I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 21: Carrying a Child in His Arms

A three-and-a-half-year-old child’s body is in a developmental stage, and they generally sleep very early, usually starting to drift off to sleep around seven o’clock.

After making so much noise just now, the time is nearly 9:30.

It wasn’t long before Lu Li got sleepy in Lu Junghan’s arms and rubbed her eyes repeatedly, yawning from time to time, with her long eyelashes and black-and-white eyes filled with moisture. But she still endured to keep herself from falling asleep.

She wanted to stay with her father for a while longer.

But in the end, she couldn’t resist.

Like a little chicken pecking at rice, her little head bumped on Lu Junhan’s shoulder from time to time, occasionally making small snoring sounds and humming.

The noisy sounds around her could not wake her up, and she slept very comfortably in her daddy’s arms.

Her trusting and defenseless sleeping posture made Lu Junghan raise his eyebrows.

This little thing is quite bold, even daring to sleep over in his arms.

She even slept like a pig.

She’s not afraid that he’ll sell her.

“Daddy ……”

Suddenly, the little girl’s chubby little face rubbed against his shoulder and neck, so she closed her eyes and called out to him in a daze, and the arm around his neck tightened.

Lu Junhan raised his eyes: “Huh?”

Hearing his voice, knowing that he hadn’t left, the little girl finally felt relieved and lay down on his shoulder, letting herself drift off to sleep.

Her exhaled breath sprayed on his skin. It was like being gently tickled by a feather. Her cheeks flushed red as she slept, beautiful and lovely.

As he watched, Lu Junghan’s calm and cold face actually softened a bit at some point.

Lu Junghan appeared in the hall with Lu Li in his arms, and many people looked at him and inhaled a breath of cold air, with a strong feeling of shock in their eyes. As if they could not believe it at all.

This was the Hai Cheng city’s Lu Junhan.

What he is holding in his arms is a …… toy?

Wait, it’s moving! It’s a real child! A living child!

Are they blind, or is this guy crazy?

This is the first time they have seen Lu Junghan close to a child, and not only did he not throw the child out, but he even hugged the child tightly in his arms!

And this child is really bold, actually just fell asleep. Was she not afraid of death?

They couldn’t believe their eyes!

Someone immediately reacted and asked the maid privately to find out what the child’s history was.

The butler couldn’t wait for them to spread the news, so he told the truth naturally.

So, in no time, the upper circles of Hai Cheng exploded, and almost everyone knew –

Lu Junhan has a biological daughter!

Yes, it’s the same Lu Junhan who hates children so much!

He’s got a daughter of his own!

And he spoiled her and loved her to death!

Even during social gatherings, he held her in his arms and could not let go of her at all, hating to give her his life.

Naturally, Lu Junhan was not aware of what kind of nonsense was being spread about him outside in just a short while.

The Lu family’s banquet is still going on, and as the host of the banquet, Lu Junghan still has a lot of things to do, which is also the main purpose of the banquet he held.

He handed the sleeping Lu Li over to a passing maid and asked her to take her upstairs to bathe and sleep.

“Daddy ……”

As soon as she left his embrace, the little girl woke up instantly.

She endured her sleepiness, opened her big sleepy eyes, and said very unhappily.

“I don’t want to go upstairs. I just want to be with you!”

“Be good.”

The little girl was pitiful: “I just don’t want it ……”

If she’s not with her father, he’ll be in danger, and she doesn’t want that!

Lu Junhan’s eyebrows are deep, the eyes staring at her are sharp, and his unfathomable appearance was dangerous and scary.

(End of chapter)

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