White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 30: Bumpkin

The Empress Dowager and Zhong Li Xi looked at each other, and both of them were stunned.

Su Mo Li gently bit her lips with puzzlement on her face, “Empress Dowager, is there something wrong with what I have said?”

“I just didn’t think that you were worse than He Le, and this story is …… well told,” the Empress struggled to find words, thinking of how to express herself without breaking the little girl’s heart.

“It’s dry.” Zhong Li Xi couldn’t help but say, “Isn’t there any other twist in this? Like why did you fall in the pond?”

The Empress Dowager smiled and nodded, “Yes, how did you fall into the pond?”

Su Mo Li pursed her lips, her face showing hesitation.

“She was pushed in by her sister.” On the side, Princess He Le said faintly, “She’s too stupid.”

Su Mo Li lowered her head, her small hand tightly tugging on the handkerchief, cramping a bit.

Zhong Li Xi was stunned, “Why did her sister push her into the pool? What if she can’t swim in the water? Moreover, she is so weak, if something happens to her ……”

“Her sister didn’t want to make it easy on her.” He Le said with disapproval, “Generally, I don’t like her.”

After saying that, she frowned.

Zhong Li Xi blinked her eyes, a little stunned, “Then, does Li’er’s father know?”

He Le looked at Su Mo Li’s face, her eyes full of pity, “I heard that he simply punished her sister, but it wasn’t a big deal.

Her father doesn’t like her, he liked her sister more.”

He Le concluded.

Zhong Li Xi was wondering, “But why? Isn’t that Li’s father? Just like my older sister and I would have conflicts, but my father is always impartial.”

“So, your father is the Emperor and her father is just the Prime Minister.”

Su Mo Li felt that He Le was too straightforward!

If she was a regular girl, she would have been able to hold her head up!

Apparently, even the Empress Dowager sensed that something was wrong, and said incessantly, “It’s over in the end, it’s getting late, let someone bring dinner.

Li’er, is there anything you want to eat?” The Empress Dowager smiled and said.

Su Mo Li looked up with anticipation on her little face, “Your Majesty, may I eat sweet potato root?”

Momo Yun beside the Empress Dowager couldn’t help but say, “Back then, the Eldest Princess also liked to eat sweet potato roots.”

Su Mo Li smiled bashfully.

“Let the kitchen make some.” The Empress Dowager looked at Su Mo Li’s eyes lovingly, “Although your mother was not born to me, she grew up at my knee, good girl, in the future, come to the Palace more often, I’m also your grandmother.”

Su Mo Li stared at the eyes, seemed a little panicked, and squirmed a few times before she finally just stood up and bowed towards the Empress Dowager: “Thank you, Empress Dowager for your compassion.”

After finishing the meal, the three took their leave.

Momo Yun waited for the Empress Dowager to freshen up and couldn’t help but say, “Miss Su is different from what the servant thought.”

“She is different.” The Empress Dowager opened her eyes and allowed Momo Yun to massage her head, “This girl grew up in the countryside, but she is no different from any noble Miss in the way she carries herself, so she has obviously made an effort to learn.”

“I’m not sure if it’s the one from the Prime Minister’s Mansion who taught her, but I’m afraid the girl learned this herself.”

“She’s a resilient one.”

Momo Yun nodded, “Just like the First Princess, when you protected her and were ridiculed by the other concubines, the First Princess went to great lengths to learn the Palace etiquette to be liked by the late Emperor, who in turn protected you! The Eldest Princess wasn’t very old then.”

“Yes! At that time, Huimin was obviously a child, but she knew how to protect her mourning family.” The Empress laughed, then the smile on her face disappeared, “It’s my fault, I forgot about this child.”

“How can it be, seven years ago, the harem was unstable, you and the Empress joined hands to straighten out the harem. If you were to take Miss Su in at that time, I’m afraid that she was going to be eaten without even bones left.”

The Empress Dowager laughed lightly: “Just, it’s all in the past, these days, treat this girl better, also let people outside know, Huimin’s child, can not be bullied by others.”


At this time, Su Mo Li was listening to Zhong Li Xi’s chatter with He Le.

When they reached the Imperial garden, they saw a green silhouette walk over.

