My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 130: Step by step into his trap.

The shopkeeper was still speculating about what Gu Qi Qi had in mind for Bai Lang.

However, she was already pointing at the counter, where there was a slew of expensive herbs.

“Dendrobium, seahorse, musk, red lingzhi, wild ginseng, Cordyceps …… this, and that, bring them all out for me to see.”

The shopkeeper was in a state of shock.

You know, nowadays their prices are ten times higher than before.

It’s no big deal to raise the price ten times for a ten-dollar medicine.

However, these expensive herbs are priced in the tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands per gram.

If the price is raised ten times, Miss Qi Qi, have you really done the calculations?

However, as if she didn’t care about the price, she seemed bored: “What, you don’t want to sell?”

“Sell sell sell! Just a moment.”

The shopkeeper could only comply with the order to get it.

Again, he wondered, “Could it be that Miss Qi Qi is really not going to fight with Er Shao? Could it be that this time it is not to trap him, but to show friendship and send money to make peace?

Although this probability seems almost zero!

The little dirty turtle is just as confused as the store manager: “Lord Silver, why are you giving money to that Bai scum? He’s a douche, a bad pervert!”

Gu Qi Qi slightly quirked the corners of her lips, and a touch of cunning flitted across her eyes.

She didn’t answer the little dirty turtle’s question.

Instead, she asked it: “You said before that you could get away from me and move around?”

The Little Dirty Turtle said awkwardly: “At present, there are too few color points, and I can only move a meter or two away from you at most, but if I move farther, I won’t have the energy to support it.”

Gu Qi Qi nodded, “Hmm. That’s enough!”


The mahogany counter of the pharmacy was covered with expensive Chinese herbs.

Especially the top grade Cordyceps, it was placed even one by one, in a golden velvet tray, carefully aligned head and tail in a single line.

Top-quality herbs, more expensive than gold!

Everyone knows that designer bags and jewelry are expensive, but it’s surprising that one or two grams of really rare herbs can beat those gleaming luxury items in price.

At the moment, the row of Cordyceps in front of Gu Qi Qi’s eyes, any one of them is the price of a diamond ring.

She scanned the entire counter.

Her eyes swept over the cordyceps and finally landed on a small box of inconspicuous, second-grade deer antler slices.


Gu Qi Qi’s jade-like finger stretched out and pointed it out.

The store manager smiled.

As expected, Miss QI Qi Qi had done the math.

Of all the luxury herbs, the deer antler was the cheapest.

The original price was two thousand yuan.

Now it was deliberately made into twenty thousand by Er Shao.

If you buy this box of antler, you don’t lose much.

Miss Qi Qi, please be merciful, this time it’s a small loss. Just buy it and leave, don’t fight with our young master.

He neatly packed up the box of antler: “Okay, come this way to pay the bill.”

However, in the next second, the shopkeeper’s mouth burst open.

The shopkeeper’s mouth became the size of an egg!

He completely misjudged Gu Qi Qi’s meaning.

I only heard Gu Qiqi frown and continued, “This one, I don’t want it! The rest, wrap it all up and I’ll take it all!”

The shopkeeper was stunned for a moment.

Only then did he realize that out of the pile of expensive Chinese herbal medicines, only the cheapest box of second-grade deer antlers was the one that Miss Qi Qi didn’t want.

The rest she actually wanted to pack them up and take them away.

When calculating the total price, his old hands were shivering non-stop.

The VIP room is not far away.

Bai Lang watched excitedly as Gu Qi Qi walked into his trap step by step.

He was so happy that he just about spun in circles and wagged his tail.

10 million ……

30 million ……

In the end, watching the store manager type out a total price of eighty-five million.

Bai Lang couldn’t help but laugh out loud: “Hahahaha, little goblin, see if you spend over eighty million dollars from Lord Gong this time, won’t he admit that you’re a bad woman who specializes in spending his money!”

Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s also stupid!

Bai Lang’s fingers have already pressed on the name of Gong Jue in the phone’s contacts.

He was going to live stream to Gong Jue Gu Qi Qi’s unjust use of his black diamond card.

He couldn’t believe it.

Suddenly, Gu Qi Qi’s voice sounded out as she said: “The total price is wrong,”.

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