I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 31: The Little Princess

“She’s fine; it’s just that I want to give her a full physical exam! After all, none of us know what kind of life she had before, and it’s good to check. So there’s no harm in being prepared.”

Song Qingwan originally wanted to have a doctor visit her home for an examination.

The Lu family had a special medical team and several family doctors.

But what she wanted Lu Li to do was a full body checkup.

Many of the equipment for that type of examination is only available in hospitals.

It is time-consuming to move the equipment to the villa. It is better to go directly to the hospital.

If they find out that there are any children’s vaccines that have not been given to Lu Li, they can go to the hospital and get a shot during that time.

Song Qingwan thought about it and added: “If the examination is finished and there is still extra time, take her to the psychological counseling as well.”


She brought up Lu Junhan and Lu Anran, so in the area of raising children, she couldn’t be more familiar, “Test her IQ and mental health. Both of these reports are important and are related to Li Li’s future schooling.”

Lu Junhan frowned: “So much trouble.”

Song Qingwan pretended not to hear his annoyed and impatient voice:

“I’ve already made an appointment with the doctor for her physical examination. When we get to the hospital, we can go directly to the examination. As for the psychological test, it’s best to find someone you can trust; it involves Li Li’s privacy after all!”

“OK,” Lu Junhan said, “I will take her there later when I have time, now I have things to do ……”

Lu Junhan was about to make another appointment; he was swamped lately and didn’t have time to bother with extra things.

But before hanging up the phone, he suddenly remembered what the little girl said before; without blinking her eyes, she said she wanted to cut off someone’s hand and frowned slightly.

It is indeed time to take her to see a psychiatrist.

A little girl saying something like fighting and killing, truly worrisome.

I don’t know if she’ll be able to get married in the future.

Lu Junhan did not realize that at this moment, he was a normal father who was worried about his daughter’s future.

“Forget it; I’ll be back later.”

Song Qingwan: “……”

Can you stop breathing so much when you speak? She was almost about to curse him out.


She had given her dad so much good luck, and she didn’t know if he had enough.

The little loli had her hair tied in a double ponytail. Her tiny body was sitting on the stone steps, and her eyes looked at the gate from time to time, but there was nothing at the gate; it was empty.

She looked for a long, long time, and gradually, the little girl’s eyes were dimmed.

It seems that Daddy is still very busy today ……

However, in the next second, as if she heard something from afar, she fiercely stood up from the steps and looked over, her big black eyes shining brightly.

“Auntie, is that daddy’s car?”

The little loli was still a bit in disbelief.

Daddy had never come back this early these days.

Sometimes she was asleep before he came back.

She hadn’t seen him several times a day, and it almost made her mad.

Song Qingwan stroked her head and smiled: “Of course, who else would it be but him.”

The man’s slender and straight body just came down from the car, and his handsome face contained the usual indifference.

The little girl glanced sideways and saw him. Her beautiful eyes were wide, and in the next second, she exclaimed, ran over happily, and threw herself into his arms:

“Daddy, you’re back! Li Li missed you so much!”

Originally, Lu Junhan also felt that he put aside his work just to take this little thing to the hospital. His behavior was too irrational, and on the way back, he thought about ordering the driver to turn around and go back to the company.

But now, seeing the little girl’s bright eyes and happy little face, it seems …… worth it again.

The man patted her head with his big hand and gave a faint hmmm.

It may be that Song Qingwan originally wanted to take her to the hospital on her own. The little girl was well dressed today, her hair bundled into a super cute and very simple double ponytail.

The ribbons on the top of her head and the knee-length princess dress were in the brightest shade of pink. The little loli’s white and tender face was as bright as a peach blossom, with long, dark eyelashes and big, clean black eyes.

She really looked like a little princess.

(End of this chapter)

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