White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 33: Unilateral Declarations

“Brother, what are you doing here today?” When she saw Zhong Li Shi, Zhong Li Xi’s eyes lit up, and she quickly ran over, whispering, “Brother, you have to plead for me, Empress Mother has punished me again, and I obviously didn’t do anything wrong.”

“What’s going on?” Zhong Li Shi raised his eyebrows.

Zhong Li Xi pursed her lips, stole a glance at the Empress above, then shrank her neck and spoke of yesterday’s incident: “It was obviously Zhong Li Lan who bullied Li’er, and I was too angry to say more, but Father didn’t help Zhong Li Lan this time.”

Speaking later, Zhong Li Xi became smug.

“However, Mother Empress punished me to write large characters, and I don’t even know where I went wrong!”

The Empress placed her cup on the table, “You really don’t know what’s wrong?”

When Zhong Li Xi looked at the Empress and then at Zhong Li Shi, she was instantly much more courageous: “Mother, where did I go wrong!”

“Do you think you’ve won? Have you ever won every fight between you and Zhong Li Lan? Have you thought about why?”

The Empress only felt she had a headache, how did she give birth to such a one-track-minded daughter?

“That’s because Zhong Li Lan used to pretend to be pitiful! And every time Father sees and believes it.” Zhong Li Xi was furious at the mention of this, “Despicable! Shameless!”

The Empress sighed: “You know she’ll act pathetic, why do you always act so impulsively? If Li’er hadn’t suddenly fallen ill this time, do you think you could have gotten away?

Moreover, Zhong Li Lan deliberately provoked you, and you never thought about why?”

Zhong Li Xi was stunned: “Mother, are you saying that she did it on purpose? Did she do it on purpose to show Father?”

“You’re not too stupid.” Zhong Li Shi lightly laughed twice.

Zhong Li Xi, for a moment, was furious, “What a Zhong Li Lan! I’m not done with her!”

“How are you not done with her?” The Empress inquired.

“I …… I can’t pretend to be pitiful.” Zhong Li Xi’s voice went down, her face was full of injustice, and suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something and immediately said, “I’ll let Li’er be angry with her from now on! Anyway, Li’er is weak, and Father must believe Li’er’s words!”

“You’re not too stupid to be able to leverage others.” The Empress said helplessly, “It’s just that Li’er is not well, you, when you meet Zhong Li Lan in the future, be calm.”

“Yes, yes, Mother, I know!” Said Zhong Li Xi and laughed.

“By the way, Brother, have you not met Li’er yet?” When Zhong Li Xi looked at Zhong Li, her little face was full of smiles and her eyes were dripping, “Li’er has grown so beautiful!”

When Zhong Li Shi was still immersed in what his mother and sister called “weakness”, indeed, when he first saw Su Mo Li, he also thought that she was weak.

But today’s performance in the Imperial garden is really astonishing.

This girl is all pretend!

“Brother? What are you thinking about?” When Zhong Li Xi saw that Zhong Li Shi did not respond, she asked in confusion.

Zhong Li Shi looked into Zhong Li Xi’s puzzled eyes and slowly said, “Nothing, just thinking that in ten days the Feng He Old Man will come to the capital, Father asked me to receive them properly.”

“Well, this is indeed a big matter, Feng He Old Man’s status in all countries is very high, we must not slack off.”

The Empress looked to Zhong Li Xi, “Xi’er, how is the qin I asked you to practice? If you can get Feng He Old Man to take you as a disciple ……”

The Empress’ eyes were filled with longing.

Zhong Li Xi said with full conviction, “Mother, I will practice well, don’t worry.”

“I’m glad you know.” The Empress laughed, then said, “Li’er said today that she would dine at your Grandmother’s place, so we’ll eat lunch ourselves.”

With that, she instructed Momo Gui to bring the meal.

“Brother, if you have nothing to do after lunch, stay here and teach me my homework. Just wait for Li’er to come back and I’ll introduce you to her.”

The Empress is helpless: “This girl, you’re not listening, Li’er has been betrothed to the Second Prince, how can she see other foreign men?”

