I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 27: Declaring War on the Old Man

Chapter 27 – Declaring War on the Old Man

After Manager Chen and Vice President Liu left the Lu house, the bodyguard couldn’t help but come over and say.

“Chen Zhuo, have you noticed that Lu Shao seems to have changed a lot, and his actions are not as extreme as before.”

In business, it’s good to be ruthless, but it’s bad to be too ruthless.

Assistant Chen saw things more clearly than he did: “It’s good that Mr. Lu has changed, thanks to Little Miss. In the past, he was cold as a machine, indifferent to everything, but now that Little Miss has appeared, he has become more humane.”

Speaking of Lu Li, the bodyguard thought of the scene where Lu Li just slashed at someone with a knife and choked.

“Little Miss is really worthy of being Lu Shao’s daughter. She looked so soft as if she would cry at any moment, but I didn’t expect her to act in the same fierce style as Lu Shao.”

After saying that, He didn’t hear Assistant Chen respond. When he turned around, he suddenly saw that he was fiddling with his phone.

There were several photos on it, all of which were the humiliating poses of Vice President Liu and Manager Chen kneeling on the ground just now.

Assistant Chen sent all these photos to a strange number.

Bodyguard: “You’re …….”

“The old man sent his men to steal, so naturally, we must fight back! Our Lu Shao is not a man who will sit around and wait for death.”

Assistant Chen smiled elegantly and turned off the phone with a dangerous smile.

“These photos, along with the first few, are enough to declare war on the old man!”

The old man is Lu Shao’s own grandfather. In other families, it’s the grandfather who helps the grandson from time to time, but in the Lu family, it’s the grandfather and grandson who fight to the death from time to time.

Master Lu is ruthless, and Lu Shao is even more ruthless than him.

When Master Lu was young, he was a cold-blooded and ruthless man with a very high official position, great power, and a very prominent reputation.

Now that he is old and retired from his position, his style is still cold-blooded and hard-hearted. He is not very kind to his sons and grandsons.

He is stubborn and rigid and believes in iron-blooded education.

When Lu Shao’s parents died in a car accident, he was the one who was most qualified to adopt Lu Shao and Miss Anran.

But the old man didn’t care whether they lived or died and left them to their own devices.

He even said that if they couldn’t bear the hardships, they weren’t worthy of being members of the Lu family, so they might as well die early because the Lu family doesn’t take in losers.

After that, Mrs. Song couldn’t stand it and brought her brother’s two children over to raise them.

The Lu family was founded by Lu Junghan father, who died too young.

It was a pity that his father died too early when Lu Shao was still small. This allowed the old man to take advantage of his weakness and directly replace half of the Lu family’s staff with his own!

Now that Lu Shao has grown up and become the Lu family’s head, the first and foremost priority is to naturally kick the old man’s people out of the company one by one.

But the old man is also persistent and tough, so he’s fighting with Lu Shao!

You kick my people out, and I’m going to put people in the company!

Now, Lu Shao has kicked out most of the old man’s people in the company, but there are still a few hidden deep ones that have not been found out yet.

The old man is naturally impatient and can only send people over to steal the files!

And Lu Shao is even more ruthless. Afraid that the old man will not be angry enough, every time they catch the old man’s people, they will take pictures and send them to him.

Assistant Chen was used to doing this.


On the way back, the little girl insisted on sleeping with Lu Junghan, saying that it was dangerous and she needed to be around him so she could protect him.

In response, Lu Junghan didn’t say a word, just threw her onto the bed in her room, and then closed the door with a cold face.

The “slam” sound was merciless, without any lingering feelings.

Lu Li: “……”

Afterward, he returned to his room, took a shower, and had just put on his bathrobe when there was an unexpected knock on the door. Outside the room was the butler.

“Lu Shao.”

(end of chapter)

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