Zhong Li Xi’s voice stopped abruptly and the smile on her face disappeared: “It’s Zhong Li Lan.”

He Le stood in front of Su Mo Li without moving a muscle and whispered, “Be careful.”

Cheng Tao also pulled Su Mo Li back two steps.

“Greetings, Eldest Princess.” He Le and Su Mo Li both bowed at the same time to greet the Princess.

Zhong Li Xi reluctantly called out, “Big Sister.”

Zhong Li Lan’s looks only belonged to the middle of the range, but her makeup was decent, and she was quite passable.

“Xi’er are you coming from Imperial Grandmother’s place?”


Zhong Li Lan laughed, “You, don’t run around all day long, can you embroider a handkerchief? You’re also thirteen now, and you’re about to talk about other people, if you’re disliked by your husband’s family, you’ll lose the face of the Royal family.”

Zhong Li Xi’s anger was ignited at once: “I am a Princess, and I still need to embroider a handkerchief after I get married? What am I supposed to do with the ladies? I say, Big Sister, if you are willing to embroider a handkerchief for your future brother-in-law, that’s your business, why do you want me to follow your example?

Besides, what’s wrong with me running around? Are you my father or my mother? Why should you be in charge?”

Zhong Li Lan laughed mockingly: “Look at you, what do you look like now? Just like a shrew!”

“You!” Seeing that Zhong Li Xi was about to explode, Su Mo Li pulled her sleeve, “Second Princess, it’s getting late, I have to drink medicine and leave, or the Palace gate will be closed.”

Zhong Li Xi stared at Zhong Li Lan: “This Princess is not going to argue with you today.”

Saying that she took the hand of Su Mo Li and He Le and was about to leave.

“Wait a minute.”

Zhong Li Lan looked up and down at Su Mo Li: “Who are you? Hold your head up high for this Princess!”

“Greeting Eldest Princess.” Su Mo Li raised her head and bowed once again towards Zhong Li Lan.

Seeing Su Mo Li’s face, Zhong Li Lan’s pupils shrank violently.

The smile on her face disappeared.

Zhong Li Xi immediately said, “Big Sister, you’re not going to let someone scratch her face again, are you? She’s not a maid or a palace girl or anything like that, she’s a Miss of the Prime Minister’s Residence!”

“Prime Minister’s daughter?” Zhong Li Lan’s voice was sharp and pensive for a moment, revealing a sudden realization, “It’s that bumpkin from the countryside.”

“You!” Zhong Li Xi was furious, “Who are you calling bumpkin!”

“What’s wrong with me calling her names? Isn’t it? Isn’t she from the country?” Zhong Li Lan looked at Su Mo Li with disdain.

The smile on Su Mo Li’s face narrowed a bit.

Zhong Li Xi was so angry: “Zhong Li Lan, you’re too much!”

He Le’s eyebrows were furrowed, and she took a worried look at Su Mo Li, then said: “Second Princess, we’d better leave the Palace first.”

Su Mo Li said softly: “I am indeed a bumpkin, I do not understand how the noble girls in the capital dress, I entered the Palace today also casually dressed up, I did not expect that it didn’t matter to the Empress Dowager, the Emperor or the Empress. They all praised me for my good looks, I am quite happy ……

I didn’t realize I was a bumpkin and someone complimented me ……”

Saying that, Su Mo Li raised her eyes to Zhong Li Lan’s and said expectantly, “Eldest Princess is in the capital, so every time you go out to a banquet, someone should compliment you on your good looks …….

I wonder if Your Highness can tell me what kind of dress is the most beautiful, I, too, would like to buy it and wear it …….”

Su Mo Li pursed her lips, her small face flickering with a smile, a little shy, a little bashful.

He Le was stunned, who doesn’t know that the most annoying thing to Zhong Li Lan is when people talk about their looks?

Zhong Li Xi’s eyes were wide open, her cheeks were twitching, and she couldn’t help but laugh maniacally!

But Zhong Li Lan’s face was dark and sunken, good, what a good a Su Mo Li!

Cheng Tao can’t help but feel bad in her heart for Zhong Li Lan. Why choose to bother her Miss, it was better to offend anyone but her ……

The author has something to say: I don’t know if the ladies and sisters remember. Did I write about the marriage of two princesses before?

Edited by EllieKit

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