White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 35: The Princess’ Plan

The two of them walked toward the East Palace. Xiao Guozi was outside admonishing the young eunuchs when he saw Su Mo Li and was stunned. In the next second, he flew in, “Crown Prince this is bad!”

Zhong Li Shi put down the memorial in his hands and looked at Xiao Guozi in confusion: “What’s wrong?”

“Miss Su is here!”

“What?” Even the always calm Zhong Li Shi was shocked, “Why is she here?”

“It’s the Second Princess who brought her here.” Xiao Guozi looked at Zhong Li Shi with wide eyes, “Crown Prince, what should we do?”

“You go and delay Xi’er first, I’ll go out and hide!”

With that, Zhong Li Shi did not wait for Xiao Gouzi to respond and ran towards the back door quickly.

Xiao Guozi had no choice but to walk out.

“Xiao Guozi, where is my brother?” Zhong Li Xi and Su Mo Li had already walked over.

Su Mo Li looked at Xiao Guozi and was slightly startled, “Aren’t you the person beside the Imperial Doctor Shi?”

“Why are you here?”

Xiao Guozi could only mutter “bad” under his breath! How could he forget that he had met Miss Su before?

Zhong Li Shi, who was hiding in the corner, slapped his own forehead violently, it was over!

“Oh …… I see.” Su Mo Li showed a sudden realization, “You also asked Imperial Doctor Shi to treat the Crown Prince?”

Xiao Guozi, who was looking for an explanation, was stunned.

Su Mo Li said softly: “Imperial Doctor Shi is a good doctor, your Crown Prince’s illness can be treated by Imperial Doctor Shi, don’t worry.”

Saying that, she looked at Zhong Li Xi: “You don’t have to worry, His Highness the Crown Prince has his own good fortune.”

Zhong Li Xi was a bit confused: “I’m not worried, my brother is well! But how come I’ve never heard of the Imperial Doctor Shi you mentioned?

Are he new here?”

“Yes, yes, yes, he’s new!” Xiao Guozi said evenly, “But his medical skill is first-rate.”

Zhong Li Xi laughed, “Then if I’m not feeling well in the future, I’ll also look for him.”

Saying that she pulled Su Mo Li towards the courtyard, “Where is my brother? Not here?”

“The Crown Prince has some business so he went out.” Xiao Guozi touched the sweat on his forehead and slowly replied.

“I see, then let’s wait here for a while.” Zhong Li Xi sat down on a stone bench in the courtyard.

Su Mo Li also followed suit and sat down.

Xiao Guozi was bitter in his heart and asked, “Why is the Princess looking for the Crown Prince? If you’re not in a hurry, why don’t you come back tomorrow?”

“There’s no hurry.” Zhong Li Xi said unconcernedly, “However, waiting a while won’t be a problem, I want to introduce Li’er to my brother so that if my brother, the Crown Prince, sees Li’er being bullied outside, he can still help out a bit, after all, I’m in the Palace all year round.”

Saying that she sighed.

The smile on Su Mo Li’s face was a little more sincere: “No need, I’m always at home, how can I be bullied?”

“That’s not necessarily true, it’s still scary at home!” Zhong Li Xi pursed her lips.

“We don’t have anything to do anyway, so we’ll just wait.”

Zhong Li Xi said smilingly.

Su Mo Li naturally would not refuse.

The two of them chatted with each other, while Xiao Guozi, on the other hand, was so anxious.

Zhong Li Shi in the corner could not wait to throw out this sister of his!

Summer is the time when mosquitoes abound.

Zhong Li Xi and Su Mo Li are sitting in the courtyard, surrounded by insect repellent incense, so naturally, they can’t feel it.

But Zhong Li Shi in the corner was suffering.

There were already several welts on his face, not to mention his body.

After thinking about it, he decided to go to Feng Ning Palace.

At the same time, Zhong Li Lan, who was locked up in solitary confinement, ruthlessly threw the porcelain on the ground.

