I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 38: The Villain Pei Xiu Bai

The little loli froze. She pursed her sweet little red mouth, and her big watery eyes looked at Pei Xiu Bai: “…… This is brother’s kitty cat?”

“Yes, this cat is brother’s,” Withstanding the pressure behind him, Xu Qiye replied stiffly, “Now brother is going to take the cat back, you quickly return the cat to brother.”

Xu Qiye thought the little girl would be unwilling or reluctant. After all, how much she likes this cat, he had seen with his eyes. Otherwise, she would not have chased the cat as soon as it ran away.

Who knew that the little loli was actually well-behaved? She opened her big, clear, clean eyes and placed the cat in her hand carefully in the teenager’s arms.

“Brother, I’m going to give you back your cat.”

That little milky voice is sweet and soft, just as sweet as the milk fragrance on the little girl’s body.

The young man never spoke, only quietly stared at her with the deep black eyes. No emotion could be seen on his face.

Afraid that he misunderstood, the little girl met his eyes and also seriously explained.

“Li Li did not steal your cat okay, I picked up the kitty. Brother, if you do not believe it, you can ask the cat. I really did not lie to you.”

As she said her words, the white cat agreed with a “meow.”

The little loli’s eyes shone brightly: “Brother, look, the cat agrees with what I said. I really did not lie to you.”

The ghostly-faced teenager lowered his eyes slightly, his long white fingers gently brushed the white cat’s fur for a long time, before lifting his beautiful eyelashes, his voice soft and gentle:

“It likes you a lot.”

This was the first thing Pei Xiu Bai said when he came in. Obviously, it carried a different kind of tenderness, but the people in the room shivered hard.

Only the little girl did not feel anything at all and smiled happily, “I also like the cat very much!”

The young man laughed and did not speak again.

Xu Qiye is really impressed with Lu Li.

She really deserves to be that Lu psycho’s own daughter!

Pei Xiu Bai is here. He and the group of bodyguards’ heads are about to explode, yet this little loli still felt nothing at all. She was still cute to the point of explosion and cute to the point of death.

Just then, the bodyguard behind the teenager hesitated for a moment, or whispered up to ask: “Pei Shao, just like that …… you are okay with it?”

The black-haired teenager curved the corners of his mouth, his hand propped up his head, and smiled crookedly, “What do you think? Do you want me to be okay or not?”

The bodyguard choked for a moment and said naively, “Subordinate …… subordinate naturally hopes that you are fine ……”

“Is that so?” The teenager tilted his head, smiling as his fingers touched the cat once or twice. The eyes staring at the bodyguard caused cold sweat to trickle down his back.

An undetermined amount of time passed before the teenager absently prolonged his tone, “It seems you’re quite loyal.”

The bodyguard reluctantly smiled down, not knowing whether to take his words as good or bad.

Talking to this little ancestor is really a test of guts!

Pei Shao?

Is the brother’s surname Pei?

She remembers this word very well because she couldn’t read it at the time and asked the little turtle, the little rabbit, and her mother in the heavenly realm, and they all didn’t know how the word was pronounced.

She said her mother was stupid, so her mother got annoyed and beat her up, which made her cry a lot.

Later, after crying, she borrowed a heavenly dictionary from her fox brother. She knew the word, so she remembered the pronunciation of the word especially well!

Little Lori blinked her big eyes, little mouth pursed up, crooked her head, and thought about it.

Sitting in a wheelchair, looks especially beautiful, Pei brother ……

Isn’t that ……

“Brother Xiu Bai!”

The little girl’s big black gem-like eyes brightened up quickly. Her fair little face suddenly came up to Pei Xiu Bai’s attention, and her doll-like face was full of joy. Her little milky voice was crisp and clear as she spoke.

“Are you brother Pei Xiu Bai?”

Brother Pei Xiu Bai, like her father, was a particularly powerful villain!

After her father’s death, the abominable male protagonist swallowed most of her father’s property, and later it was brother Pei Xiu Bai who appeared to snatch her father’s money and company from the hands of the male protagonist.

In the little girl’s opinion, as long as they are against the male lead, they are good people!

So, Lu Li likes this brother a lot!

 [Li Li: hey, I’m so tired. Dad is not finished with his meeting, and here comes another brother!

(End of this chapter)

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  1. Wait… I thought Xu Bai is seven years old??? Or is he really a teenager, as described here???

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