White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 36: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

When the Empress suddenly fainted, the people of Feng Ning Palace were in chaos, but with Zhong Li Shi in charge, order was quickly restored.

Zhong Li Shi carried the Empress to her bed and sent someone to inform the Emperor that he would personally take the Empress’ pulse.

However, no symptoms could be detected, and now Zhong Li Shi’s eyes overflowed with a cold light.

“Go and invite Imperial Doctor Chen.”

Momo Gui personally went to the Imperial Hospital, and just went out and collided with Zhong Li Xi.

Zhong Li Xi couldn’t care less about the pain in her body: “Momo, what happened to my mother?”

“The Crown Prince is accompanying the Empress, and I am now going to find Imperial Doctor Chen.”

Saying that Momo Gui left anxiously.

Zhong Li Xi ran in, looked at the Empress lying on the bed with a face pale, and immediately fell into tears.

“Brother, what’s wrong with Empress Mother?”

Looking at Zhong Li Xi’s expectant appearance, Zhong Li Shi shook his head, “It doesn’t matter, wait for Imperial Doctor Chen to come.”

Zhong Li Xi nodded her head, sniffed her nose, and wiped away her tears, her heart was settled with Zhong Li Shi’s presence.

After sitting silently for a while, she suddenly realized that Su Mo Li hadn’t followed her!

“Where’s Li’er?”

Zhong Li Xi was stunned: “Why isn’t Li’er here?”

Bai Ling said evenly, “Princess, Miss Su is weak, so she’s slow to walk, don’t worry, she’ll be back later.”

“Then you go outside and take a look, but don’t let anything happen to her.” Zhong Li Xi said immediately.

Bai Ling nodded her head and walked out.

At this time, Su Mo Li and Cheng Tao were stepping on a black-clothed man, playing with a bottle in their hands.

After sniffing it, Su Mo Li sneered, “Is this to disfigure me?”

The two men beneath their feet couldn’t even make a slight sound, and could only breathe heavily, looking at Su Mo Li with fear in their eyes.

“What, weren’t you being arrogant just now?” Su Mo Li squatted down, “Tell me, who asked you to come here? Let’s see, Zhong Li Lan? Or is it the Imperial Consort?”

Their pupils shrank sharply, their faces full of disbelief.

“It seems that I guessed right.” Su Mo Li laughed, “I won’t kill you, after all, I’m a weakling! How can I kill someone?”

Saying that she blinked her simple eyes at the two men.

The two of them had a chill, and the fear in their hearts expanded infinitely.

Su Mo Li instructed Cheng Tao to release the people.

Cheng Tao directly fed a pill to the two.

“Do as I say, or else, you guys and your families will die.”

Su Mo Li’s words made the two of them shiver, wasn’t she going to release them?

Su Mo Li saw clearly the meaning in their eyes and couldn’t help but feel amused: “Do you think I’m a person who repays evil for evil?

If you want to be reunited with your families in hell, you can ignore what I’ve said.”

With that, Su Mo Li left with Cheng Tao.

The two black-clothed men covered their chests, their eyes filled with struggle, but in the end, they did what Su Mo Li said.

They thought that Su Mo Li was a white rabbit, but they didn’t think she was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

They weren’t afraid of death, but obviously, even the Princess didn’t know the identity of their relatives, yet Su Mo Li knew, so they had to defend themselves.

“Miss, will they poison the Imperial Concubine?” Cheng Tao Peach asked with a frown.

“They will.” Su Mo Li said indifferently, “These two people will not gamble with the lives of their families.”

“How does Miss know what’s going on in these two’s families?”

Su Mo Li laughed lightly, “Knowing that I have to return to the capital, I naturally have to put my eyes in the Palace.”

Cheng Tao showed a sudden realization, and she did not ask who the spies in the Palace were.

Soon, the two returned to the Feng Ning Palace.

Su Mo Li returned to her usual appearance, breathing heavily and looking like she was in a hurry to come over, “Bai Ling, how is the Empress?”

After seeing Su Mo Li, Bai Ling was relieved to hear her concern, but her face was not very good: “Imperial Doctor Chen is here, he is treating her inside and can’t find out the cause.”

“I’ll go take a look.” Said, Su Mo Li as she and Cheng Tao walked in.

Translators Note:

I just think it’s funny how Su Mo Li has all these spies and is still being tricked by the Crown Prince. Plot holeeeeeeeeee

Ellie Note: Maybe she didn’t ask her spies to report what the Crown Prince looks like, because she assumed she’d be able to tell straight away?

Edited by EllieKit

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  1. Or is she really being fooled by the Crown Prince? She can’t have her bit of fun if she admits to knowing it is him. I would pretend not to know and flirt, flirt, flirt.

  2. This evenings desert is simply divine. It’s drizzled with tangy bitterness and a subtle sweet taste of revenge.

  3. Is definitely a plot hole lol. Author pulled that whole “knowing assassin’s family” out of nowhere

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