I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 36: It likes me so much

“Li Li! Do as you’re told! Hurry up and let the cat go!”

“Don’t look at how docile this cat is now; maybe at some point, it will scratch your face hard a few times. Anyway, it’s especially scary, and if it really comes to that, if you want to cry, it’s would be too late ……”

Just as he concluded his speech, the blue-eyed white cat in the loli’s arms suddenly poked its head out. The cat’s eyes narrowed dangerously, and in the next second, it fiercely cocked its head and approached her white neck!

“Li Li–!”

Xu Qiye was frightened by this scene and did not care anymore. He directly took a step forward, his face pale: “Quickly throw it away, it is going to bite you ……”

But it was too late.

Xu Qiye could only watch as the dangerous white cat opened its mouth wide, revealing its sharp teeth, and ruthlessly lowered its head in a ferocious manner ……

And rubbed against Lu Li’s small neck.

“Meow meow~.”




Xu Qiye was stunned.

Just …… rubbing her neck?

“So itchy ah cat cat!”

The little loli hugged the kitty, moving her head east and west to avoid the little head. Once she hid, the cat continued to rub, and in the end, she curled the corners of her mouth and smiled with a clean and soft smile.

“Okay, okay, I know you like me. I also like you a lot! Oh …… you say you want to introduce your master to me? It’s okay. Is it a cat too?”

Xu Qiye couldn’t believe his eyes.

He halted in his tracks and blinked his peach blossom eyes.

Damn it!

What did he see?

Pei Xiu Bai’s cold and irritable cat did not scratch somebody for the first time with its claws but acted like an ordinary kitty, with its head desperately rubbing against the little girl’s neck.

From time to time, “meow meow” sounded out. It rolled in her arms, incomparably good and lovely.

As if the previous times he saw it, the cat’s body language which was unfriendly and revealed a “do not approach me or you will die” was all an act.

Is he blind, or did the cat eat the wrong cat food?

“Uncle, don’t worry, I’m a carp spirit; the cat won’t bite me; it likes me.”

The little loli was full of bright smiles and her little ponytail was swaying cutely, “It even said it wanted to introduce its master to me!”


The little white cat poked its head out at the right time and shouted, expressing its approval of Lu Li’s words.

This little cat is actually the same as a child; when cute and well-behaved, it can make people’s hearts melt.

Xu Qiye saw that the cat had a rare good behavior. Especially since Pei Xiu Bai’s cat was particularly good-looking; it had fluffy hair snow white and blue cat eyes which looked innocent and pure.

Unable to resist, he put his hand out.

The first time he saw this cat, he wanted to pet the cat’s head hard!

Now he finally has the chance!

Unfortunately, before he could touch the cat’s head, the cat’s claws swished and scratched his hand: “Meow!”

This sharp cat cry and dangerous eyes seemed to say, “get out.”

Xu Qiye: “……”

How come he can’t touch it!

Just because he is not a carp spirit?

Although the cat will not hurt Lu Li, it does not mean that Pei Xiu Bai will not.

That little ancestor will not be lenient because you are some kind of carp spirit or little fairy.

But Xu Qiuyi did not have time to speak out again; the door was opened.

The little girl embraced the meek kitty like she noticed something. Suddenly, the cat opened its blue magnificent eyes, its body shivered, and in the next second, it directly jumped out from Lu Li’s arms and jumped to the ground!

Then, it tilted its little cat head towards the door and gave an excited and happy “meow” a few times.

 The little boy is hard to write …… the cat likes the smell of fish, but Li Li is not a real fish, so the cat will not bite her because the cat does not eat people ……

(End of this chapter)

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