I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 26: Playing Games

“No way!”

The little girl pointed to her ears, and her chubby white face looked serious, “I have good ears. I cannot hear wrong! Dad, don’t you dare lie to me! I’m also very smart!”

Lu Junhan’s expression did not change in the slightest, and he lifted his jaw: “If you don’t believe me, ask them yourself.”

Manager Chen and Vice President Liu, who were pointed at by him, did not understand what he meant and hastily compensated with a smile.

“Yes, yes, yes, Lu Shao is kind-hearted and tolerant, how could he cut our hands? In fact, Lu Shao was just fooling around with us! He just wanted to show us his new knife ……”

The bodyguards beside him were appalled.

Since Lu Shao had done this, he would definitely not take their hands again. Although he also felt that it was too cruel to cut off their hands, there were better ways to deal with the matter.

But that’s Lu Shao’s style.

No mercy for the betrayer.

But this was the first time Lu Shao gave an order and then changed his mind on the spur of the moment.

Just because of a little girl.

The little girl tilted her little head and fell into a deep suspicion: “Really? So, was Daddy just playing a game with you guys?”

Did she miss something when she read the book?

Or is she misremembering?

In fact, in the book, the dad doesn’t cut off their hands at all?

It’s so annoying. She doesn’t believe her dad when he says that she and her mom have the memory of fish and that she forgets everything!

Could it really be that she remembered wrongly?

So she has wronged the two uncles?

“Right right right, we’re just playing a game,”

Seeing that he can save his hand, Vice President Liu must seize this opportunity.

“And what kind of person is Lu Shao, you should know better than us, little miss, how could he be so bad, don’t you think?”

When the flattering little girl heard this, she burst out laughing with delight.

“Right! My dad is the best dad in the world! He’s a good man! Uncle, you are so insightful. I’m sure he won’t be so bad!”

Well, she told me how her father could be the villain, the villain!

Someone must be deliberately spreading rumors to smear Dad’s reputation!

I guess you can’t believe everything in that book!

Vice President Liu: “……”

If Lu Shao is a good man, then there are absolutely no bad people in the world.

He thought so, but he still didn’t dare to say it.

Lu Junhan’s long, narrow eyes moved slightly.

So he is a good person in the heart of this little thing …….

The night is late.

After the aftermath of the matter, Lu Junghan fully handed over to Assistant Chen to deal with.

Lu Junghan took the little girl back to bed.

Assistant Chen held down his glasses on his face and smiled.

“You should have heard about how Lu Shao dealt with the company’s mole in the past. This time, Lu Shao is completely magnanimous and doesn’t bother with you, so you all know what to do after that, right?”

Manager Chen and Vice President Liu had just been scared, so they dared not to fight against Lu Junghan again, and their hearts were full of fear.

Seeing that their hands were still there, they were even more grateful to Lu Junghan for letting them go.

“Yes, yes, what Assistant Chen said is, we go back and resign, go back and resign! Don’t worry, Lu Shao has spared us this time, and we are not seeking revenge. We will leave the city immediately after we resign, and make sure we won’t bring any trouble to Lu Shao.”

After all that, they just want to live. How dare they have any bad thoughts? If their jobs are gone, they are gone. At least they still have their hands; they are already very satisfied.

Assistant Chen’s smile was sharp: “That’s good, remember what you said today.”

(end of chapter)

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  1. Why are all 3 yr olds in chinese super smart? Is that really the norm what the hell LOL

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