I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 5: Ten Years is Not Too Late for a Gentleman to Take Vengeance

Last time, Lu Shao treated other people’s children like garbage and threw them out the door. ……

Then this time ……

He tentatively asked, “So I walk her to the door?”

“Whatever.” Lu Junhan didn’t want to say anymore, “Don’t let me see her again before the banquet starts.”

After saying that, he indifferently broke off Lu Li’s hand that was gripping his sleeve, turned around, and walked away without looking back.

That little hand was very tender; it felt like soft tofu as if it would break with a little effort.Even he didn’t notice that his strength was involuntarily a little lighter and didn’t hurt her at all.

When Lu Li saw that her father actually did this to her, her eyes, which already contained moisture, instantly became damp, and big transparent tears fell one by one, and her dirty face became more like a kitten.

She ran to chase him, but he walked too fast, she was hungry and tired, so she couldn’t catch up: “Daddy, wait for Li Li, don’t don’t leave me, daddy, oooooh ……”.

Lu Junhan paused his steps but still didn’t look back. He went inside, leaving Lu Li staring at him pitifully from the same spot.

The butler, however, looked at Lu Li unexpectedly.

This ending was really …… unexpected.

Lu Shao only asked him to send the little girl to the door, compared to the last child who was thrown out without saying a word; this is considered being gently spared.

Maybe girls are given preferential treatment in front of the boss?

Lu Junhan’s back soon disappeared in the doorway, and the housekeeper took one look at Lu Li, who was staring in that direction and thought about how to make the little girl stop crying.

Lu Li was a good girl. When she saw her father go in, she lifted her little hand and wiped the tears off her face.

The housekeeper was relieved to see her like this, and it seemed that the little girl was really good.

In fact, Lu Li was still grieving in her heart.

No wonder when she was in the heavenly realm, mom said that dad was not easy to approach.

It took mom a long time to catch up with dad, and as a fish who has been reincarnated twenty-five times, she must also be patient.

After all, Mom said, it’s never too late for a gentleman to take revenge after ten years.

The water in Dad’s head now is the beating he’ll take later!

They, being fish, are meant to stretch and shrink!

The butler originally liked children, and when he saw how cute and good Lu Li was, he really didn’t want to force her to ask.

So he turned around and spoke out coldly toward the group of servants.

“As you can see, Lu Shao is being magnanimous this time and is not pursuing this matter, so all of you behave yourselves!”

The butler’s sharp gaze passed over everyone’s face: “Tell me, who brought this child in?”

The maids and bodyguards looked at each other, but no one dared to say a word.

After following Lu Junhan for so long, the housekeeper learned some of his imposing temperament and sneered: “If you don’t say anything now, fine, when I find out afterwards, all of you will get out of here ……”.


Then, suddenly, a small hand gently pulled his sleeve. The little girl came to him at some point, softly and glutinously saying to the butler.

“I climbed in on my own. I have nothing to do with these brothers and sisters, so don’t blame them, okay? If you’re really angry, you can hit me; I’m not afraid of pain.”

The little girl’s eyes were red with tears, and she sniffed her nose. Her big eyes were watery, her dark long eyelashes wet with tears, and when they fluttered, she stood there as if she could melt people from her cuteness.

(End of chapter)

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