The crackling sound made the surrounding servants tremble.

“Lan’er, you’re being unruly again.” A pleasant voice came over.

Zhong Li Lan turned around and saw her Consort Mother standing beside her, and now rushed over in aggravation: “Consort Mother, I won’t obey! I want Zhong Li Xi to apologize to me! Get on her knees and apologize to me! I will crush her on the ground!

And that Su Mo Li, I’ll slice her face!”

Zhong Li Lan’s fierce voice was particularly loud in the main hall.

The Imperial Concubine was very beautiful, but unfortunately, Zhong Li Lan did not inherit a single bit of her.

“Lan’er, your mother taught you that if you are bullied, you have to give it back, so what can you do by making noise here? You have to think of a way.”

With that, the Imperial Concubine sat down, reached for a cup of tea, took a leisurely and said lightly, “You’re a Princess, an honorable woman of the Fengyun Empire, why should you compare yourself to a subject’s daughter?”

Zhong Li Lan’s front teeth were tightly biting her lips: “Consort Mother, she’s too good-looking for my liking.”

“Oh.” the Imperial Concubine laughed lightly, her eyes filled with indifference, “In that case, just ruin it.

To disfigure a face, there are many ways to do it, is it worth breaking things here?”

The Imperial Concubines words made Zhong Li Lan’s eyes shine, and she quickly approached her: “Consort Mother, do you have a solution? Will you teach me!”

The imperial Concubine softly smiled at Zhong Li Lan. She touched Zhong Li Lan’s hair, and slowly said, “I heard that this Su Mo Li likes to go to the Imperial Garden to play, so have fun.

As for Zhong Li Xi, bullying you, it’s not good for me to argue with a junior, but I won’t let go of the Empress.”

The Imperial Concubines words made Zhong Li Lan’s eyes light up.

“Don’t worry, your Consort Mother has made all the arrangements, you just watch the show.”

The Imperial Concubine quirked her red lips, her eyes full of laughter.

Momo Li at the side couldn’t help but say, “Your Highness, that Miss Su is the future concubine of the Second Prince.”

“Concubine?” The Imperial Concubine sneered, “Does she want to be my son’s side consort too? Simply delusional.

This marriage is not going to work.

Not to mention that Ling’er doesn’t even like her like that, and even if he did, I wouldn’t agree.”

Momo Li sighed, “But this is the Emperor’s bestowal of marriage!”

“How can she be an Imperial daughter-in-law if she is disfigured?” The Imperial Concubine said unconcernedly, “As for the prediction of Bai Chuan Taoist, hehe, there can be more than just one Prince, isn’t it better to be the concubine of the Crown Prince?”

Momo Li was stunned, to let the Second Prince’s unwanted concubine become the Crown Prince’s concubine, this is to slap to the face of the East Palace!

Looking at the Imperial Concubine’s smug look, Momo Li knew that she was doing it on purpose.

Zhong Li Xi, who had been waiting for the Crown Prince for a long time, was out of patience: “Forget it, Li’er, let’s come back tomorrow, Xiao Guozi, you remember to tell my brother that I will come tomorrow.”

Xiao Guozi was relieved and agreed.

He was very attentive and sent them out, just in time to see a little eunuch hurrying over.

When he saw Zhong Li Xi and Su Mo Li, he hurriedly bowed, “Princess, Miss Su, the Empress has suddenly fainted.”

“What?” Zhong Li Xi was taken aback, “What happened to my mother?

No, I have to go and see her!”

With that, Zhong Li Xi immediately ran out.

Su Mo Li quickly instructed Xiao Gouzi: “You quickly go and inform the Crown Prince.”

Xiao Gouzi was stunned, and when he heard Su Mo Li’s words, he reacted and quickly left.

When she passed by a tree grove not far from the Imperial Garden, Su Mo Li and Cheng Tao looked at each other, both of them became alert at the same time.

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