I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 6: Making Money is Hard

The housekeeper was instantly devastated. He simply could not resist; he had a soft heart, unlike his words at the moment.

He instantly recalled his own daughter’s childhood appearance. She was also like this, delicate and beautiful, like a little princess, and her talking voice was all soft.

Even the bodyguards and maids couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

This little girl, she was so good.

Although they all knew that she had caused this and it was her fault, they just couldn’t bear to blame her!

Instead, they wanted to kiss her chubby little cheeks really hard!

Woohoo, they must be crazy!

The butler also lost his anger instantly. He waved his hand helplessly and told the servants to disperse.

Then he personally sent the little girl to the villa door.

Lu Li naturally didn’t want to go, she actually had many ways to stay, but she also knew that if she stayed, Uncle Butler and everyone else would be scolded by her father.

Hmph, what a bad father!

The little girl couldn’t help but look back when she took a step, and her pitiful, resigned look made the housekeeper’s heartache.

If it’s not that Lu Shao doesn’t like children, he really wants to keep this little girl in the Lu family; look, how beautiful, how cute!

The two of them had just arrived at the villa gate.

Then, suddenly, the butler’s cell phone rang-

–find her something to eat.

From Lu Junhan himself.

The butler was stunned.

It’s only just then that he remembered that the little girl did say she hadn’t eaten anything for a long time, and even he didn’t remember how Lu Shao, who was impatient with this little loli, remembered so clearly.

Forget it; it was also unprecedented for him to send a special message to remind him ……

“Uncle, can you …… you lend me some money?”

Lu Li seemed a little embarrassed as she pursed her lips. Her little hands fidgeted, and she said in a small voice, “I’m hungry, and I want to buy something to eat, but I don’t have any money on me ……”.


The butler met her clear, deer-like eyes and busily covered his chest.

No way! She’s so cute! It made him want to have another daughter!

“Can I, uncle,” seeing that the butler was silent and afraid that he would not lend her the money, the little girl had to hastily raise her small hand to promise him.

“I don’t have any money on me now, but if, if I ever make any money, I’ll pay uncle back, I swear!”

The butler’s heart felt as if it was sprouting from cuteness. He hurriedly asked a passing maid to get food, and anyway, Lu Shao had spoken, so he had no worries.

Snacks, snacks, drinks, just these alone, he gave Lu Li a bag stuffed full of them.

Lu Li didn’t take it. She just took a water bottle and a small piece of cake, and the rest was returned. After all, she was afraid to take more than she could afford to pay back later.

She had heard that it was hard to make money.

The butler didn’t insist, mainly because he was afraid that Lu Li couldn’t take such a big bag. After all, she was too small, so he had to let her eat more.

Looking at Lu Li’s wet body, he asked the maid to take her to the cottage to take a bath.

“Uncle Liu,” the maid called out to the butler, “we don’t seem to have any clothes she can wear here.

Lu Shao hated children so much that they didn’t dare to bring their own children to the Lu family, so naturally, they wouldn’t have children’s clothes.

But now it was too late to ask someone to buy them, and the banquet was about to start.

The housekeeper thought about it and said, “I’ll go ask the second miss. She should have some on her side.”

Lu Shao’s own sister, the Lu family’s second miss Lu Anran, was now twenty-two years old, but she grew up in the Lu family since she was young. There must be clothes for little girls on her side.

(End of chapter)

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