White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 38: Leaving the Palace

At this moment, Su Mo Li and Cheng Tao are shocked.

But on their faces, it was not obvious.

Zhong Li Shi’s eyes were a little panicked, but his face was calm.

“Eldest Cousin.” Su Mo Li bowed herself towards Zhong Li Shi, with a shallow smile on her face.

Zhong Li Shi didn’t dare to look at Su Mo Li’s eyes. He coughed and nodded, “Cousin.”

The two of them responded dryly, which was fine in the eyes of the Emperor, as they were not familiar with each other.

But Zhong Li Xi frowned and said in a low voice: “Li’er, my brother is a good person, but now the Empress has not woken up, that’s why he is in a bad mood.”

Su Mo Li said softly: “I know, besides, after all, he is the Crown Prince, it is normal to have dignity.”

After thinking about it, Su Mo Li looked up to His Majesty: “Your Majesty, I also know a little bit of medical skills, can I take a look at the Empress?”

The Emperor was puzzled: “You also know how to heal?”

A blush appeared on Su Mo Li’s face as if she was very embarrassed: “When I was young, I was alone in the Tianjia Village.”

The little girl calmly said these words, but the hearts of those present were shaken.

Zhong Li Xi’s tears fell again, and she held Su Mo Li’s hand tightly: “Don’t be afraid, Li’er, I will protect you from now on.”

Zhong Li Shi and the Emperor looked at each other but didn’t say anything.

The Emperor nodded, “Then can you go and take a look?”

Su Mo Li responded, walked to the Empress’ side, and took her pulse.

She didn’t want to get involved, but Zhong Li Xi was true to her, so she would return the favor.

But in an instant, Su Mo Li withdrew her hand, and after looking around, she came to the place of incense: “Cheng Tao, bring over the tea.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Cheng Tao quickly brought the tea over. Su Mo Li received it and poured it directly onto the burning incense.

The people present were stunned, could it be that there was a problem with the incense?

Zhong Li Xi couldn’t help but voice it aloud.

“There is no problem with the incense.” Su Mo Li shook her head, her small face full of seriousness, “The incense in the Empress’ scent pouch is also fine, but when these two fragrances are combined, it becomes a peppermint fragrance.”

“Mint fragrance?” Zhong Li Xi screamed out, “My mother is allergic to peppermint incense!”

Zhong Li Shi’s pupils shrank sharply.

The Emperor’s face also appeared to be heavy with emotion.

It was no secret that the Empress was allergic to peppermint fragrance in the Palace, yet still, someone was sending both fragrances over, that was plotting to murder!

Zhong Li Xi’s face was filled with anger: “If I find out who is trying to harm my mother, I will not spare them!”

Zhong Li Shi shook his head silently toward Zhong Li Xi, and then said, “With Father here, naturally, we will not spare the murderer.”

Zhong Li Xi also reacted, and just as she wanted to say something, she saw the Empress on the bed waking up.

Su Mo Li, with Cheng Tao in tow, slowly retreated from the room.

Zhong Li Shi noticed it out of the corner of his eye but didn’t stop it. His heart only beat faster and faster.

After going out, Su Mo Li ordered the maids to make a bowl of soup for the Empress to send in.

When she returned to the room, Cheng Tao said, “Miss, the Imperial Doctor Shi is actually the Crown Prince!”

Su Mo Li blinked her eyes, “Yes.”

Cheng Tao saw that Su Mo Li didn’t look angry at all and couldn’t help but ask, “Miss, don’t you feel cheated?”

Su Mo Li laughed: “What’s the matter, we all befriend with a superficial identity. Also, it’s this Miss Su identity that I use to befriend people unilaterally.”

Cheng Tao was stunned, then reacted: “Yes, your Miss Su’s identity is only a superficial identity, but you are also the one chasing after the Prince.”

Although this is true, could you not say it directly?

