I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 41: It will definitely get better

As the little princess of the Koi tribe, Lu Li was born with a strong aura of good luck, and her body was full of treasures.

As long as people were close to her, they were covered with her breath over time, and their luck would become superb!

But this process was too slow. It takes a long time to change the luck of a person’s body.

She simply can’t make brother Xiu Bai so lucky that he could immediately avoid the car accident coming up.

So, in order to make brother Xiu Bai a little bit luckier, the little girl kissed him all over his face, trying her best to make him the luckiest and best person apart from daddy!

In fact, to have better luck, eating her meat is more useful than saliva!

Although she is a little fat! Actually, really fat! It seemed like a lot of meat at first glance!

But …… but this is too abusive to a fish!

Still, she kissed brother Xiu Bai a few more times QAQ.

The little girl smelled like rich sweet milk. Even the kiss was soft and sweet, like a butterfly- a light touch before it went away.

The girl’s lips were wet and cool to the touch, tinged with the girl’s soft, sweet scent, which never lingered.

The teenager’s deep black eyes shrank slightly for the first time. His ghost-like pretty face was stunned. He lifted his long eyelashes and just stared at her flower-like smile on her little face.

For a long time, his long white fingers pinched the little girl’s fat little face; his eyes narrowed dangerously: “Do you know what you were doing?”

No one has ever dared to sneak up on him like that.

Xu Qiye and the other bodyguards were all white with fear, but the little girl’s dark eyes were not scared at all. She blinked her dark eyelashes and said in a small, milky voice.

“Li Li is, is protecting brother ah.”

“Protecting me?” The teenager looked at her tiny body, and a cold smile spilled out from his lips, “Just you?”

“Mm-hmm, just me, Li Li is very strong!” Even being pinched, the little girl’s little milky voice was confident: “And brother’s leg will definitely get better, brother, don’t be afraid ……”

“Get better?” The teenager’s eyes looked cruel and sinister. The corners of his mouth showed a smile that was chilling to the core: “Do you really think my leg will get better?”

Even the world’s most authoritative medical team could not do anything, saying that unless a miracle occurred, his leg could not be cured at all!

What’s more, everyone in his family chose to give up on the treatment and turned to a psychiatrist for his enlightenment.

In this year of disability, he does not know how many sympathetic and compassionate eyes he has received. Those who know know that his leg can not be cured, and those who do not know and were guessing whether his leg can be cured.

This little thing is still the first person to say that he will definitely get better.

Pei Xiu Bai had a vicious and cold expression. Not to mention Xu Qiye’s being chilled, even the white cat in his arms that had been with him for so long, kk, could not help but shiver with fear and let out a low, tiny whimper.

“Xiu Bai …… you first let go ……”

Xu Qiye’s voice was trembling.

He has been this little ancestor’s psychiatrist for most of the year and naturally knows that his leg is a taboo that no one can touch.

The more arrogant and ruthless people are, the more they cannot bear the humiliation of being crippled.

So after being crippled, the already cruel teenager’s means became more and more violent and poisonous. His character was even more volatile and unpredictable, and even when Xu Qiye gave him psychotherapy, he did not dare to mention his leg easily.

And do not dare to say anything about his leg being incurable.

This time Lu Li not only mentioned his leg but also talked about the treatment. This is undoubtedly adding insult to injury, reminding this little ancestor of the things he does not want to remember.

It’s strange that he didn’t have a seizure!

Xu Qiye steadied his mind and spoke again in a trembling voice: “Little ancestor, I, I have something to say, you restrain yourself first ……”

The young man ignored him and did not even give him a look. The cold eyes looked at the little loli in front of him, and the smiling voice was as cold as an ice knife.

“Say it ah. Just now, you said a good thing. Howcome now you dare not say it?”

[A long time later, Lu Li was indignant: someone pinched my face when he saw me for the first time!

A little devil: wife, do you think my kneeling posture correct?]

(End of this chapter)

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