I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 25: You Heard Wrong

While others were doubting their hearing, Lu Junghan’s eyes deepened.

His profound eyes gazed closely at the little girl’s adorable appearance with her arms crossed in exasperation as if he wanted to see some false crack in her facade.

But there was none.

There was no trace of pretense.

She seemed to really want to avenge him. It was not as if she was pretending, nor was it as if she was deliberately trying to please him. She really felt that he was being bullied and wanted to vent her anger for him.

He has always been notorious, and it was never just him who bullied others, but others who feared him. The people around him can sympathize with anyone, but they will never sympathize with him. Not even Song Qingyuan, who brought him up with her own hands, will do so.

This is the first time someone, no matter the truth of the matter, is completely on his side, protecting him, defending him, and forbidding anyone to bully him.

She even said that she wanted to avenge him.

And this person, in fact, is a little girl who is not even milk weaned.

Lu Junhan’s eyebrows were dark and chilly, but his heart couldn’t say what he felt.

He pursed his thin lips, and coldly wanted to have someone come and take her out. This is not the place for children!

But when he suddenly saw the small back that was standing in front of him and seemed to be trying to protect him, he paused for a moment but never said the words.

There were even a few strange emotions surfacing in his heart, and this strange feeling lingered on, causing him to frown.

He didn’t like this feeling of losing control.

In the next second, he threw the dagger in his hand casually on the coffee table with an expressionless face and turned his eyes with a slightly irritated mood.

Only then did he discover that she was wearing only a small camisole nightgown, with most of her skin and collarbone exposed. Her white skin seemed to be glowing, beautiful, and lovely.

But Lu Junhan’s eyes only fell on her bare arms. His eyes gradually narrowed, and his eyebrows frowned deeper and deeper, never relaxing again.


Who found her that dress!

Is this something a little girl could wear?

And the room is full of men.

Don’t know how to pay attention!

His cold gaze swept over towards the surroundings with a thick, horrifying, and dangerous hostility. Originally the others who saw the cute little girl’s appearance couldn’t help but take a few more glances, but now they don’t dare to look anymore.

Lu Junhan, with a dark face, put his suit jacket on her and held her on his lap.

His suit was so big that it wrapped Lu Li’s entire body in it like a big bag.

The others looked on, secretly saying: indeed the rumors are right… Lu Shao really loves this daughter of his!

The little girl has no idea that her father thinks she’s wearing too revealing clothes, and all she can think about is reaching for the dagger that Lu Junghan just threw on the table.

That’s right; she wanted to cut them down and avenge her father’s death!

But she was small and couldn’t reach it, so she tried to get out of the suit and crawled to the table to get it.

As soon as she climbed out of the suit jacket, she was pulled back by a frowning Lu Junhan, who wrapped her in the suit again.

When she tried to crawl again, he kept on pulling and wrapping her up.

And so on and so forth.

The little girl got annoyed, her little face flushed scarlet, and turned around in exasperation and said, “Daddy! You stop it! I have to cut them down quickly, or they’ll run away!”

Manager Chen and Vice President Liu, who were crushed on the ground and couldn’t move and couldn’t run away even if they wanted to: “……”

The others held back their laughter.

This little girl is so cute!

“Cut what cut!”

She moved restlessly, Lu Junghan was already agitated, and now when he heard her words, his face sank as if it could drip water!

Seeing that she would not give up and would reach for it again, he leaned over with a cold face and threw the knife on the table directly to Chen’s assistant beside him, his voice deep and dangerous: “This is not something you should play with!”

He knew that this little girl was bold and not afraid of him or Song Qingyuan, but he didn’t expect that she would even dare to play with a knife now!

If she had accidentally cut herself in the face, she would have cried for three days and nights!

“If Dad is playing, why can’t I play? It’s not fair!”

The little girl frowned her little brow.

“I’m not playing.”

The little girl complains in aggravation, “You’re lying! I just saw it all; you’re the one who threw the knife to those two bad uncles, this knife is yours, you must have been playing with this knife before ……”


“Dad! Didn’t you want to cut off their hands? I can help you with that! I’m super good at it!”

The little girl puffed out her little chest and vowed, “I can do it all by myself, so I don’t have to bother my uncles at all.”

Others: “……”

The person who just couldn’t even hold a knife and almost fell to the ground.

Lu Junhan didn’t know what kind of life she used to lead. A good little girl had actually developed such a dangerous personality of fighting and killing.

The more he frowned, the tighter he became, and the more agitated he became.

Seeing that she kept pulling at this and insisted on taking a knife to their hands, he directly said in a cold voice.

“I didn’t intend to cut off their hands; you heard me wrong.”

(End of chapter)

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