“What a shame!” Su Mo Li held her jaw with one hand and tapped on the table with the other, “How can it be the Prince? It’s the Crown Prince. How can I get him back? ……”

The corner of Cheng Tao’s mouth twitched, and she turned to pack up her bed.

Outside, Zhong Li Shi and Zhong Li Xi came out, leaving room for the Emperor and Empress to be together.

Zhong Li Xi was particularly angry: “Brother, if it weren’t for Li’er, I’m afraid Mother would have been in a coma for a long time.”

“Well, I’ll look into it, you go to sleep first.” Zhong Li Shi faintly said.

Zhong Li Xi’s heart settled down: “Big Brother, I know you have the Quick Warm Jade there, give it to me.”

Zhong Li Shi was about to refuse when he heard Zhong Li Xi continue, “I want to give it to Li’er, you don’t know, Li’er’s body is too weak, it’s obviously a big summer, her hands are cold.”

Zhong Li Shi swallowed the words in his mouth, then said, “Well, I’ll ask Xiao Gouzi to bring it to you tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Big Brother!”

Zhong Li Shi nodded and left.

“Did you notice, Bai Ling? In fact, my brother is also very easy to talk to.” Zhong Li Xi said with a narrow smile.

Bai Ling echoed, “That’s right, after all, His Highness the Crown Prince only has one real sister, you.”

That said, Bai Ling felt a little strange, before when the Princess asked for something, she would have to pester the Crown Prince for three days and five nights, how this time so simple!

Is it because it’s for Miss Su? After all, Miss Su saved the Empress.

Think of it this way, it must be right.

The next day, Su Mo Li got up to see the Empress.

When she saw her rosy complexion, she knew she was fine.

However, today is particularly lively, in the past, when Su Mo Li came over, it was the wrong hour for Imperial concubines to pay respects. Now because the Empress was in a coma, the Imperial concubines are still there.

After Su Mo Li came in, many concubines looked over.

They all let out exclamations of wonder, her appearance was truly outstanding.

“Li’er is here.” The Empress knew that she woke up yesterday because of Su Mo Li, and got a little closer to her.

Su Mo Li’s face was lit with a gentle smile as she softly said: “Thank you for your care these days, Your Majesty, it’s late, Li’er has to leave the Palace.”

The Empress just remembered that today was the day Su Mo Li would leave. She nodded her head, instructed a few words, and then asked Momo Gui to send Su Mo Li away.

As soon as she went out, she saw Zhong Li Xi.

Zhong Li Xi handed the warm jade in her hand to Su Mo Li, her face full of reluctance: “If there is anything that can’t be solved outside, you can write to me.”

Su Mo Li naturally agreed.

When she arrived at the Palace Gate, a carriage was waiting.

Watching the carriage leave, Zhong Li Xi sighed, “Let’s go, go to Father’s place, Li’er asked me to speak to Father for her.”

In the Imperial Study Room, the Emperor looked at Zhong Li Shi, who was slumped on a chair and couldn’t help but say, “Having thoughts?”

“Yes.” When Zhong Li Shi had a smile on his face, it made his face look better and better, “But you don’t believe it, Father, do you?”

“You don’t even have proof, so you point directly to my Consort, how do you want me to believe that?” The Emperor also had a headache.

Zhong Li Shi shrugged his shoulders when he said, “Then you’ll have to find out for yourself.”

“You!” The Emperor glared at Zhong Li Shi, “This is the task I gave you!”

Zhong Li Shi raised his eyebrows: “Father, if you want me to investigate your Consort, you have to give me the right to do so! Otherwise, how can I investigate?”

The Emperor pondered for a while, then directly threw a token to him, and wrote an Imperial decree.

With the two things in his arms, Zhong Li smiled, “Father is still good to this Son.”

“Go go go! Get out of here!”

“Your Majesty, the Second Princess is asking for an audience.” Da Guozi walked in.

“Is Xi’er here?” The Emperor looked much better, “Let her in.”

