White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 16: Prince Zhong’s departure

Shi Jun didn’t bother to watch the interaction between the master and servant of Su Mo Li and gave Xiao Guozi a look.

Xiao Guozi was busy packing up his things.

“Since there’s nothing else, Ben …… I’ll leave first.”

Saying that, Shi Jun nodded towards Su Mo Li and turned around to leave.

Su Mo Li gave a grudging glance at Cheng Tao; “You’re too much, I’m suffering from a cold and you still won’t let me go see that beautiful man!”

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, Cheng Tao enunciated each word; “Miss! I won’t stop you from seeing beautiful men, but you can’t just see one and try to bring them back!”

“How about I can let all the other beauties go and take this one?”

Cheng Tao was silent.

Slowly she said; “Miss, I’m afraid that if you send this message back, you’ll be lectured by all the young masters ……”

Su Mo Li shuddered and laughed awkwardly; “That, you’re right, I cannot change my mind when I see …… but …… really look good!”

“Good looks don’t pay the bills, Miss!”

“But it’ll whet my appetite!”


“Okay I know, someone’s coming.” Su Mo Li even changed her expression and leaned on the bed.

Cheng Tao also changed her look, her face became full of worry and her eyes were filled with tears.

If Shi Jun were here, I’m afraid he would have marveled at how quickly the two changed their faces.

“Prince, this Miss Su is truly a tender beauty!” Xiao Guozi sighed, “But she’s just too weak, hey, she’s also a pitiful person.”

Shi Jun raised his eyebrows; “A pitiful person?”

“Yes Prince, isn’t she just a pitiful person! I heard that this Miss Su was pushed into the pond by her own sister! Ah, how can she not be pitiful?”

“Imperial Doctor Chen also said that Miss Su is very weak, she’ll die if she’s not careful!”

The appearance of Su Mo Li’s fragile face appeared in Shi Jun’s mind and he said thoughtfully, “Pitiful indeed.”

Xiao Guozi was appalled and looked at Shi Jun, always feeling that something was wrong with the Crown Prince.

The Imperial Palace, in the Imperial study room.

“Your Majesty, the Crown Prince has come to give you a greeting.”

When the Emperor, who was dealing with government affairs heard this, his tiredness was swept away. He quickly stood up and took a look around; “Da Guozi you look, I’ve put up all my valuable things away, right?”

Da Guozi held back a smile and said, “Your Majesty, don’t worry, it’s all been put away.”

The Emperor was relieved; “That’s good, or else when he comes over, my goodies will be gone again!”

“Go, call him in.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Da Guozi was helpless, every time the Emperor packed up his things and waited for the Crown Prince to come down, after a few random words he gave it up again ah. He ended up vomiting up more things than he put away!

Why bother?

Shi Jun is the pseudonym of the Crown Prince, Zhong Li Shi.

Everyone knows that the Crown Prince is deeply loved by the Emperor, yet the Crown Prince does not like government affairs and likes to treat people.

I heard that this hobby was cultivated by Imperial Doctor Chen.

Because Imperial Doctor Chen had to visit the Emperor daily to check for a healthy pulse and the Prince wanted to be able to have a chance to be alone with the Emperor, Prince Zhong Li Shi managed to learn the art of medicine and spend more time alone with the Emperor.

Originally the Emperor was very annoyed that the Crown Prince was not doing his job, yet after hearing the reason for this, he rewarded many good things.

The other Princes naturally tried this trick, but they were scolded for it.

All the ministers thought the Emperor was eccentric to the core!

“Father! I’ve missed you!” Before the person arrived, the voice arrived first.

The Emperor only felt a flash of light and saw a smiling Zhong Li Shi walk in.

Zhong Li Shi was already good-looking ah, now with a smile and dazzling eyes, even the Emperor did not react.

Zhong Li Shi directly sat down, took a cup of tea, and took a sip; “Father, do you think that your son is a little more handsome again? For the sake of your son’s efforts to look good again, what are you rewarding me with today?”

The author has something to say:

The Emperor: no shame!

Crown Prince: am I not good-looking?

The Emperor: ……

Prince: Am I not good-looking enough for you?

Your Majesty: Reward!

Da Gouzi: Why bother? I’m tired of going back and forth!

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  1. BenGong is too sexy for this shirt just as shameless as her; they’re a match made in heaven lol.

    Also, it’s funny watching Li’Er’s maid argue with her. That’s how you know she values them XD

    Thank you!

  2. When Li Shi and Mo Li start to work together in full, they’re going to be robbing people blind left and right, lol.

    ‘I heard that this hobby was cultivated by Imperial Doctor Chen.’
    Since no one is speaking here and it’s not a specific individuals thoughts, I think this should be ‘It’s said’ instead of ‘I heard’.

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