White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 31: Eldest Princess Grounded

Zhong Li Lan was obviously enraged, her eyes were filled with anger, and she wanted to eat Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li revealed the appearance of fear, took two steps back, tightly tugged the corner of Zhong Li Xi’s clothes, and said weakly: “Eldest Princess, what’s wrong with you …… did this little girl saying something wrong? This little girl apologizes to you ……”

She said that and bowed toward Zhong Li Lan.

Zhong Li Lan was about to get angry when the corner of her eye caught sight of a bright yellow garment and suddenly cried, “You, how could you join forces to bully me!”

Oh, no!

Zhong Li Xi and He Le both turned their heads to look over, and indeed saw the Emperor walking over.

Su Mo Li, however, released the hand that was holding Zhong Li Xi, walked to Zhong Li Lan, blinked her eyes, and said softly: “Eldest Princess, don’t cry, you scolded this little girl as a bumpkin, scolded the Second Princess as a shrew, this little girl and the Second Princess did not cry, what are you crying for?

Did you cry because you knew you were wrong and were too embarrassed to apologize to us?”

“Li’er, stop it! Li’er!” Zhong Li Xi’s face was full of panic, and she gave Su Mo Li a hard look, but Su Mo Li acted as if she didn’t see it.

The frown on the side of He Le’s eyebrows deepened, and her hand tugged tightly at her handkerchief, what a fool! What can she do!

“Eldest Princess, although you do not look good, but dressing up a little can make your appearance bearable. And you are a Princess, after you get married, others do not dare to bully you. Then you can be a little more generous and give the prince-brother-in-law a few concubines, the prince-brother-in-law will like you even more ……

Eldest Princess, I will wipe your tears.” Said Su Mo Li, who was about to wipe her face with a handkerchief.

Zhong Li Lan was so angry, but still wept, and when she saw Su Mo Li’s hand, in the end, she couldn’t help but push it away directly.


Su Mo Li fell directly to the ground.

All the people present were stunned, except for Cheng Tao, who quickly ran over and hugged Su Mo Li.

Cheng Tao rapidly ran over and hugged Su Mo Li, her voice sad and desolate: “Eldest Princess, you called our Miss a bumpkin, we admit it, we did come from the countryside, but why did you hit her? My Lady is weak, if something happens to her, what would happen? ……”

She said, crying in a low voice.

He Le, who had reacted, quickly went over and looked at Su Mo Li’s pale face, and with a sudden thud in her heart quickly called out, “Quickly, call the Imperial Physician!”.

“Right! Call the Imperial Doctor!” Zhong Li Xi also panicked and called out, squatting down to hold Su Mo Li’s hand, seeing her breathing heavily, seemingly very uncomfortable, and looking as if she was about to cry, “Li’er, you tell me, how can I help you feel better?”

“Li’er!” The Emperor took two steps at a time and walked over.

“Father ……” Zhong Li Lan was about to explain.

However, the Emperor simply ignored her and went directly to Su Mo Li, looking at her weak appearance, his brows furrowed: “Zhong Li Lan!”

With a “thud” sound, Zhong Li Lan quickly knelt down, even forgetting to cry, “Father, this Daughter did not, this Daughter did not push her!”

Su Mo Li reached out her hand and tugged tightly on the Emperor’s sleeve, shaking her head toward the Emperor, and said weakly, “Your Majesty, the Princess didn’t push me, it was my own carelessness.”

Saying that she showed her grievance.

“Are you stupid! I clearly saw Sister Huang push you, and you still speak for her?”

He Le pursed his lips: “I saw it too.”

Zhong Li Lan, however, couldn’t help but cry beside her.

Su Mo Li shook his head: “You are mistaken, the Eldest Princess did not push me, I accidentally fell on the ground, it has nothing to do with the Eldest Princess, really, Your Majesty, it’s okay, do not blame the Eldest Princess ……”

As she said that, she inconspicuously touched Cheng Tao.

Cheng Tao immediately reacted, kowtowing towards the Emperor: “Your Majesty, Miss is a bumpkin, even if pushed, it’s fine, please do not blame the Princess ……”

“What bumpkin?” The Emperor was furious.

The more understanding Su Mo Li showed, the angrier the Emperor was.

Zhong Li Xi and He Le, however, looked at Zhong Li Lan with a hateful face.

“Bumpkin, did you say that?” The Emperor looked coldly at Zhong Li Lan.

Zhong Li Lan lowered her head.

“Father, she even called me a shrew!” Zhong Li Xi also complained.

Zhong Li Lan stared at Zhong Li Xi.

Zhong Li Xi showed a smug appearance.