Zhong Li Shi was in no hurry to leave. He rubbed his fingertips and seemed to be thinking about something.

The Emperor took a look at Zhong Li Shi and disliked him, “You’re not leaving yet?”

“No, I’m not leaving, I miss Xi’er too.”

The Emperor didn’t have a good look for him, and soon Zhong Li Xi ran in, “Father, Li’er has left the Palace, and she asked me to tell you to thank you for taking care of her.”

The Emperor was startled at the mention of Su Mo Li.

Zhong Li Xi, however, continued, “Father, I don’t feel comfortable with Li’er being alone outside the Palace, you see how thin and weak she is, she must have been bullied a lot outside.

Father Emperor, I am not sure how Li’er’s health used to be, but Father Emperor, you should know, right? Li’er also said that her body only broke down when she went to Tianjia Village.

Father, shouldn’t you look into it?”

Zhong Li Xi hugged the emperor’s arm and shook it, “Father, Aunt Huimin blocked a sword for you, but this is Aunt Huimin’s only daughter, don’t you ever feel bad?

Besides, this will be your daughter-in-law in the future.”

Zhong Li Shi frowned silently.

The Emperor sighed: “I also know that child Li’er has been wronged, but after all, it’s someone’s family business, how do you want me to interfere?”

“I don’t care about that!” Zhong Li Xi directly threw the Emperor’s arm away and ran to Zhong Li Shi, “Brother, will you go help Li’er?”

When Zhong Li Shi looked at the look of anticipation in Zhong Li Xi’s eyes, he slowly said, “We really can’t interfere with the matters in the Su Residence, but we can look into the matters in the Tianjia Village.

Back then, I vaguely remember that when Aunt Huimin passed away and Old Madam Su was seriously ill, it was Master Sankong who said that one person needed to go to the Tianjia Village to pray for good fortune, thus choosing my cousin to go there. After all, Master Sankong meant that only people with good fortune could go to pray for good fortune.

It was also Father’s personal order for Cousin to go there, in that case, the Su Family should have protected Cousin, how could Cousin be frequently assassinated?

Father’s will says that Cousin must not be harmed, could it be that someone is dissatisfied with Father, so they deliberately hurt Cousin?”

The look on the Emperor’s face instantly sank.

“Father, why don’t you ask my Second Brother to look into it, after all, Cousin is going to be Second Brother’s concubine.”

Zhong Li Shi’s words caused Zhong Li Xi to frown and whisper, “The Second Imperial Brother will not do his best.”

Zhong Li Shi shook his head towards Zhong Li Xi.

Zhong Li Shi also knew that it was impossible to ask his own brother to investigate, after all, men and women are different!

After thinking about it, Zhong Li Xi said, “Father, I’ll go with my Second Brother to investigate.”

“Well, it just so happens that it will also allow my cousin to cultivate a relationship with Second Imperial Brother.” Zhong Li Shi said again.

The Emperor instantly felt justified and nodded, “Good, send Zhong Li Ling to the Palace.”

Walking out of the Imperial Study, Zhong Li Shi was in an extremely good mood.

He was sending someone over, but as for whether it would work or not, it was up to that little girl!

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  1. Huh. Previously, he seemed upset to hear mention of her becoming Li Ling’s concubine, but now he’s happy about suggesting an activity that could supposedly bring them closer together.

    Maybe my brain skipped lol.

    Thank you!

    1. I noticed that too. 🧐

      My only theory:
      The difference was that ML was upset because someone else inferring that FL will become Emperor’s Daughter-in-law by way of the 2nd Prince, while ML wasn’t upset when ML mentioned that FL would be the 2nd Prince’s concubine because ML was in “scheming” mode; ending with a smile because ML was looking forward to FL putting on another play to ward 2nd Prince away again.

  2. Huh. Previously, he seemed unhappy when he heard mention of her being Li Ling’s concubine, but now he seems happy suggesting an activity that could bring them closer together.

    Maybe my brain skipped lol.

    Thank you!

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