I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 32: Chop You Up!

When such a beautiful little girl arrived at the hospital, it was naturally very striking.

Because Lu Junhan was very busy at work, this bit of time was barely squeezed out, and when he finished accompanying Lu Li to do all the checkups, he would return to the company from the hospital.

It is necessary for Song Qingwan to take Lu Li back to the villa.

So, Song Qingyuan also came along.

Lu Li originally wanted to follow her dad to the company.

But she could feel that dad was really busy this time, even if she went with him to the company, he would not have time to take care of her, and she might even hinder him.

So she was good and didn’t say anything.

Lu Junhan gave her an extra look.

These days he is busy in the company. He almost forgot that he has a daughter.

But the little girl, who has always been clingy as hell and who cries when he leaves, really hasn’t bothered him these days.

He thought this little thing finally found out that Song Qingwan was much better for her than he was and had forgotten about him as a father.

But judging from the little girl’s delighted performance just now and Song Qingwan’s words, this is obviously not the case.

She is still the little troublemaker who loves to get pampered and clingy to her dad. Only sometimes she is unexpectedly understanding ……

Not at all troublesome.

Lu Junhan glanced at Lu Li next to him.

She stood quietly in place, her dark eyes curiously looking around, eyelashes fluttering in the fair little face. She was so innocent and beautiful that she did not know how many people’s eyes were attracted.

The man’s thin lips were slightly hooked.

Also …… quite lovely.

She is worthy of being the daughter of Lu Junhan.

He touched the little girl’s head with his big hand. After that, he couldn’t help but frown slightly.

She is really too small, looking soft and fragile as if a random person can easily kill her ……

“Daddy?” The little girl looked at him with a confused look.

Lu Junhan retracted the hand that touched her head and, in a rare moment of sympathy, asked indifferently, “Afraid?”

“Yes, Li Li, are you afraid?” Song Qingwan also asked, “If you are afraid, we ……”

Children do not like to come to the hospital, where the negative energy is too heavy and cold. Even with parents accompanying, many children will still cry and want to go home.

“Not afraid,” Lu Li shook her head and said happily, “It’s so cool here. I like it so much! Daddy, will we come back next time?”

Lu Junhan: “……”

He forgot that this little thing just looks fragile and has more guts than anyone else.

During Lu Li’s physical examination, the checkup took more than two hours. Because there were too many items to be examined, the report needed a few days to be delivered.

While Lu Li was examined, Lu Junhan’s phone did not stop ringing. Within these two hours, he received at least thirty calls.

Song Qingwan was looking at the poor little girl. Previously, she shouted at Lu Junhan to come back, and now she felt that it was not easy for her nephew.

So she said, “If there are really a lot of things, you should go back to the company first, and leave the rest to me.”

“No,” Lu Junhan hung up the phone, frowning slightly, “I’ll wait for the psychological counseling. I’ll personally take her in.”

The fewer people know about the little girl’s beating and killing character, the better.

Since he rarely changed his mind once he made a decision, Song Qingwan knew it was useless to persuade him and did not bother.

And thinking that with her father around, the little girl might be more relaxed during the psychological examination, she agreed to it.

“Okay, then I will wait for you outside. If there are any problems, feel free to call me.”



Psychological counseling room.

“Young master Lu, you actually came to me one day; I’m really flattered.”

The young man behind the desk had a pair of amorous and flirtatious peach blossom eyes. The corners of his eyes were slightly upturned, his thin lips were red, and at this moment, they curved up in a nice arc as he smiled with a demonic expression.

“I’ve said it all before; you act too ruthless. There must be psychological problems. I asked you to come to me for an examination at that time, and you had me beaten up. What? Now you regret it and want me to enlighten you?”

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Lu Junhan was as cold as ever, “It’s not for me to do; it’s for my daughter.”

“Your daughter?”

The man apparently also heard the hottest news circulating in the circle now, so there was not much surprise; on the contrary, he was excited:

“Where’s the little girl? Let uncle take a good look.”

As the words fell, Lu Li peeked out from behind her father. She was not afraid of students, so she opened her big black eyes and said in a clear voice.

“Hello uncle, my name is Lu Li, pear blossom’s Li. This is my father; my father is amazing!”

At this time, she still did not forget to brag about her father.

When she spoke, the two pink ribbon ponytails on either side of her head also swayed. It was adorable.

“So, so cute, where did you get this little angel? She’s too cute ……”

Xu Qiye was rooted to the spot. His eyes were filled with hearts, and he reached out to rub the little girl’s chubby white face: “Come, hug Uncle ……”

Just as he stretched out his hand, Lu Junhan slapped it back with one hand.

He said coldly with no expression: “Take back your hand! Stretch out again; I do not mind chopping you up!”

(End of this chapter)

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