The Emperor rubbed his eyebrows and enunciated each word, “Su Mo Li is your Aunt Huimin’s biological daughter, your cousin! If it weren’t for you Aunt Huimin, there would be no you! Who gave you the nerve to insult Li’er when you are not grateful?”

Zhong Li Lan shrank her neck: “Father, I, I didn’t push her ……”

“You pushed her, and I saw it clearly! I’m not blind,” the Emperor was furious, “Someone! Take the Eldest Princess down to be disciplined by the Empress! If you are not properly disciplined, don’t leave the Palace gates!”

This is the disguised grounding.

Zhong Li Lan’s face was pale, and Da Guozi was busy having Zhong Li Lan taken away.

Seeing the Emperor turn back, Su Mo Li was busy resuming her weak appearance, with some fear in her eyes, and her front teeth biting her lips tightly: “It’s all this servant daughter’s fault …….”

The Emperor sighed, his heart full of pity: “You are my niece, and you will be my daughter-in-law, where can you allow others to bully you?”

“The Imperial Doctor is here!”

When the subordinates called out, they saw the Imperial Doctor quickly come over, because they didn’t dare to move Su Mo Li, so Su Mo Li was still lying on the ground.

The Imperial Doctor kneeled down and after examining her, he was slightly relieved: “Fine, just some anemia, but Miss Su must not have any more mood swings, and her body must be well taken care of.”

“Thank you, Imperial Doctor.”

Su Mo Li responded, and slowly stood up, but just as she stood up, darkness fell before her eyes.

He Le grabbed Su Mo Li’s waist and brought her into her arms.

Su Mo Li took a moment to smile at He Le.

He Le’s eyes were dazzled by the smile, and she was stunned for a moment.

Cheng Tao held Su Mo Li in her arms.

“I’ve made the Emperor worry.” Su Mo Li bowed her body, the sickly paleness on her face was too obvious.

The Emperor sighed and said to the Imperial Doctor, “Give Li’er a good tonic.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Seeing that Su Mo Li’s face was full of fatigue, he instructed them to retire.

Su Mo Li was not feeling well, so she could only watch Zhong Li Xi send He Le away.

“Miss, your body ……” Cheng Tao’s voice was worried.

“It’s nothing serious, it’s just an old habit, I can cure it, I just don’t want to.” Su Mo Li said indifferently, her pair of eyes radiating indifference.

“Don’t you think it’s better this way? My weakness is my own greatest weapon.”

Cheng Tao was helpless, “But this is not a solution.”

“It’s not urgent yet, and we have to turn down this marriage anyway.”

Just as she was about to turn around to find a place to rest, Su Mo Li’s eyes lit up and she took two quick steps with Cheng Tao: “Imperial Doctor Shi?”

When Zhong Li Shi looked up at Su Mo Li, he was stunned, “Why are you here?”

Su Mo Li had a bright smile on her face: “It is fate that we meet thousands of miles away, how is the Imperial Doctor Shi these days?”

Zhong Li Shi didn’t know why, his heart was a bit weak, and he quickly took a look around and saw that there was no one else, then he said: “Very good, thank you, Miss Su, for your concern.”

“The Palace gates are about to close, isn’t the Imperial Doctor Shi leaving the Palace yet?” Su Mo Li was a little confused, “Why don’t I send Imperial Doctor Shi out of the Palace.”

Zhong Li Shi was about to refuse when he heard Su Mo Li say, “By the way, I also want to know, is it possible for this body of mine to be healed?”

Saying that, with a look of anticipation on her face and a pair of eyes with the light of the stars left Zhong Li Shi feeling dizzy and he agreed, “Then I’ll trouble Miss Su.”

By the time he realized it, the two of them had already reached the Palace gate.

Looking at the closed Palace gate, Zhong Li Shi was a little sad, his home was inside the Palace ah!

The beauty made a mistake!

At the same time, Su Mo Li also sighed deeply: “Beauty misleads people. Obviously, I’m waiting for the Princess, but this good thing, the Princess did not get to see it and missed out, now I’m lost ……”

Yes, Su Mo Li managed to get lost in the Palace ……

The author has something to say: I’m going to write about this pair’s interaction

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  1. I’ve been wondering this for a while now, but aren’t Su Mo Li and the Shi Jun (I forgot his real name, but he’s the prince who often goes disguised as a doctor) cousins? Since Su Mo Li’s mom and Shi Jun’s dad are siblings. If he ends up being the ML, wouldn’t it be incest?

  2. He Le grabbed Su Mo Li’s waist and brought her into his arms.

    Su Mo Li took a moment to smile at He Le.

    He Le’s eyes were dazzled by the smile, and she was stunned for a moment.

    The Flower path has opened. No need for an imperial side consort when a pair a brides could work too.

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