My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 129: How many young masters do you have in the Bai family?

The store manager mentioned the Bai family’s eldest son, Bai Yuyuan.

Bai Lang immediately lost his temper.

He whispered, “He’s good, he’s happy somewhere, but he’s got this divine physician facing these nasty accounts ……”.

He was grumbling.

Suddenly, a light came on!

Through the floor-to-ceiling glass window, he saw a petite, exquisite figure walk in the store door.

The man’s military-style shirt tied into a dress, seaweed-like long hair, slim small waist, clear eyes, and snowy skin …… If not Gu Qi Qi, who else could it be?

“Hey, this is going to be fun!”

Bai Long rubbed his hands, and suddenly felt that looking through the ledger at the pharmacy wasn’t boring at all.

“Go, give this divine physician a good ‘treat’ for that little goblin!”

He gritted his teeth and made a face like a hungry tiger pouncing on its food.

The shopkeeper’s lips twitched a few times.

In his heart, he silently muttered, “Er Shao, are you sure it wasn’t the goblins who ate you up and spit out your bones?

“What are you waiting for? Go on! Give me back all the money she screwed this divine doctor with last time!”

“Yes, Er Shao!”

The shopkeeper, with a bitter face and a smile on his face as he led the impossible task, greeted Gu Qi Qi: “Miss Qi Qi, you’ve come. What herbs do you want to buy this time?”

“Just looking around.”

Gu Qi Qi’s tone was indifferent and didn’t seem offensive at all.

The store manager, however, tensed his nerves. He didn’t dare to relax at all.

After the first two encounters, he knew too well that although the girl looked petite and small, she was definitely not to be messed with.

When he saw Gu Qi Qi heading towards the expensive Chinese medicine counter, he hurriedly followed up: “Miss Qi Qi, we have all the medicines in the store this time, so feel free to choose any of them ……”.

Last time, in order to prevent Gu Qi Qi from buying the medicine, Bai Lang withdrew all the medicine and almost lost his business license as a result.

This time, Bai Lang has learned a lesson.

The problem is that on the price tag, there are all zeros!

The price went up tenfold!

Gu Qi Qi’s snorted in her mind ” Bai Scum!”, but her face showed no emotion.

Suddenly, she asked a question that had absolutely nothing to do with buying drugs!

“How many young masters do you have in the Bai family?”

The store manager was stunned.

The suddenness of the question made him dumbfounded.

None of the ten thousand lines he had prepared in his heart could help him respond to such a question.

Without stumbling, he replied, “There are a total of …… two young masters……”.

“Is the Bai Lang the younger one?”

“Yes, yes, Miss Qi Qi is right, the second young master is Bai Lang, and the eldest young master is Bai Yuyuan.”

Gu Qi Qi was in deep thought.

Bai Lang is the youngest one?

That’s ” Little Uncle”, right?

Fortunately, she asked a few more questions.

It would have been bad if there were several men in the Bai family and she had wronged Bai scum.

It’s one thing for her to pit Bai scum’s money against him before.

It’s another thing to take out her anger for Xiao Ning now.

Now that she is sure that Bai Lang is that “little uncle”, she will not be lenient!

That bastard, “Little Uncle”, did that disgusting thing to Xiao Ning and imprisoned Xiao Ning at home. …… She wanted to see if he would still have the leisure to bully Xiao Ning after setting his store on fire.

The store manager was wiping away cold sweat.

He couldn’t figure out what was going on in the head of Gu Qi Qi.

Could it be that Miss Qi Qi and the Second Young Master, who have never fought each other before, have begun to appreciate each other and have …… feelings for each other after so many encounters?

However, as soon as the thought came to him, he himself shuddered and got a bit of a chill.


The difference between them …… is too great.

The store manager sighed slightly.

Someone as smart as Miss Gu Qi Qi ……

She probably doesn’t like our “second” son, right?

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