“So what!” Zhong Li Xi immediately retorted, “My brother is also her cousin.”

Zhong Li Shi will certainly not meet with her now and said, “No, I have to go to Imperial Doctor Chen’s in the afternoon.”

“You’re going to study medicine again!” Zhong Li Xi showed her disappointment, “Brother, why are you so fond of the medical art?”

Zhong Li Shi smiled and did not reply.

The Empress was distressed when she looked at Zhong Li Shi: “If it is too difficult, do not learn it, now is not the same as in the past, what is the point of suffering Shi’er?”

Zhong Li Shi’s expression faded a little: “Prevention is better than cure; it is better to rely on yourself than on others.”

The Empress sighed but had a look of relief on her face.

When the meal was finished, Zhong Li Shi sat down for a while and then took his leave.

At the same time, Su Mo Li also came out from Ci Ning Palace.

“Miss, the Empress Dowager is reluctant to let you go!” Cheng Tao was exceptionally happy, “It really is very effective to curry favor with her.

I just didn’t expect that the Empress Dowager would actually like to listen to stories.”

Su Mo Li curved her lips, “The Palace is too boring, the stories I tell are novel, the Empress Dowager naturally likes them.”

When she reached the Imperial Garden, she happened to bump into Zhong Li Shi.

Zhong Li Shi didn’t expect to meet Su Mo Li, paused slightly, and still walked over.

“Miss Su.”

“Imperial Doctor Shi.”

The two of them saluted each other.

“Is Imperial Doctor Shi going to take the pulse of a harem lady?”

Su Mo Li asked with a smile.

When Zhong Li coughed, his eyes were a little panicked: “Yes, I have something else to do, so I’ll leave first, please go ahead, Miss Su.”

“Wait a moment.” Su Mo Li quickly walked over to Zhong Li Shi and tilted her head, “After you’ve finished treating the harem ladies, why don’t you come and treat me as well?”

Zhong Li Shi was slightly startled, and then he heard Su Mo Li sigh, and her face soon showed a difficult expression: “These past few days I’ve always been short of breath, and I can’t sleep at night, Imperial Doctor Shi, thank you for your trouble.

There’s no need to be anxious, Imperial Doctor Shi, you can go over first, I’ll wait for you in the Imperial Garden.” With that, Su Mo Li walked to the Imperial Garden pavilion, turned her head, and smiled brightly at Zhong Li Shi.

This smile caused ripples to form in Zhong Li Shi’s heart.

A devilishly beautiful smile answered: “Good.”

Xiao Guozi on the side: ??

Only after walking a little further did Xiao Guozi say anxiously, “Crown Prince! Why did you say yes to Miss Su? Didn’t we agree to go to the Imperial Hospital?”

Zhong Li Shi was silent.

“Beauty misleads people, ah, it really is not good.”

Xiao Guozi stared at Zhong Li Shi with wide eyes, accusingly saying, “Your Highness, anyone can say that, but not you!”


“You always go in front of the Emperor because you are handsome, and then the Emperor gives you everything you want, and you yourself have used the beauty trick, and you still think beauty is bad?”

Zhong Li Shi touched his nose, and the smile on his face deepened a little: “You go and talk to Imperial Doctor Chen, postpone for an hour, I’ll go and see Miss Su first.”

With that, Zhong Li Shi turned around and left.

Xiao Guozi sighed and resigned himself to going to the Imperial Hospital.

In the pavilion, Cheng Tao was a little anxious: “Miss, this is the Imperial Palace, how can you ……”.

“Don’t panic, it’s not a big problem, by the way, how much silver do we have with us?”

“Twelve thousand.” Cheng Tao was a little confused.

Su Mo Li nodded: “Enough, wait, you will give ten thousand taels to Imperial Doctor Shi, he is alone in the Palace, he needs money to take care of, I can’t let my people be bullied.”

Cheng Tao said, “Miss, when did the Imperial Doctor Shi become your man?”

Su Mo Li raised his eyebrows: “It was unilaterally declared, do you have a problem with that?”

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