I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 34: Persian Cat

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Xu Qiye’s face was full of black lines.

This father and daughter, how come one is more unreliable than the other.

Compared to Xu Qiye’s choked expression, there was no change in Lu Junhan’s face.

He did not change his face and turned his head to Xu Qiye and said, “She is 3 years old.”

“No, not 3 years old!”

The little loli thought he did not hear her and was immediately anxious. The little hands pulled his pants, and her little milk voice soft and sticky, “Daddy, Li Li is 300 years old, not 3 years old! You heard wrong!”

When she was 3 years old, she was still a fat, white fish egg.

Lu Junhan did not care about her. He directly opened his mouth and said indifferently to Xu Qiye: “Write, 3 years old.”

Lu Li: “……”

Okay, 3 years old is 3 years old.

After all, Dad is only 25 years old.

After filling out the basic information, the exam began to enter the detection stage.

Psychological testing was not much of a problem.

The little girl is optimistic, kind, and obedient. In other words, she is mentally healthy.

As for the character of fighting and killing, Xu Qiye didn’t get a result.

He put on many bloody videos about the war, the scale of which had long exceeded the range that general children can accept.

But the little loli is not interested at all.

Then, according to what Lu Junhan said, he looked for a movie similar to the scene in the study, and the little girl still had no feelings.

But her guts are really big, watching the movie without fear at all, but also not like before in the study where she kept yelling to cut off someone’s hand.

Instead, she was particularly fond of beautiful dolls and cute little animals.

Whenever Xu Qiye put up pictures of various animals, the little girl was as happy as if she had seen her relatives.

If not for Lu Junhan pulling her, she would have jumped on it.

Especially when she saw the picture of the red koi, the mascot of Hai Cheng, the little loli smiled so much that her eyes could not see. She pulled the hand of Lu Junhan, and her little milk voice was heard as she pointed to the picture with great joy.

“Daddy, Daddy! This is Li Li. Oh!”

Xu Qiye looked over: “?”

Lu Junhan tugged lips light voice: “She watched cartoons until she’s silly. She thinks she’s a carp spirit.”

“……” Xu Qiye came over and laughed without much surprise.

“This is actually quite normal; after all, children have a rich imagination. From time to time, they imagine themselves as a little princess, a little fairy ah. It’s very popular …… but a carp spirit is less popular. So, as long as she grows up, she”ll be fine – – -“


Xu Qiye had just finished talking when the little girl jumped up excitedly again. Her little finger pointed to a photo on the big screen, and her little milk voice was soft and sticky, “Daddy, I see you too!”

It was a picture of a snow wolf.

The wolf was snow-white, walking alone in the snow-capped Mountain. Its dark, black eyes were as sharp as ice, which made it look a bit creepy.

As if in the next second, it will rush out of the photo and viciously tear their necks!

Lu Junhan did not say anything.

Xu Qiye glanced at him and then looked at the lonely and indifferent white wolf’s picture and touched his chin. His expression was thoughtful, “To be honest, little Li Li’s vision is quite accurate; at first glance, it really looks like you!”

Saying that, he smiled again to the little girl, “Baby, come, come, come, give uncle a look too, what animal do you think uncle looks like?”

As they were talking, Lu Junhan’s phone suddenly rang.

He wanted to hang up, but after glancing at the caller’s information, he noticed it was Assistant Chen calling.

Raising his hand towards Xu Qiye, he gestured and went out the door.

Lu Li shook her head and wanted to say, “I don’t know what kind of animal you look like, Uncle.

Suddenly, a small figure with a snow-white body slowly came into her eyes.


The little loli’s eyes “swish” immediately brightened up, and the corners of the mouth curved upwards.

It was a white cat with snow-white soft fur. It was clean without a trace of impurities; it’s blue eyes are clear and transparent, like the clearest sky. All in all, it was soft and lovely, looking particularly cute.

Xu Qiye could not be more familiar with this cat.
Now that this cat is here, it means that the little ancestor must have come too!

His blazing peach blossom eyes shrank fiercely, and he was about to make a sound to tell Lu Li not to touch the cat!

But it was already too late; the little girl squatted down and instantly took the furry little cat that was passing by into her arms.

The next moment, she hugged the cat, bending her eyes and giggling.

Happy as can be.



Three hundred years old in the heavenly realm is equivalent to three years old on earth, so although the heroine is three hundred years old, but in fact, she is a three-year-old child with a three-year-old IQ!

Don’t ask why the time period of the heavenly world is different from the earth! In the Heavenly realm, people can live for tens of thousands of years! After all, the Gods are immortal; they live longer and have a higher profile.

Dad’s age converted over is probably several thousand years …… vicissitudes of an old man ……

Lu Junhan:???

(End of this chapter)

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