My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 127: I’m not your real uncle.

A dark room.

The young girl’s dream-like bed was tossed into a bit of a mess.

The white and clean light pink bedspread is covered with spots and stains.

There are a few places, as if they were accidentally wet by water, forming small puddles of round water stains.

The silk nightgown was already wrinkled and disfigured.

The man looked down on her condescendingly.

The long, cold finger, tapping the caller ID on Xiao Ning’s phone screen and spoke in a dark and cool tone: “Did you make a friend?”.

Xiao Ning was teary-eyed: “Uncle Xiao, I didn’t tell her about you and me. Please don’t do anything to her …… she doesn’t know anything, really!”

The man looked at her coolly and askance: “Don’t call me that. People will misunderstand that I am really your real uncle.”

The man looked at her with a cool glance, “Don’t call me that,” and said, “People will mistake me for your real uncle.

With a faint look of the eyes, he directly removed the phone battery: “What about the pregnancy test?”

Xiao Ning’s breathing was stagnant, mumbling: “No …… no …… I’m afraid …… of what if …….”

“What if you’re pregnant with my seed?” The man suddenly grabbed her chin and slammed it down, “You’re so delusional! Ning, have you forgotten who you are?”

“I …… “Xiao Ning’s soul was knocked out for three minutes and his throat choked, “I’m sorry Un- ……”

The rest of the word “uncle”, she couldn’t say.

Yes, he was not her real uncle, and she was not his real niece.

Their identity is just a man! A woman!

In the next second, however, even this pitiful perception was knocked to pieces.

The man’s cool voice, once again, poured down from on high, without any emotion: “Remember your identity. Have you ever seen a toy give birth to a child?”

Playing with …… toys ……

Xiao Ning’s heart fiercely trembled!

Tears rolled down in big drops.

It turned out that she was not even a woman, but just a toy.

But the man sneered: “What a loser. It’s only been five hours and you’re already crying? It’s still early. ……”

“No ……” Xiao Ning sobbed softly, begging, “Can you please leave me alone ……”

“No way.” The man said coldly, “When have you ever seen that a toy can shout stop?”

“But you said for each minute late …… then that for one hour …… I’m only five minutes late ……” Xiao Ning gathered her courage.

“I’ve changed my mind now.” The man was indifferent.

Then, as if he had thought of something, his thin lips hooked coldly: “To celebrate your admission to the Imperial Military Medical University’s veterinary program, I’ve decided to double your reward, what do you think, Xiao Ning?”


Wouldn’t that mean …… she wouldn’t be able to get up!

“No …… No ……!”

The next second.

Her objection was shut down hard!


At the entrance of the Education Bureau, Gu Qi Qi was stopped by someone.

She looked back.

It was the office lady with a bad attitude just now.

At this moment, the lady smiled like a pile of fresh blossoming flowers: “Miss Gu, your application has been approved.”


Even the Little Dirty Turtle couldn’t believe it: “Master Silver, your human bureaucracy is actually quite efficient ……”.

Gu Qi Qi faintly raised her eyebrows, “So I can go in and look at the papers now?”

The lady waved her hand, and her attitude was simply 180 degrees: “Don’t bother, I’ve copied it out for you. You see, your grades are very good, but there is a mark on your English paper, and according to the regulations you must be counted as cheating. Well, we’re helpless. I’m sorry.”

Gu Qi Qi frowned.

This mark is definitely not her doing.

But, it’s not clear at all now!

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