My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 118: Bastard, will it kill you to pamper a woman?

Facing Gu Qi Qi who, like the little gnome, pouted and skipped breakfast.

Gong Gong’s adam’s apple rolled.

He’s never been one to spoil his son.

Of course, he wouldn’t spoil a woman either.

If you won’t eat, starve and see if the next meal will be better, or else if you keep spoiling this stubborn temper of not eating, you will have to turn the tables!

–This was his wolf father’s policy.

Right now, without thinking about it, he used it on Gu Qi Qi.

Gong Jue slammed the door and left.

The solid and powerful sound of military boots faded away at the end of the corridor.

Gu Qi Qi is exasperated and sat facing the window.

She leaned on her chin and calmed down for a moment.

What the hell, why did she just confront the impotent man.

Clearly, she knows that he is a conceited and arrogant childish man, so why didn’t she just play along?

Just now he somehow changed his attitude, she also didn’t know if he was emotionally unstable because he just got up. Fine, she wouldn’t be concerned about it, but after eating with him, she might be able to find an opportunity to sneak out.

Still, she somehow cared about his attitude!

Well, it’s actually made her a little sad.

Gu Qi Qi thought furiously.

Stinky man, would it kill you to coax others?


Gong Jue came down the stairs very unhappily.


“Get out!”

Once he saw that Bai Lang, this guy, was actually sitting at his table early in the morning and smiling with a sunny smile, Gong Jue suddenly felt even more upset.

Bai Lang stroked his nose in depression and said to Lieutenant Lu, “Your Chiefs mood after waking up is serious again, isn’t it? I thought he should be in a pretty good mood after spending a night with the goblin, and that was why I came to have breakfast with him, why does he look like he’s sick?”

Lieutenant Lu’s smile tugged at his lips and he didn’t reply, but respectfully pulled out the dining chair for Gong Jue and whispered, “Chief, the kitchen has made a special seaweed soup that is said to relieve alcohol intake.”

Gong Jue didn’t comment.

“My lord, you have faint bruises under your eyes, it can’t be because you didn’t sleep much last night, right?” The first time I saw a woman in a coma, I was very sure that she would not be able to feel anything when I did it. As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as badly plowed ground, only tired cows, and even though you’re not allergic to her, you still have to take good care of your dragon body …… you see you’re tired ……”

“Lieutenant Lu, see the guest off!”

Gong Jong commanded in a cold voice.

Did he have shadows under his eyes?

Crap, the stupid woman’s dishonest sleeping position last night had challenged his proud willpower time and time again.

How many cold showers did he have to take?

He’d broken the shower faucet but who knew?!

If he could take her it would be fine! The problem is no, he didn’t!

Before Lieutenant Lu could kick out anyone, Bai Long took over the rice bowl in front of him and refused to move, shouting, “Don’t kick me out! I won’t talk. I’ll just eat! Eat!”

Gong Jue ignored him and instead swept a glance at the kitchen.

What did Lieutenant Lu just say?

Seaweed soup to relieve drunkenness?

That stupid woman had a drinking competition last night, her stomach was full of alcohol and she skipped breakfast to get a stomach bug?

She actually had the nerve to be obstinate with him.

Lieutenant Lu, observing the situation, suggested at the right time, “Chief, why don’t I bring some seaweed soup over and give it to Miss Qi Qi to cool down first, then she can drink it and head straight downstairs later ……”

“You are this idle?”

Gong Jue glared at him without good intent.

Lieutenant Lu choked.

He didn’t dare mention it again.

But Bai Lang was happy.

Yo, judging by the attitude of the little goblin, did she piss him off again and was not even allow her to have breakfast?

Great, it’s a good opportunity to add fuel to the fire and make the goblin suffer.

But Just as he was about to speak.

Gong Jue’s voice coolly sounded-

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