I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 29: Storytelling

The man lay on the bed in his bathrobe. He habitually reached for the financial book on the bedside table, and his slender white fingers turned a page before he replied with a cold attitude: “I don’t want to.”

The little loli, however, was energized. Previously, it was just her head that crossed the border, but now her whole body was about to cross over.

She blinked excitedly: “Then daddy, can you tell me one? I want to listen, eh.”


The man’s profile was indifferent. He continued reading the book extremely fast, and as he spoke, his fingers turned another page of the book.

“Why can’t you, Daddy?”

As she spoke, the little loli’s body has completely flipped over.

Her small head leaned in front of him, her dark hair like a small waterfall as it hung down behind her back in just the right way to block Lu Junhan from reading the book.

Lu Junhan: “……”

OK, this little troublemaker was really good at finding the right angles.

The next second, the little loli round and clear deer-like eyes just looked at him. Her raven feather-like eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings a few times, looking beautiful.

She clenched her little fist and said with conviction.

“All the other kids have stories to listen to, and Li Li wants to have them too.”

“Then think about them!”

Lu Junhan’s face was cold as he raised his hand to pick her up, and with one hand, he threw the little thing that had crossed the line back into her territory.

The little loli was small, so she did not stop when thrown onto the big bed. She directly tumbled off, but she was not angry.

In a short while, like a little immortal, she began to persistently climb over the divider on the bed, like a mosquito buzzing: “Daddy!

“Daddy! Tell me a story, tell me a story, tell …… to Li Li.”

Lu Junhan took a deep breath. He glanced at her sideways with inscrutable and dangerous eyes: “If I tell you one, can you shut up and go to sleep?!”

That extremely cold gaze could cause people to panic, but Lu Li did not feel it at all. The little chubby white face puffed up with excitement and anticipation as she whispered.

“…… Daddy, are you really going to tell me a story?”


“Too good ……”

“Once upon a time, there was a person, and then she died. The end of the story.”

“…… It’s so short. Daddy, do you not know how to tell a story?”

“……” Lu Junhan’s eyes swept over coldly, “Shut up and go to sleep!”



I was able to find my dad, and now I can sleep with him, and I listened to a story before bed; Lu Li is satisfied today.

She obediently put on the blanket and went to sleep.

Just before going to sleep, she seemed to remember something. The little black-head once again came over the divider in the middle of the bed. Under the soft and slender black hair, the chubby and fair little face was beautiful.

She sprang up and whispered to the man, “Daddy, good night.”

The man looked down at his book with an indifferent expression. He did not speak, nor did he look up, let alone respond.

The little girl didn’t mind. Her tiny body lay back down again, and she quietly closed her eyes.

It didn’t take long for her breathing to deepen, and she soon fell into a deep sleep.

An undetermined amount of time passed before the man looked up from his book and gave her a sullen look.

The little girl curled up and slept on her side, her little hand resting next to her cheek, her delicate little face that was facing him was white and lovely. Her little mouth was slightly open, and she resembled a quiet little angel that had fallen into the mortal world.

But her little brow was faintly wrinkled like something was not quite comfortable.

Lu Junhan paused for a moment, put down the book in his hand, and raised his hand to turn off the blinding desk lamp.


The next day, Lu Junhan went to work as usual. Lu Li naturally also wanted to follow, but she only got to the door before her bad father coldly dumped her to Song Qingwan, who had just arrived.

Song Qingwan loved this little thing and hugged Lu Li and refused to let go.

When she heard that she wanted to go to work with her dad, Song Qingwan hurriedly dismissed her idea:

“Li Li, I’m not lying to you! Your father’s work is very boring. He has a stern face all day. He looks very annoying. It’s better to come with Auntie. Auntie will buy you delicious food!”

Song Qingwan also wanted to call herself Grandma at first, but she always felt that she was calling herself old, so Auntie sounded better after thinking about it.

Anyway, she is not the real mother of that brat Lu Junhan.

And she’s not married, she’s young, so it’s not too much to call herself Auntie!

(End of this chapter)

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