I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 42: It will be fine

When Xu Qiye saw him like this, he couldn’t bear it anymore and said loudly, “Pei Xiubai! Calm down!”

Even the bodyguard could see that something was wrong with him and couldn’t help but speak out, ” Pei Shao, you ……”

“Will do!”

The little girl’s mouth was about to be pinched into a small chicken’s mouth by him, and her speech was even more slurred, but those big clear and clean eyes were amazingly beautiful, with convincing sincerity.

“Brother will definitely get better! Li Li guarantees it!”

It is said in the book that brother Xiu Bai became a vegetable and woke up sometime later. From then on, his luck became very, very good, and within a few months, he found a doctor who could cure his leg and defeated the hero!

Looking at her big, clear, sincere eyes, Pei Xiu Bai’s expression was as cold and indifferent as ever, but his cold, hard heart trembled hard.

For sure ……

You will get better.

How can you believe that …… he will get better?

The tip of the heart seems to be gently swept by a feather, and suddenly, for some reason, all the impetuous and violent emotions that surged up before gradually smoothed out.

Just about everyone thought he would be furious again; even Xu Qiye was ready to go over to save Lu Li first no matter what!

Who knew, in the next second, the teenager but unexpectedly let go of his hand. His eyes were obscure and uncertain as he looked at the little girl, his thin lips pursed very tightly.

There actually was really someone who believed that his leg could be cured.

It’s ridiculous.

Too ridiculous.

He himself does not believe that there is a cure for his leg, this little thing, but ……

Xu Qiye saw him let go and let out a big sigh of relief. He hurried over to check Lu Li’s little face.

Her skin is tender and white, and a casual pinch will leave a red mark.

Not to mention that just now by Pei Xiubai pinched it for so long, he also pinched so hard.

The little girl’s cheeks already displayed black and blue bruises in the shape of finger marks.

“Li Li, does it hurt?” Xu Qiye squatted down with eyes full of heartache as he said softly: “If it hurts, uncle take you to see a doctor.”

“It doesn’t hurt.”

The little loli obediently shook her head; She really does not hurt; it is her skin that is too tender.

But just now, the brother pinched her hard enough to hurt.

Hmph, bad brother!

Her face is going to be pinched thin by him!

The black-haired boy over there pursed his petal-like lips. His deep black eyes fell on Lu Li’s injured face, and his fingers tightened.

He never regrets doing anything!

The first thing is that she mentioned his leg. It ended up like this because she deserved it for talking too much!

But his heart sank as if dipping into the valley, making him a little annoyed for no reason.

The teenager forced himself to withdraw his eyes, and coldly said towards the bodyguards behind him, “What are you still standing there! Let’s go!”

The bodyguards woke up as if they were dreaming and busily pushed the wheelchair, but before they could take a few steps, the little girl’s clear and tender milky voice behind them came over again.

“Brother Xiu Bai ……”

Xu Qiye and the bodyguard’s skulls exploded once again.

They had a hunch that nothing good would come of it.

The bodyguard pretended not to hear and pushed the wheelchair forward by himself, while Xu Qiye hurriedly stopped the little loli, lest she be bold enough to go to her death again.

The two parties were so harmonious for the first time.

They just went out the door, and this time the little milky voice was a little anxious.

“Brother Xiu Bai ……”


Suddenly, the teenager slightly turned his face sideways and spoke out coldly.

As he spoke, the bodyguard really did not dare to play dead again and had to stop.

Xu Qiye also released the little loli helplessly. As long as the little girl gave him a teary-eyed look, he immediately could not hold it and could not wait to give her life.

Would he dare to stop her?

So, the little loli smoothly ran to the front again.

The teenager raised his dark eyes, saw her small face slightly flushed with red marks, paused for a moment, and spoke softly, “…… looking for me for something?”

The bodyguard glanced at him in surprise.

It was the first time he had seen the young master speak so …… gently.

And there was not the slightest hint of impatience or boredom on his face.

Xu Qiye came over and stood close to Lu Li. He was preparing to grab the little girl and run out the door in case something was wrong.

He directly felt that there would certainly not be anything good.

As expected.

The little loli pursed her little mouth and her white and tender face but extra serious. She used a cute to bursting expression and looked blearily at the teenager.

“Brother Xiu Bai, will you give me a kiss again?”

(End of this chapter)

Translators Note:

Li Li is out here hitting on guys.

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