White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 18: Who wouldn’t fight at home?

“Yes, it’s all my fault ……” Su Mo Li kneeled down, her face was pale as tears flowed down, her eyes were so thick with sorrow that they couldn’t be dissolved.

“Father, don’t be angry, it’s all Daughter’s fault, Daughter shouldn’t be in poor health, shouldn’t go to enjoy the flowers, when Sister asked Daughter to go to the pond, Daughter also shouldn’t follow.

Daughter knew she was not well, but she still wanted to go to see the begonias, and it was her fault.”

The surroundings were silent.

Su Xin Zhen had forgotten to cry.

Li Qianshi was also startled, and then immediately reacted and looked at Su Mo Li, but there was no trace of fakery on her face as if she had really confessed.

But what she said ……

Li Qianshi’s eyes were cold.

“Nan Nan!” Old Madam Su hugged Su Mo Li, “What’s wrong with you this child ……?”

“You are not well, due to praying for the blessing of our Prime Minister’s Mansion, and it was the Marquis Madame who sent someone to invite you to enjoy the flowers and look at the begonias …….”

Old Madam Su looked at Su Chen with tears streaming down her face, her face full of disappointment: “As the Prime Minister and a father, is this how you treat an innocent person?

After studying the classic literature books, is this how they teach you to distinguish between right and wrong?”

Old Madam Su’s voice was trembling and she was obviously so angry that she couldn’t stand it.

Pointing her finger at Su Chen, she felt angry and anxious: “Do you know why Nan Nan wants to see the begonia flowers?”

When Su Mo Li confessed her mistake, Su Chen felt a trace of guilt when he saw the heartbreaking sadness on Su Mo Li’s face.

When he saw Su Mo Li’s sadness, Su Chen felt a trace of guilt. Coupled with Old Madam Su’s explanation, the belief in his heart began to waver, yes, everything was forced on Su Mo Li by others and had nothing to do with her.

Thinking this way, his tone also eased a bit: “Why?”

“Because of you!” Old Madam Su cried out in a hoarse voice, “This child, heard that you like begonia flowers, and I know that Marquis Madame has sent a pot here, and I want to go and have a look so that I can describe it to you!”

Su Chen had a complicated look and opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say a word.

When Li Qianshi saw this, she quietly added: “Even so, Li’er can’t wrongly accuse Zhen’er of pushing her into the pond in front of everyone, because Zhen’er is already eleven years old.”

With that said, Li Qianshi’s tears fell: “If Li’er is unhappy with us, just say so, we are family. When we’re outside, how can you frame siblings and bring shame to the Prime Minister’s Residence?

The guilt that Su Chen had just felt disappeared in a flash.

Su Mo Li lifted her eyes to meet Li Qianshi’s eyes, and with a tone of desolation asked: “Mother, is this how you see me?

What good would it do me to disgrace the Prime Minister’s Residence?

I have defended my sister in every way, so how could I do something to frame her?

Or does my mother think that I, a person who has not left home since I returned from the countryside, can bribe Princess He Le and the daughter of the Minister of Revenue?”

Su Chen was slightly startled: “What does this matter have to do with Princess He Le?”

It was obvious that Li Qianshi did not tell the truth about the testimony of Princess He Le.

Old Madam Su, however, just remembered and immediately said, “Nan Nan was unconscious when she was rescued, so how could she accuse Jin’er? Marquis Madame always liked Nan Nan, so naturally, she was furious. Princess He Le and the Liu family’s daughter came out to testify, so what does it have to do with Nan Nan?

Chen’er.” Saying this, Old Madame Su sighed.

Su Chen was busy saying, “Mother, don’t be angry.”

She waved her hand away: “Chen’er, Mother knows that you are partial to Zhen’er, but Nan Nan is also your daughter.

Back then, the Eldest Princess married to you and taught her children, and she took even better care of me.”

Su Chen’s eyebrows furrowed imperceptibly at the mention of Princess Huimin.

