I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 33: How can you be such a father?

“Tsk, stingy guy!”

“We are at least brothers who grew up together. What’s wrong with letting me touch your daughter now? I’m not going to eat her!”

He said so, but Xu Qi Ye still resentfully withdrew his hand. After all, this person, Lu Junhan, will really kill people when he gets mad.

He would not be stupid enough to pluck the hair on the tiger’s head.

Xu Qiye finished speaking, paused, and still could not resist raising his eyebrows. His thin lips were slightly curved, and his peach blossom eyes carried a hint of teasing.

“But being so protective of a little girl is really not like you……”

Lu Junhan glared coldly and did not say anything.

Xu Qiye did not mind his coldness, as if he had long been used to it, and continued with a smile.

“But it’s really incredible, such a cold and cruel person like you can actually give birth to such a lovely daughter. It’s simply unconscionable!”

“Daddy is a good man, uncle; you don’t talk nonsense!”

Before Lu Junhan could make a sound, the little loli behind him became anxious first. She stomped her little feet in anger, clenched her little fist, and her doll-like delicate little face was filled with a bit of anger.

“You scold my father again, and I-I …… I’m going to scold you back! Scold you to death!”

Although she could not understand what cold and cruel meant, she could hear that her uncle was scolding her father!

Hmm, no one can scold her dad!

Except for her and mom!

“Oh my god, I’m going to die ……”

This little loli, even when angry, is soft and sticky. No killing power at all, but rather cute as hell. Xu Qiye can not help but cover his chest and want to scream a little.

“Even her harsh words are so cute; how can people live? I won’t scold him any more, never again …… baby; you’re so cute!”

Xu Qiye’s eyes did not move away from Lu Li. If not for the fact that the little girl has a super psycho father, he wanted to immediately put his arms around the little girl and kiss her!

This little pink ball, really too cute!

It is a pity that such a cute little girl, how is she the daughter of psychopath Lu!


Lu Junhan narrowed his dark eyes dangerously and stared at him, coldly, “Do you still want your eyes?”

Xu Qiye coughed heavily and hurriedly withdrew his eyes, sighing.

“Okay, okay, okay, I’m not looking at her, okay, I know she”s precious to you.”

Without waiting for him to speak, Xu Qiye took out a brand new report from the drawer: “Needless to say; I know that you are here to do a psychological test for little Li Li, right?”

He signed his name at the bottom of the report paper, Xu Qiye’s name was widely known, and no one in the psychological community dared to question it.

Then, thinking of what the little girl said when she introduced herself just now, he filled in Lu Li’s name directly on the name column. When he got to the age, he paused and asked.

“How old is your daughter?”

Lu Junhan frowned slightly and pursed his lips without saying anything.

Xu Qiye froze, “No way? How old is she, and why don’t you know?”

These days, Lu Junhan is very busy. Song Qingwan handles Lu Li’s small and large affairs. Even for the household registration, he was not present, so he does not know how old the little girl is.

But the man’s indifferent face did not have any embarrassment. He turned his head sideways, lowered his eyes, and asked the little loli beside him, his voice calm: “How old?”

Xu Qiye: “……”

How can you be such a father?

It is simply a waste of such a lovely daughter!

The little loli tilted her head to think. She opened her little fingers to count carefully, and then with a serious face, reported: “Dad, Li Li is now 300 years old.”

(End of this chapter)

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  2. Speaking of her mom, Im really curious of their romance with wolf dad if he is also like that in the heaven realm

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