……

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Seeing that no one was paying attention, Lu Li’s black and white eyes turned round and round. Then she suddenly turned into a red carp, bounced twice, and rolled into the nearby river.


7 PM.

Lu family villa.

The maids and bodyguards stood in two neat rows in front of the front door, waiting for their young master to arrive.


Not long after, a stretch limousine came speeding up through the big black carved iron gate and finally stopped firmly in front of them.

A butler in a tuxedo hurried down the steps and opened the door for him.

“Lu Shao–“

The first thing that caught their eye was the long, slender legs wrapped in ironed suit pants, followed by thin, pale, bone-like fingers that looked like works of art.

Then, the almost universally known handsome face in the Hai Cheng city appeared in front of their eyes.

The man came down from the car in no hurry; his slender and upright figure stood in front of the car. A glance at the silhouette of the face was steady and cold.

The eyes were dark and profound, and just standing there, there is a strong sense of intimidation and oppression all over, like an emperor, he was unfathomable.

Just one glance made people fearful, not daring to look any further.

During the entire process, everyone present held their breath, slightly lowering their heads, not daring to say a word more.

“Has the banquet venue been set up?”

Lu Junhan stood in place, slowly and methodically took off his white gloves, and coldly handed them to the welcoming butler.

“Everything has been set up according to your request,” The butler whispered respectfully, “Now, all that’s left is to put the new batch of red carp into the pond.”

The red carp was an auspicious object and a symbol of good luck in Hai Cheng City.

As long as they can afford it, rich people will have such a pond at home, where they will raise a batch of red carp, which can be used for viewing and saving good luck.

Lu Junhan doesn’t believe in these superstitions, nor does he believe in feng shui; he keeps them purely for food.

The last batch of fish was almost finished, and now a new batch has been brought in.

The housekeeper took one look at Lu Junghan and saw that he didn’t blame him for not doing his job well, so he was relieved and directed his servants to pour the new batch of red carp into the pond.

Soon, the red color of the red carp covered the entire lotus pond, looking extra festive.

However, at that moment.

A brittle little milky voice came out of nowhere…


It was extra loud and clear, brittle, extremely penetrating, and accurate sounded in everyone’s ears!

The housekeeper’s calm demeanor changed instantly, and he looked around, but he couldn’t see anyone.

Which bodyguard was so fearless that he actually brought the child with him while he was working?

In the city, who doesn’t know that Lu Shao hates children the most, and even once thought that children are more troublesome than women.

And even if you bring it with you, you still let the child appear in front of Lu Shao. Do you really want to die?

“Whose child is she? Take her away!”

The villa was too big, and the butler couldn’t find anyone after looking around a few times, so he simply stopped looking and turned around and shouted at the group of standing bodyguards.

At the same time, he looked at the expressionless Lu Junhan in a panic.

“Lu Shao, this time it’s my fault for mismanaging the servants. I’m willing to be punished-“

However, the man walked forward as if he hadn’t heard them, with an indifferent face, and didn’t even share a glance with them.

Translators Note:

Just throwing the random chapters I have out translated for people to read 🙂 This is one of candidates for my next novel once I’m done translating White Lotus Overturned (I’ve completed 50/81 so go me 🙂 )

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