I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 30: Hospital

So, so with such self-comfort, Song Qingwan, who can already be a grandmother, really had no burden to let Lu Li call her Auntie.

But on the side, Lu Li is very torn.

She did not want to leave her father.

Dad’s side is very dangerous. There are a lot of people who want to harm him if she is not there, and something happens to dad, she will kill herself!

However, thanks to her Auntie, she was able to find Daddy, and Auntie was very good to both her and Daddy.

She must return the favor.

So, the little loli frowned and thought for a long, long time before she finally relented and decided to stay with Song Qingwan.

But she did not forget to give all her good luck to her dad.

“Daddy, you have to remember to come back early, oh!”

The little loli stood at the door, blearily looking at his leaving back. Her little milky voice did not forget to admonish him.

Lu Junhan did not look back, and faintly said: “I won’t be back.”

The little loli flattened her lips, her dark eyes instantly filling with tears: “Ooo ~.”

“Lying to you.”


Bad dad!

After that, under Song Qingwan’s strict supervision, the people in the villa worked overtime to purchase all the items needed for the new little miss.

The clothes, shoes, jewelry, and dolls that the little girl loves to play with came in several carts of each category, filling the two empty rooms to the brim.

It almost couldn’t fit.

It can be seen how much Song Qingwan likes Lu Li.

So after four or five days, Lu Li’s basic supplies have all been prepared, even her family registration has officially be put under the name of Lu Junhan.

Now, with legal recognition, no matter what, Lu Li is Lu Junhan’s daughter and has truly become the youngest daughter of the Lu family.

Originally, some people on the outside treated the rumors with a half-hearted attitude, but once the truth got out, everyone was stunned.

That little loli is really Lu Junhan’s daughter!

The fact that even the household registration has been given to her is already an ironclad matter. How can it be false?

In an instant, the upper circles of Hai Cheng exploded!

It didn’t take long for the news to spread, and within a day, almost everyone knew that there was a little girl called Lu Li.

There were even many people who were privately checking who Lu Li’s real mother really was.

And what kind of charm does that little girl have that she can actually make the young Lu Junhan, who has always been disgusted with children, publicly admit it!

This is simply a miracle!

It’s so incredible.

However, at this time –

The little loli, who had caused a big stir in the outside world, was sitting sullenly on the stone stairs at the entrance.

She pouted; her big watery eyes kept staring at the gate, looking like she was waiting for someone to come back. She was not crying and not making a fuss and instead had an understanding look that was even more heartbreaking.

This scene had been seen by Song Qingwan several times. This time, she really couldn’t take it anymore and took out her cell phone and called Lu Junhan.

“What is it?”

The man’s usual cold voice came out.

Song Qingwan took a look at Lu Li and couldn’t help but sigh.

“Brat! I know you’re busy fighting with the old man lately, but even if you’re busy, you have to spend some time with your daughter, okay?”

Lu Junhan frowned slightly, “What happened to that little thing?”

When it comes to the little thing, he instantly remembered a beautiful but pitiful little face. She is also small and soft, looking very fragile.

Song Qingwan skimmed her lips; her words were sour and jealous: “What do you think? The little girl misses her father. The little one is now sitting at the door waiting for you to come back!”

“I wanted to call you before, but the little one wouldn’t let me, saying daddy was busy, and she didn’t want to disturb your work!”

The more she said, the sourer she became: “I don’t know what good you did in your last life. You actually have such a good daughter!”


Lu Junhan paused for a moment and said in a deep voice: “After this busy period, I will make time for her ……”

“Saying you won’t be busy after this period, the things you have to do are endless!”

Song Qingwan said decisively: “Just today! Today is Saturday, which is supposed to be your vacation time. You hurry back now for a trip. Just in time to take Li Li to the hospital.”

“Hospital?” Lu Junhan’s eyes were deep, “What happened to her?”

(End of this chapter)

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