I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 40: I’ll give you my good luck

When these words fell, the bodyguards and Xu Qiye, who was tied to the ground over there, were dumbfounded.

Especially Xu Qiye, the whole person, felt like he was dreaming.

He knew that little Li Li was cute, and many people would fall in love with her just by looking at her, but among them, he never thought that this little ancestor was also included.

How could it be!

It must be a hallucination, for sure!

Hahahahaha, how could that little ancestor like people!

It must be that they heard wrong.

Hey, at this age …… ears are not ……

“I like you.”

The young man raised his eyes and once again repeated the words with unknown meaning.

This time Xu Qiye was completely silly.

Pei Xiu Bai’s eyes were deep. He raised his eyes slightly, and his fingertips gently brushed across her cheek. He really did like touching such a face, “So this time, I’m not touching you.”

He said with one word, coldly, “But there is no next time.”

Lu Li was confused at his words, but she still clearly heard that this brother said that he liked her, and said it twice. She could tell how much he really liked her!

She smiled and curved her eyes while nodding her head desperately, “Mm-hmm, I like brother too! Really like!”

Pei Xiu Bai: “……”

Xu Qiye: “……”

Young master Lu, your daughter is being targeted!

If you don’t come back, she’ll run away with someone else!


Like dad, brother Xiu Bai ended up in a bad way, with the same danger around him.

Dad was designed to be killed by the male lead, and brother Xiu Bai seems to be framed by the male lead’s son and sent to prison.

At the time, she saw her father die in the book and was about to cry.

Another novel was written about the male lead’s son, in which brother Xiu Bai was the villain, but she was too upset, and in a hurry to find her dad, so she didn’t read that novel.

But she knows that in the end, it was brother Xiu Bai who took out the male lead who harmed her father. Otherwise, the male lead’s son would not have sought trouble with brother Xiu Bai.

So, from now on, she has to protect brother Xiu Bai like she protected her dad.

If brother Xiu Bai gets stronger sooner, he can protect dad with her!

If brother Xiu Bai can take out the male lead sooner, daddy will be safe sooner!

The three-and-a-half-year-old girl used her remaining IQ and logic to finally straighten out the whole thing. In short, what she has to do now is.

Protect daddy and also protect brother Xiu Bai!

No one can bully them!

“Let’s go.”

After the matter was resolved and the cat was recovered, the teenager did not intend to stay much longer. The bodyguard was relieved to see that nothing happened in the end and hurriedly had Xu Qiuye untied. They then came over and pushed the teenager, ready to leave.

They originally came to find Xu Qiye for psychological counseling, but Lu Li is here. Xu Qiye is obviously not free, so they might as well leave first.

The little girl over there was still racking her brain to recall the plot about Pei Xiu Bai.

Brother Xiu Bai is not the protagonist of the book she read, nor is he an important character, so there is very little written about him; she just remembered a plot.

It seems that brother Xiu Bai will once again have a car accident in three to five days.

This time the car accident was simply an accident.

Other people in the book said that it was brother Xiu Bai’s bad luck.

Otherwise, since there were so many people on the road, why did he happen to get hit. There was no other explanation than a stroke of tragic luck.

Brother Xiu Bai will then become a vegetable, lying in a hospital bed for five years. After five years passed, only then will he wake up.

When he woke up, her father had long been set up by the male lead to die.

So, brother Xiu Bai cannot become a vegetable!

He still has to help her protect dad!

“Brother Xiu Bai, wait for me!”

The bodyguard stopped in his tracks.

Pei Xiu Bai slightly turned his head sideways and raised his eyes.

Xu Qiuye spoke out, “Li Li, what do you want ……”

In the next second, everyone’s eyes widened.

Only to see the little loli fluttering big eyes, trotting next to Pei Xiu Bai, she slightly stood on her tiptoes, lowered her head, and kissed the teenager on the cheek.

“Brother Xiu Bai, I’ll give you all my good luck; you must be good!”

[Lu Junhan: ???? When will I get to show up? Do you think I’m dead?]

(End of this chapter)

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