I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 35: Why can’t I touch it

The little girl gently rubbed her white cheek against the cat’s head, and the hem of her pink princess dress spread out on the floor like a blooming flower.

At this time, outside the open floor-to-ceiling window, the dazzling slanting sun slowly hit in. The brilliant light was accompanied by a cool summer breeze, which outlined a shallow layer of gold for the person and cat on the floor.

The little loli was simple and beautiful. Two little ponytails were hanging quietly behind her, and her soft white hands were circling the little white cat in her arms. Her smile was soft and clean as if it could be as sweet as one’s heart.

This scene is dreamy and warm.

It was so beautiful that it was unbelievable.

But Xu Qiye did not have the heart to appreciate; his scalp was about to explode!

It’s over!

This is really the end!

If that unpredictable young master sees his pet cat not only being touched and petted but also being kissed over and over again, this little loli is probably doomed!

But Lu Junhan is not here now!

Xu Qiye is worried about that, ah.

How can you go out and take a call at this time?

Do not look at the young ancestor who was only seven years old this year. The person is precocious and terrifying, wise and nearly demonic, and behind him, there is a distinguished family at the top of the pyramid.

With so many means of intrigue, even the old foxes in business must watch their backs, and the degree of viciousness in his bones is really not less than Lu Junhan!

But unfortunately, a year ago, he accidentally had a car accident, which resulted in both legs being crippled. He could never stand up again, and since then, his character has become more cruel and violent.

In the capital, no one dares to provoke this little devil.

If not to return his mother’s favor, Xu Qiye really does not want to be his psychiatrist!

He wanted to live a long life.

During this year of psychological counseling, that little ancestor’s dark and brutal character did not change much. Instead, he had been forced into a breakdown.

He really wants to smash his own reputation!

And every time it was time for psychological counseling, the little ancestor will bring this cat, the cat he usually does not allow outsiders to touch!

Now the cat that does not allow people to touch it was wrapped in the little girl’s arms and kissed and rubbed. His heart was cold.

He subconsciously looked around, did not find that little ancestor’s figure, and was relieved to know that there is still room for salvation. He hurried to speak out:

“Li Li, let go! Quickly let go of this cat.”

As long as the little ancestor did not see the picture of the little loli hugging the cat, everything is good.

Xu Qiye wanted to snatch the cat back but was afraid that the cat would be frightened, struggle, and hurt Lu Li’s with its claws.

If Lu Li has any injuries, he did not have to wait for Pei Xiu Bai to find him. Later, when Lu Jun Han comes in, I’m afraid he will be the first to split his body!

Seeing the little girl looking over with a puzzled expression, he squatted down, his gorgeous peach blossom-like demon face was filled with a bit of worry and anxiety, and advised in a low voice: “This cat cannot be touched! You quickly let it go.”

“Cats are cute,”

The little girl tilted her head, blinking her big clear eyes with a confused look: “Why can’t I touch it?”

“Because this cat is very fierce, if you do not let go of it, it will bite you!”

Xu Qiye did not lie; this white cat really does not care about people except for Pei Xiu Bai. Normally it was arrogant and reserved and lazily nestled in the windowsill, as though it didn’t care about anything.

But once someone else reaches out to touch it, if it’s in a good mood, it can let you touch a few times, but once the mood is bad, it would certainly scratch people with its claws. Just scratching the face is considered light punishment.

The personality was the same as its master. It looked gentle and harmless, elegant and noble, but in fact, it was irritable and malicious.

Seeing the young girl’s face hesitant, Xu Qiye was afraid that the longer he dragged on, the more chances of any accidents, and hurriedly said.

(End of this chapter)

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