White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 20: Princess Carry

After Su Mo Li returned to Cui Zhu Courtyard, soon afterward Cheng Tao and Huang Fan also returned.

“Eldest Miss, the reason Third Miss got sick last night was because she went to see Second Miss in the morning,” Cheng Tao said.

She then recounted what had happened during the day.

Su Mo Li raised her eyebrows: “This stepmother of mine is really biased.”

Huang Fan sighed, “I pity the Third Miss.”

“You’re in the mood to pity Third Miss, why don’t you pity your Eldest Miss.” Su Mo Li laughed lightly and said slowly, “In this house, your Eldest Miss is alone and helpless.”

Hearing Su Mo Li’s ridiculing voice, Cheng Tao and Huang Fan both laughed.

“Miss, now that our people have infiltrated the Prime Minister’s Residence, there are quite a few people behind you, so don’t worry.”

Huang Fan said jokingly.

Su Mo Li also laughed, “Tell them to be safe.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan smiled at each other and responded simultaneously.

“As for Su Xin Zhen ……”

Su Mo Li laughed: “Three years ago, Su Xin Zhen once killed a servant girl.” At this point, Su Mo Li’s eyes gleamed as she picked up a teacup from the table and played with it.

“The wrongdoer has a debt to pay, so have fun with her.”

“Yes, Miss.” Huang Fan’s eyes turned as she immediately understood and retreated to make arrangements.

Cheng Tao poured a cup of warm water for Su Mo Li and slowly said, “It’s late, Miss, you should rest early.”

“There’s no hurry, I’m going out.” With that, Su Mo Li changed into her nightclothes.

Cheng Tao took two steps back and blocked the trunk in the corner with her own body, and replied with a bright smile on her face: “Miss must come back early.”

Su Mo Li helplessly looked at Cheng Tao: “Don’t worry, I won’t carry a knife.”

With that, she jumped out of the window.

Cheng Tao breathed a sigh of relief. She took a look at the box in the corner, thought about it, and directly covered it with a piece of cloth.

After finishing the job, Huang Fan came back and looked at Cheng Tao with confusion: “What are you doing?”

“For Miss’s safety.” Cheng Tao was satisfied that she had covered the box tightly, “Miss’s knife will see blood, it is better to keep a low profile at the Foot of the Heavens.”

Huang Fan seemed to have thought of something and whispered, “Still blood will flow ……”.

“Fortunately, Miss has promised the Old City Master that she must return to inherit the City as long as her knife sees blood, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to stop her.”

The two looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

At this time, Su Mo Li was on the roof of Imperial Doctor Chen’s house. She looked at the dark sky, and sighed, in order to not go back to inherit the City Lord’s throne, she could only try to take revenge ah!


A stone struck directly into Doctor Chen’s room.

Imperial Doctor Chen opened his eyes abruptly and called out in a hoarse voice, “Who?”

When Su Mo Li lit the candle, Doctor Chen was startled, then he was ecstatic: “Master!”

“Stop!” Su Mo Li was quickly interrupted, “Imperial Doctor Chen, I said you don’t need to call me Master, I just gave you some random advice.”

Doctor Chen was reluctant, and slowly said, “Miss’s advice has been of great benefit to me, calling you Master is right.”

Looking at Doctor Chen’s determined look, Su Mo Li chose to change the subject: “Today, I came here because I want you to perform a play with me.”

“Master …… Miss, please speak.” Under Su Mo Li’s glaring eyes, Imperial Doctor Chen still changed his way of addressing her.

Su Mo Li tapped on the table and slowly said, “My body is weak and not easily agitated, I should not go out of the house, I can only stay in the house to nurse it.”

Imperial Doctor Chen frowned: “Miss, although I don’t know the purpose of your return to the Capital, you are also at the age of the meeting with others, if you can only be raised in the Prime Minister’s Residence ……”

“Don’t worry, just do as I say.” Su Mo Li waved her hand, then left a prescription, “Thank you.”