Li Qianshi’s mouth quirked slightly upward but quickly returned to its natural state.

How much Su Chen hated Princess Huimin, others didn’t know, but she knew it all too well!

After Su Chen married Princess Huimin, everyone thought it was because of her that he was favored by the Emperor, which was a blow to his self-esteem.

Therefore, the more he looked at Princess Huimin, the more displeased he became.

“You don’t look at the monk’s face, you look at the Buddha’s face.” Old Madam Su closed her eyes, “For the sake of her real mother, for the sake of my old face, don’t break your real daughter’s heart!”

“Grandmother, Nan Nan’s heart will not chill.” Su Mo Li knew that this was not the time to mention her own mother. She pursed her lips and her soft voice sounded, “I grew up envious of people with a father, also know that the beating and scolding is a form of love, and now that my father blames me, I know he is treating me as his own daughter, I am not heartbroken, I …… I am very happy! ……”

Saying that a red blush appeared on Su Mo Li’s face, and the eyes that looked at Su Chen were full of admiration.

“Father is right, it’s all my fault, I’m the eldest sister, I should protect my younger sister.”

So profoundly righteous, Su Chen couldn’t in good conscience put all the blame on Su Mo Li!

Together with Su Mo Li’s weak appearance, and the look in her eyes that showed that she regarded himself as a dependable person, he was exceptionally impressed.

Now he said, “Why didn’t you tell me about the testimony of Princess He Le?”

This sentence was addressed to Li Qianshi and Su Xin Zhen.

The seriousness of his tone made Su Xin Zhen shake and lower her head, her eyes filled with resentment.

Li Qianshi was busy saying: “Master, I was also in a hurry and forgot, but Princess He Le may have been too far away to see ……”.

“OK.” Su Chen’s tone had three points of indifference in it.

But Su Xin Zhen is his beloved child in the end: “Go back and reflect on yourself, and you, as a mother, teach her the rules as well! Even if you accidentally pushed Li’er into the pond, you still have to apologize!”

Saying that, he helped Su Mo Li up again with his own hands: “Li’er, get up.”

“Thank you, Father.”

Li Qianshi, on the other hand, glared at Su Xin Zhen, who, although unwilling to do so, knew that she could not confront her father now.

As soon as she was about to apologize, she saw Su Mo Li come over and help her up with her own hands: “Sister it’s right, it’s all this Sister’s fault.”

Having said that, she reached out to straighten Su Xin Zhen’s hairpin: “Don’t blame Father for punishing you, Father is just trying to prevent you from making a mistake in the future ……”.

“Don’t you dare fake kindness!” Su Xin Zhen violently pushed Su Mo Li out of the way! She just can’t stand the way Su Mo Li is acting like a first wife and eldest daughter!

Without her, she would have been the First Daughter of the Prime Minister’s Residence!

Su Mo Li stumbled and fell to the ground, her small face full of fear.

“Su Xin Zhen!” Su Chen shouted angrily and quickly pulled Su Mo Li up.

Su Mo Li jumped into Su Chen’s arms: “Father …… Did I do something wrong? I’ll change, I’ll change now ……”

The trembling voice and overwhelmed look made Su Chen’s heart fiercely soften: “You’re all right, Li’er don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault.”

Old Madam Su took Su Mo Li into her arms and took a deep look at Su Xin Zhen: “Chen’er, Li’er is not well, I’ll take her back first.”

“As for Zhen’er …… it’s fine, you can see for yourself.”

With that, Old Madam Su held Su Mo Li’s hand tightly and took her away.

“Kneel properly in front of the ancestral shrine for me!

And you! Look at what you’ve taught your daughter!”

Su Chen shook his hand and directly left. Behind him came the sound of Su Xin Zhen’s painful crying.

Su Mo Li lowered his head, quirked the corner of his lips, who wouldn’t fight at home?

The author has something to say: In the next chapter, Ah Li is going to do something about it!

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