I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 43: Called so intimately

She just kissed him only once, and she didn’t know if the luck she gave to brother Xiu Bai was enough for him ……

If it’s not enough and brother Xiu Bai is still hit by a car, won’t she have lost all her previous work?

Xu Qiuye, bodyguards: “……”

They knew it must not be good!!!

The teenager was equally stunned.

“Just a little!”

Just one kiss, definitely not two kisses, and she can benefit.

The little loli face was serious, and seeing he did not speak, she also stretched out a white little finger and said softly: “Really just a little! Brother Xiu Bai, Li Li will not lie to you!”

When she made this expression, it was still so cute that people simply could not help but want to have nosebleeds and simply could not bear to refuse any of her requests.

But Xu Qiye has been hit enough; his heart can not help but want to roar, Lu Junhan; your daughter is a tiger ah!

He really can’t control this little thing!

This is molestation, baby!

This is not a matter of one or two things!

Do you know about molestation?

The little girl did not know at all. She patted her little chest and said seriously, “Brother Xiu Bai, rest assured, I will never take advantage of you more after ……”

“Who the fuck do you want to take advantage of?”

At this moment, a low magnetic male voice suddenly came from not far away.

The man frowned slightly, his black eyes looked towards the group, and he coldly said, “I just left for a while. What, are you guys are still looking for someone to play house?”

When Xu Qiye heard this familiar voice, he finally sighed in complete relief.


When the little loli saw that person, her eyes shone brightly, and she turned around and flew towards his arms, her pink princess skirt and two little ponytails swaying around like a flying butterfly.


She tilted her face and said sweetly.

“Daddy, I miss you so much. Why have you been gone for so long?”

The man held her in his arms and did not reply. He instead slightly narrowed his eyes and glanced at the teenager sitting next to him in the wheelchair.

Pei Xiu Bai stared back expressionlessly, without the slightest concession, much less any fear.

Lu Junhan withdrew his sight, sneered, and asked Xu Qiye: “Where did this kid come from?”

Before Xu Qiye could say anything, the little loli was excited to introduce him, “Daddy! This is brother Pei Xiu Bai. I picked up his cat. He came to find the cat, and he is very powerful!”

“Pei Xiu Bai?” The man narrowed his eyes as he had heard of this name. He pursed his lips and said carelessly: “Oh, is that Pei Mingzhi’s crippled son?”

The young man narrowed his eyes dangerously, and the coldness in his eyes seemed to be able to freeze people to death.

Xu Qiye is really afraid that they will fight. Lu Junhan is a madman, Pei Xiu Bai is also a madman. If they really fight, the two will tear the place apart!

However, the little loli did not hear the mocking contempt in her father’s words but only seriously corrected him and said.

” Daddy, you are wrong, brother is not crippled ah. He will get better! When he gets better, he will be very, very good!”

Once her words fell, the coldness on the teenager’s body dropped a lot. Lu Junhan did not intend to bother with a little kid, so he snorted, “Brother? Calling him so affectionately?”

Seeing this, Xu Qiye sighed with relief.

He thought this little girl is really a little angel!

She was good at talking!

However, at this time, Song Qingwan suddenly passed by. Her face with slightly pale, and on the back of her hand, you can still see the needle holes after the IV injection.

(End of this chapter)

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  1. umu Thank you very much for the update, everyday Im looking forward for the updates that I always stay up late 🤣

  2. So he is the ML right ? If he is, I really hope he’ll remember that age is not just a number and prison is not just a room 🤡
    But I love him already, can’t wait to see more of him ✨ if daddy bear doesn’t kill him before lol

      1. Since we know he’s not a teenager, maybe you should just change it to ‘young man’ or ‘youth’, or something along those lines? Honestly, continuing to read them referring to him as a teenager really throws me off.

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