After saying that, she directly left.

Doctor Chen sighed, picked up the prescription on the table, and for a moment, he was so excited that he rushed directly to the study. He found the ancient medical manual, compared it, and was astonished: “This, in fact, is a long-lost ancient prescription! Yes, yes!”

After Su Mo Li came out from meeting Imperial Doctor Chen, she was ready to go back to the Prime Minister’s Residence.

The purpose of her trip was very simple: please don’t take her to those unnecessary banquets, she just wanted to eat, sleep, and drink in the courtyard.

If she went to the banquet, she would have to deal with those rich ladies.

It was very hard to deal with those ladies. She was weak and didn’t have much strength.

Yes, she is weak!


The sound of a heavy object falling to the ground was heard.

Su Mo Li was slightly startled. Not wanting to be bothered, she quickly ran towards the Prime Minister’s residence.

However, what she didn’t expect was that she still ran into it.

Looking at the few people tangled together not far away, Su Mo Li put on her mask and thought about how to get around them.

The corner of her eyes caught a glimpse of the little beauty?

After thinking about it, Su Mo Li walked over and saw Zhong Li Shi confronting several people alone.

How could an Imperial Doctor be assassinated?

Su Mo Li felt it was a little strange.

But she didn’t think much of it, just assumed that this Imperial Doctor had offended someone in the Palace.

“Well ……”

A muffled groan sounded out. Su Mo Li looked up and couldn’t help but exclaim, “A beauty is a beauty even if he’s injured.”

Seeing a black-clothed man with a knife, slicing at Zhong Li Shi’s face, Su Mo Li glared at the black-clothed man, reached out and picked up the roof tile of an unknown house, and quickly threw it out.

The tile directly hit the black-clothed man’s hand, and the knife fell down with a bang.

Zhong Li Shi thought he was going to die, but he didn’t expect that someone would help him. ……

“Who’s there!” The man in black reacted and quickly looked over.

In the meantime, Su Mo Li’s eyebrows were slightly knitted: “He’s so good-looking, can you guys hit him below the face?”

The men in black looked at each other: “None of your business!”

“Oh, you can still kill him, but this face must not be destroyed.” Su Mo Li said indifferently.

The men in black looked at each other, then said, “Let’s go!”

In their eyes, Su Mo Li was Zhong Li Shi’s accomplice, and Su Mo Li’s appearance was used to stall for time.

Only, what shocked the black-clothed men was that the tile in Su Mo Li’s hand shot straight out!

Before he could say a word, he just fell to the ground, eyes wide open and dead!

Su Mo Li landed next to Zhong Li Shi, tilted her head to look at him a few times, before reaching out and poking him in the face, exclaiming, “What great skin!”

At this time, Zhong Li Shi was already at the end of his strength, falling to the ground, he looked at Su Mo Li with eyes full of vigilance.

Su Mo Li shrugged her shoulders and took out a medicine bottle, “Here, heal yourself, such a good-looking person can’t die.”

After saying that, she directly disappeared.

Zhong Li Shi naturally didn’t want to eat the pills left by Su Mo Li, after all, he couldn’t tell if she was an enemy or a friend.

However, the wound was getting worse and worse, rather than dying left and right, Zhong Li Shi ate the medicine!

For a moment, he just felt his heart warm and his body seemed to have the strength to stand up, but then he fell to the ground.

“Hey …… ” Help people to the end.

Su Mo Li reappeared, Zhong Li Shi hissed when he said: “What are you doing?”

“Where are you going?”

Zhong Li Shi stared at Su Mo Li for half a moment, his eyelashes quivering, “The Palace.”

“Good.” Saying that Su Mo Li directly picked Zhong Li Shi up in the standard princess hug!

Zhong Li Shi’s face turned red immediately!

Translators Note:

Guys, we’re 1/4 of the way done yayayayayaya!

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