White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 34: To the East Palace

Cheng Tao looked to the sky, what can she say!

I’m glad Miss is happy!

“Imperial Doctor Shi?” Su Mo Li was slightly stunned when she saw the figure of Zhong Li Shi, “Why are you back?”

“Well, the Empress sent someone from the Palace to say that she had invited someone with more seniority than me to come over.” Zhong Li Shi was speaking nonsense without blinking his eyes.

A pitiful expression appeared on Su Mo Li’s face: “It’s all right, they don’t think highly of your medical skills, that’s because they don’t have eyes.”

Zhong Li Shi nodded and sat directly on the stool next to Su Mo Li, and stretched out his hand to take Su Mo Li’s pulse.

“Miss Su’s constitution is weak, just take plenty of tonics, don’t have too many emotional fluctuations.”

A look of gratitude appeared on Su Mo Li’s face: “Imperial Doctor Shi is amazing! I’m also feeling too much emotional turmoil, and I’m not feeling well.”

Cheng Tao: ? No, that’s what all the doctors say, so why is the Lady so happy as if she were hearing the diagnosis for the first time?

Then, Cheng Tao took a look at Zhong Li Shi, well, who told him to be a good-looking doctor!

Zhong Li Shi took in all of Su Mo Li’s look and saw that she was trying to compliment himself, and for some reason, was in a happy mood.

“Take this money, and thank you for treating me.” Su Mo Li received ten thousand taels of silver from Cheng Tao’s hands and directly shoved it into Zhong Li Shi’s hands, “You are in the Palace, you need to take care of many places, no need to be polite with me.”

She said it as if she was afraid of Zhong Li Shi’s refusal, and left quickly with Cheng Tao.

Zhong Li Shi looked at the ten thousand taels of silver in his hand and was stunned.

When Zhong Li Shi returned to the East Palace, Xiao Guozi’s face was full of disapproval after he learned the cause: “Prince, Miss Su’s life in the Su family was not easy, she was careful in every way, this money should be the silver she had saved for a long time if you just accept it like this, how can Miss Su live in the future?

You know, the Su family also needs silver to fight!”

What Xiao Guozi could think of, Zhong Li Shi naturally also thought of, and his beautiful fingers unconsciously tapped on the table and said in a faint voice: “Let Dou Zi mix into the Prime Minister’s Residence and protect her.”

Xiao Guozi was stunned, and then quickly answered.

After Su Mo Li returned to Feng Ning Palace, Zhong Li Xi dragged her back to her room.

“Feng He Old Man is coming?” Su Mo Li raised her eyebrows.

Zhong Li Xi nodded his head in succession: “Yes! Feng He Old Man has the title of God of Music! I’ve been practicing a piece of music, would you listen to it for me?”

Looking at Zhong Li Xi’s expectant eyes, Su Mo Li nodded.

So, after Zhong Li Xi finished playing the piece of music, Su Mo Li frowned tightly.

“I’ve been practicing this tune for a long time! They all said it was good, and so did my mother.” Zhong Li Xi said proudly, “By the way, do you want to learn to play the qin? I can teach you too!”

Zhong Li Xi blinked her big eyes and said, “If you can become a disciple of Feng He Old Man, your future life in the Su family will not be too difficult, and it won’t be difficult for you to gain a foothold in the circle of noble girls in the capital.

Don’t worry, the zither is easy!”

Cheng Tao’s mouth twitched in silence.

Su Mo Li’s face was full of black lines. She coughed twice and said, “Princess, do you think the first line of the second section could be changed like this ……”

Su Mo Li, who made this suggestion, successfully diverted Zhong Li Xi’s attention.

Zhong Li Xi was a little confused, but still played it out according to Su Mo Li’s idea, and her eyes lit up: “It really sounds much better!

Li’er you’re too good! No, I have to go back and practice!”

With that, she took the qin and left Su Mo Li’s room.

After a short nap, Su Mo Li went to talk to the Empress.

“Li’er is here?” The Empress smiled and let Su Mo Li in, “Is there anything you’re not used to?”

Su Mo Li shook her head and took a look at the people around her.

The Empress signaled the others to leave, leaving only Momo Gui behind.

Su Mo Li hesitated and whispered, “Your Majesty, do you know about the Eldest Princess?”

The Empress laughed: “It has nothing to do with you, it’s Lan’er that girl that is too much.”

“That’s not what I meant.” Su Mo Li shook her head, with a heavy face, “I know about the nature of the Eldest Princess, and know that she is an …… extremely stubborn person. I do not mind, after all, I am not often in the Palace, but the Second Princess is simple, I am afraid that the Eldest Princess will turn her hatred to the Second Princess.”

The smile on the Empress’ face disappeared.

In the meantime, “Lan’er and Xi’er are both Princesses, and no matter how stubborn she is, she wouldn’t dare do anything to Xi’er.”

Su Mo Li looked at the Empress, her small face and eyes were full of worry.

The Empress couldn’t help but smile: “Don’t worry, I know all this.”

Su Mo Li nodded her head and responded obediently.

“It’s hard for you, remembering to think of Xi’er.”

“The Princess is good to me.” Su Mo Li revealed a smile.

After chatting with the Empress for a while, Su Mo Li left.

In the evening, Zhong Li Xi said with a smile, “You were not here at noon, my big brother came, and I wanted you to get to know each other!”

Su Mo Li tilted her head and looked at Zhong Li Xi in confusion, “Is it the Crown Prince?”

Zhong Li Xi nodded her head and smilingly said, “Big Brother is so nice, it would be nice if you were my sister-in-law.”

Su Mo Li looked to Zhong Li Xi helplessly.

Zhong Li Xi sighed, “Forget it, let’s go to dinner, Empress Mother asked me to call you.”


At the dinner table, the Empress smiled and said, “I don’t know what’s going on with Shi’er, an hour ago he said he would come to dinner, and just now he sent someone to say he won’t come.”

“The Crown Prince is deeply liked by the Emperor, so naturally he is busy.” Su Mo Li’s soft voice sounded.

The Empress nodded with relief on her face, “Perhaps, all right, never mind him, let’s eat.”

Not far away under the tree Zhong Li Shi couldn’t help but pat his own chest, good thing he reacted.

Xiao Guozi looked at Zhong Li Shi with a hesitant expression, could it be that the Crown Prince was going to hide it forever?

“Mother, I’ll go outside with Li’er to have a snack!” After finishing the meal, Zhong Li Xi greeted the Empress and dragged Su Mo Li out of the Empress’ Palace.

The Empress rubbed her brow: “This girl, still so playful.”

Momo Gui poured a cup of tea and said with a smile, “Princess is still young, it is the time to be playful, but when it comes to business, Princess is still very serious. They have been practicing the qin all afternoon today.”

Zhong Li Xi pulled Su Mo Li towards the right: “I’ll take you to the East Palace, we’ll go find my brother.”

“Looking for His Highness the Crown Prince?”

Su Mo Li is a bit confused, what do they want with the Crown Prince? They don’t know each other well!

“Right!” Zhong Li Xi said with a smile, “You are weak, you see on such a hot day, your hands are cold, my brother took away a warm jade from my father, just to give you over so that your body gets better.”

Su Mo Li’s heart swelled with a warm feeling.

“This way, when you’re well, you can help me continue to bully Zhong Li Lan!”

The feeling disappeared in an instant.

Su Mo Li looked at Zhong Li Xi with resentment, you dare to think to use me here?

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