I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 39: I Like You

Li Li!”

Before Pei Xiu Bai could respond, Xu Qiye’s face changed one step ahead!

He did not expect that although this little girl looked soft and cute, she was so bold that she actually dared to come directly to Pei Xiu Bai’s face.

He was afraid that Pei Xiu Bai would do something to her.

Xu Qiye took a few steps forward and reached out to pull Lu Li over so that she could hurry away from Pei Xiu Bai, this dangerous man.

But before he could get close, the young man sitting in a wheelchair with a smile on his lips glanced at him indifferently, and then slightly raised his hand towards the back…

This gesture is like an unquestionable order!

The bodyguards behind him, without saying a word, rushed out and blocked Xu Qiye’s way.

“Sorry, Mr. Xu, I’m sorry to offend you!”

Xu Qiye almost exploded with anger when he saw this.

His eyes passed through the bodyguards in front of him to stop him and looked straight at the handsome young man sitting in a wheelchair over there. His anxious appearance looked like he was about to kneel down to him.

“Little ancestor, my little ancestor, you must not mess up this time! She’s not like the ones before; she’s not something you can move! She is Lu Junhan’s daughter if you dare to do anything to her, her father ……”

“So noisy.”

The teenager slightly lifted his eyelashes, the corners of his red mouth curved, and his expression did not have any fluctuations.

“You don’t even know how to gag him? Or do you want me to teach you guys personally?”

The bodyguards shivered vividly and turned to Xu Qiye and coughed lightly, “Sorry, young master Xu, we have no choice.”

“Wait!” Xu Qiye was shocked and backed up, “What do you want!”

The bodyguard did not give him a chance to escape; they nimbly grabbed the rag nearby and gagged him, and incidentally, tied him up tightly as well.

Fearing that the little ancestor would be displeased and find trouble with them again.

Xu Qiye: “……”

Pei Xiu Bai, fuck you!

The little girl cocked her head, a little not quite understand the current situation. Before she could speak, the pale teenager in front of her suddenly leaned over, slowly approaching her. His long eyelashes were slightly drooping, and his expression was cold as he said.

“Little thing, you know me?”

The little girl blinked her eyes. She did not rush to answer as her little milk voice softly asked back, “Brother, is your name Pei Xiu Bai?”

The young man paused for a moment, then smiled: “Yes.”

The little loli was instantly happy: “Then Li Li knows you.”

When the little girl smiled, her big black grape-like eyes looked like they were crushed with starlight, the corners of her sweet red mouth curved, and her fair and chubby little face was like the most exquisite doll in the window. The whole person was cute and pretty.

Pei Xiu Bai’s sight fell on her radiant smile, and his eyes deepened. The next moment, he suddenly raised his hand and poked her fat cheek with his fingertips.

Sure enough.

Just as he thought.

The feeling is very good, soft and slippery, like touching kk.

No, it is even softer than kk.

Also more lovely than kk the cat.

It’s just a pity that it can’t be taken away.

“Uhhhhhhh ……”

Xu Qiye looked at this scene, and his whole body was about to explode. Even the other bodyguards could not help but suck in their breath when they saw this image.

They were afraid that this little ancestor was displeased. His fingers were poking and prodding, and he used his nails to scrape this little girl’s face!

They did not forget that this little girl not only touched the little ancestor’s most precious cat but also smashed into his leg. Pei Shao did not look angry and didn’t mention the issue, but it does not mean that he didn’t hold a grudge.

Moreover, the two things she touched were also the most forbidden things in Pei Shao’s mind.

If the little girl ran far away, it would have been fine. But she decided to run in front of this little ancestor. It was like a fish throwing itself into a net, a living death!

This person is crazy; he does not care whose daughter you are!

Everyone’s heart was on edge.

Some of the bodyguards couldn’t stand it anymore.

This little girl is indeed very cute; if her face is ruined, it will really be a lifelong trauma. They all know how ruthless Pei Shao is!

And she is Lu Junhan’s daughter. If they offended Lu Junhan, it would be very difficult for them to get out of Hai Cheng!

They do not want to get into trouble.

Finally, one of them gritted his teeth and spoke with a stiff face.

“Pei Shao, you see, this time can ……you forgive her this time.

“I like you.”

Pei Xiu Bai suddenly spoke.

(End of this chapter)

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