I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 44: In the bar

She was in a hurry, and her steps were a bit panicky, as if she was in a rush. She was followed by her assistant, who looked anxious and worried.

Song Qingwan saw that they were still here, and she breathed a sigh of relief. As if on purpose, she explained, “I was too bored to wait outside, so I went out for a while to get some air.

Lu Junhan looked at Xu Qiye, his eyes full of questions, as he also just came back.

Pei Xiu Bai, the little ancestor, was here. Lu Li, the little tiger, was still here worrying him to death. Xu Qiye’s heart was already very weak, and now there was a big devil as well, so his heart was about to explode.

And, Lu Junhan still doesn’t know that his baby girl kissed someone else. She took a kiss and wanted a second fucking kiss. If he finds out about it, both he and Pei Xiu Bai can’t walk out of the psychological counseling room today. He was afraid!

So while the little girl has not yet said what just happened, Xu Qiye can not wait to send them away to not have any accidents.

Without even thinking about it, he hurriedly said: “Finished all finished, I will later send the report to the villa. If you have any urgent things to do, go first.”

“No, uncle, I have not yet kissed the bro ummmmmmm ……”

Xu Qiye quickly covered the little girl’s mouth. His demonically gorgeous face was kind and amiable: “Baby, I know you can’t let go of uncle. It’s okay; it’s okay, uncle will visit you often in the future ……”

Lu Li: “……”

In the next second, Xu Qiye could not laugh. Two equally icy cold and dark eyes shot straight at him, and in an instant, a chill rose up from the bottom of his feet.

Damn it!

He forgot there were two people he couldn’t afford to mess with!


Lu Junhan coldly spoke, “Want me to chop it up for you now?”

Xu Qiye resentfully let go of his hand; the little loli seeing him release it also did not bother with him about him covering her mouth. She still has more important things, so, trotted over to her Daddy, and her little milky voice softly said: “Daddy, let’s not go so fast, OK? I have not kissed ……”

“Eh! Li Li, how come your face bruised?” In order to change the topic, Xu Qiye had to say this thing. He spit out the words with great difficulty and with an awkward straight smile: “It can’t be that uncle just squeezed too hard ……”

With Pei Xiu Bai here, Lu Junhan did not pay too much attention to the little girl’s face. Now that Xu Qiye mentioned it, his fingertips held up the little girl’s face and his black eyes gazed at her face. Sure enough, the snow-white face was bruised with extra obvious finger marks.

Lu Junhan’s deep eyes narrowed dangerously, and his voice as cold as ice, “Who did this?”

“Me!” Not waiting for Pei Xiu Bai to make a sound, Xu Qiye guiltily said, “It should be that I did not pay attention to the strength just now, that’s why ……”

“It’s not you.”

What kind of person is Lu Junhan. Was he so easy to fool? He did not need to think about it at all. He turned his head and stared coldly at the always expressionless Pei Xiu Bai within his sight.

“I did it.” The voice of the teenager in the wheelchair was neutral, without any evasion.

Lu Junhan eyes dangerously stared at him and the corners of his mouth turned down coldly.

Xu Qiye’s heart thudded, and he secretly thought it was over.

If these two people were in a bar ……

Fortunately, at this time, Song Qingwan’s cell phone rang. She picked up the phone and looked a little gloomy. Not long after she picked up the call, she hung up the phone and looked at Lu Junhan, and whispered: “Just now the old man called me. He asked you to take Li Li to the old mansion later. He didn’t say exactly what he wanted, look ……”
(End of this chapter)

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