My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 131: Waiting for the goblin to get screwed!

Is the total price wrong?

The store manager, hearing this from Gu Qi Qi, quickly took out a calculator, calculated, and re-calculated.

“Miss Gu Qi Qi, there’s nothing wrong with the price 85 million ……”.

Could it be that Miss Qi Qi actually can’t afford it and is looking for a discount on purpose?

Gu Qi Qi faintly scanned the herbs on the countertop.

The card in her hand slammed on the counter.

“Money is not a problem. It’s just that I’ve offered eighty-five million dollars, so you have to give me the same value of medicine, right?”

The store manager was shocked by Gu’s cool action, and almost burst out applauding at the overbearing “Money is no problem”.

Only after a moment did he panic and explain.

“This …… Miss Qi Qi, I’m sorry, our pricing is a little bit more expensive than the outside, but our inbound channels are particularly good, and the quality of the same herbs is particularly high, you can see how clean and full this cordyceps is ……”

He thought that Gu Qi Qi was griping about the fact that the price was ten times higher.

He could only boast about the quality of the herbs.

Not far away, Bai Lang, secretly watching the scene, also sneered in his heart, “Little demon, it’s useless for you to grasp the loophole that the price ten times more expensive! Even the Price Bureau cannot interfere with the pricing of expensive herbs. Expensive herbs are like diamonds; the bigger the market, the higher the price! Next time you dare to come, I’ll raise the price a hundred times!”

In the past, he was very lucky to have been trapped by Gu Qi Qi. He who hated doing business had to honestly go back and look up the legal provisions all night.

He has memorized all the legal provisions about the herbal business.

At the moment, he was sitting with his legs crossed, squinting his peach blossom eyes, sipping a mouthful of chilled red wine, and leisurely waiting for Gu Qi Qi to get screwed!

Eighty-five million yo.

She couldn’t expect that.

Gu Qi Qi stretched out the jade-like finger and pointed at the most expensive cordyceps in front of her eyes, and nonchalantly said: “Very clean? Very full? Are you sure, Mr. Store Manager?”

The shopkeeper looked over at her without knowing why.

Wearing gloves, he carefully pinched a golden cordyceps, “Miss Qi Qi can take a closer look at it, the quality of this cordyceps is really perfect. I’ve been in the pharmacy business for twenty years, and I’m not lying…”

The promises suddenly stopped!

The store manager looked at the “perfect” cordyceps with a blank stare.

Perfect, my ass.

On that short and thick cordyceps, there were several wormholes, which had hollowed out the perfect cordyceps.

The original perfect cordyceps were hollowed out by the wormholes.

This was a very serious quality problem.

It could be said that the cordyceps that were originally worth over a hundred thousand dollars became worthless because of these wormholes!

Because it was worm-eaten, it means that something went terribly wrong with the storage, the efficacy of the medicine is compromised, and it’s impossible to predict if there are other problems.

“This, this, this is definitely a mistake. I’m sorry Mis Qi Qi, I guarantee that this is the only one with bad quality in it, and I’ll throw it away and not include it in the total price. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll recalculate the price for you.”

“Hmm. I suggest you check them all out before you do the math.” Gu Qi Qi was well-prepared and calm.

The store manager’s forehead broke out in cold sweat: “Okay, okay. It will absolutely never happen again-“

Unfortunately, it took less than three seconds to finish the word “absolutely”, and the shopkeeper was horrified to discover that the whole row of cordyceps was infested with worms.

No exceptions.

All – worm-eaten!

In a moment, he felt like he had been slapped in the face.


What about the promise that there will be absolutely no more?

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