White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 37: Older Cousin

Su Mo Li didn’t go into the inner room, but took a look outside, and found Zhong Li Xi had been shedding tears, and the Imperial Physicians were diagnosing and treating the Empress one by one.

The Emperor also came, looking a little haggard as he waited on the side.

There were a lot of people inside, but it was well organized, and the only sound was the sound of the Imperial Physicians discussing.

“The Imperial Doctor Shi is also here.” Cheng Tao whispered.

Su Mo Li nodded, “After all, all the Imperial Doctors from the Imperial Hospital are here, so he will naturally come as well.”

“It’s just that Empress’ illness seems very strange, and if the Emperor is shocked, I’m afraid the Imperial Doctor will become a target.”

Su Mo Li’s words made Cheng Tao nod: “Indeed it will be so, after all, Imperial Doctor Shi’s seniority is too low.”

Su Mo Li raised her head and looked at Zhong Li Shi in the middle of the crowd, her heart was a little worried.

As if sensing something, Zhong Li Shi raised his head and looked at Su Mo Li’s eyes.

For a moment, Zhong Li Shi only felt his brain explode with a “boom”. The whole person was muddled and stiffened in place, ears buzzing.

Su Mo Li looked at Zhong Li Shi’s dumbfounded peach blossom eyes, thinking that there was nothing he could do about the Empress’ illness, and sympathy appeared in her eyes.

And then look at the obviously dumbfounded but still handsome expression, Su Mo Li couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

Especially that pair of eyes, although listless, they reflected her own figure, and her heart could not help but feel a little happy.

“He’s so beautiful ……” Su Mo Li couldn’t help but exclaim.

Reacting, Zhong Li Shi quickly lowered his head and motionlessly participated in the discussion between the Imperial Doctors.

Obviously, Zhong Li Shi knew that Su Mo Li took him for an Imperial Physician.

He naturally made a mistake.

The discussion went on for a long time, but nothing came out of it, and the Emperor was a little angry.

Zhong Li Xi couldn’t help but ask, “When will my mother wake up?”

After the Imperial Doctors looked at each other, Doctor Chen arched his hands and said, “Answering the Princess, the Empress’ body is as usual. I don’t know why she hasn’t woken up, I still need to look into it.”

On hearing this, the Emperor’s face got a little better.

Zhong Li Xi also breathed a sigh of relief.

“You guys go down and discuss, and give me a result as soon as possible.” The Emperor knew that while he was here, these people couldn’t relax, so he simply let them go back down.

The Imperial Doctors, as if they received a great blessing, thanked the Emperor and left.

Su Mo Li hung her head and waited for them to leave before she said to Cheng Tao, “Let’s not continue staying, let’s go.”

Cheng Tao responded and was just about to leave when she saw Zhong Li Shi out of the corner of her eye.

Zhong Li Shi was nervous, but now that the Imperial Doctors had left, he naturally could not follow.

Therefore, he could only force himself to stay where he was.

However, he moved two steps toward the corner.

“Miss, the Imperial Doctor Shi has not left yet.”Cheng Tao couldn’t help but remind her.

Su Mo Li was slightly startled, she thought a little, then said: “Such a good-looking person, can not be killed in the Palace.”

Thinking about it, she directly turned around and walked towards the inside.

Cheng Tao sighed, she knew this would be the result, her own Lady’s weakness was beauty!

Su Mo Li walked in, her pair of eyes full of worry, while her small face was sad and her voice soft: “Your Majesty, when will the Empress wake up ah ……”

Zhong Li Xi listened to this and walked to Su Mo Li’s side, tears sliding down her face like a bead with a broken string.

Su Mo Li bit her lips: “Your Majesty, the Empress will be fine, Your Majesty and Princess, don’t worry, the Imperial Doctors are capable, they will be able to cure Her Majesty.”

So, just don’t kill indiscriminately and spare my little beauty!

The latter sentence, Su Mo Li obviously can only say in her heart.

The Emperor also comforted Zhong Li Xi a few sentences, Zhong Li Shi tried to make his presence felt as low as possible.

After Su Mo Li was assured that the Emperor would not just kill the Imperial Doctor, she took her leave.

Zhong Li Shi was relieved.

However, ……

The Emperor suddenly thought of something as he looked at Su Mo Li’s delicate appearance, and couldn’t help but say, “Li’er hasn’t met your big cousin yet, has she?”

Zhong Li Shi’s heart lifted up, no good!

Su Mo Li was deep in thought, the so-called elder cousin should be the Crown Prince.

“Shi’er probably hasn’t seen your Aunt Huimin’s daughter either, come on, you cousins should get to know each other too.” The Emperor smiled, “Li’er, this is my Crown Prince, your first cousin, Zhong Li Shi.”

Su Mo Li followed the Emperor’s gaze and looked over, her whole person was confused.

Imperial Doctor Shi = first cousin = Zhong Li Shi = the Crown Prince?!

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The truth is revealed!!!

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  1. What!?! Don’t tell me that with her intelligence and her hidden super spies, she really didn’t know!?! 🤦‍♀️

  2. I can see why she didn’t recognize his face. With the Crown Prince’s rebellious nature he probably doesn’t hang around the palace often enough.

    This is fun and all, but when are going to see the baby sister again? I like her, she deserves more screen time. Thank you for the translations in this trying time.

  3. Lol. Maybe he should have edged towards the windows where I’m sure there are curtains to hide behind… or rushed off and later tell his dad he needed to use the restroom.

    But he couldn’t hide forever~

    Thanks for the translation~.

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