White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 39: A Mess

At this time, Su Mo Li and Cheng Tao also arrived at the Su Residence.

“Eldest Miss is back.” Momo Ke welcomed them with a smile, “Master and Lady are waiting with the Old Madam, Second and Third Miss are also here.”

Su Mo Li had a light smile on her face, “If so, I’ll go to Grandma’s place too.”

With that, she followed Momo Ke towards Old Madam Su’s courtyard.

On the way, Momo Ke asked Su Mo Li how she was doing in the Palace.

Su Mo Li naturally shared that it was good.

When she arrived at Old Madam Su’s courtyard, after Su Mo Li greeted her with a bow, Old Madam Su pulled Su Mo Li up and down to look at her: “Good, no weight loss.”

Su Mo Li laughed: “The Emperor and the Empress have been very good to me, and the Empress Dowager has often kept me for meals, and the Second Princess takes me around the Palace from time to time.”

“Hahahaha, that’s good, that’s good, it’s good to be fat!” Old Madam Su couldn’t stop laughing.

Su Chen also didn’t expect Su Mo Li to be liked by the people in the Palace, but thinking of her birth mother, he thought it was normal: “Did anything happen in the Palace?”

Su Mo Li looked at Su Chen in confusion, thought hard, then shook his head: “Nothing happened, everything is normal.”

“I heard that the Empress fainted?” Li Qianshi couldn’t help but say,

Su Mo Li was silent for a moment: “No, Mother, don’t listen to nonsense.”

Li Qianshi still wanted to ask, when then she heard Su Mo Li say: “Father, the Emperor has already instructed me.” Su Chen looked at Su Mo Li’s face and saw she was afraid.

Su Chen looked at the fearful look on Su Mo Li’s face, and immediately understood: “Okay, what can a child know? Don’t ask any more questions.”

Li Qianshi squeezed her hand tightly and a smile appeared on her face: “Yes, I was in a hurry.”

“Grandmother, Mother, the Empress gave me a lot of cloth, which can be used to make clothes. I think those clothes are particularly beautiful, and there is also some jewelry which I think my sisters will like.” Su Mo Li said with a playful voice.

Su Chen was naturally not interested in these.

Old Madam Su, however, was very happy: “Not for your father, your father is a grown man, will he still grab jewelry from us women?”

Saying that everyone laughed.

Su Xin Zhen was sitting next to Li Qianshi, looking at Su Mo Li’s face with a bright smile, her eyes filled with anger, and her smile was very stiff.

Su Mo Li naturally sensed that something was wrong with Su Xin Zhen, and still smiling, she asked Cheng Tao to bring in the things given by the Empress.

Looking at the colorful cloth, even the unhappy Su Xin Zhen revealed a smile.

“There are five pieces in total, just one for each person, what does Grandmother think?” Su Mo Li said with a smile.

“You ah!” Old Madam Su patted Su Mo Li’s hand, “Grandmother is old, so there is no need, you take two, everyone else gets one.”

“Grandmother, I still have some. The Empress said to just come to her for anything I need in the future.” Su Mo Li replied evenly.

Su Chen frowned: “If you need anything, just go to your mother, how can you bother the Empress with such a trivial matter?”

Su Mo Li revealed a confused appearance.

Seeing this, Su Chen looked a lot better, since she was simple, he inevitably said a few more words: “The Empress is just being polite, just listen to me, whatever cloth you want, you can have it at home.”

Su Mo Li nodded her head, then stood up and handed the red cloth with small flowers to Old Madam Su: “Grandmother, this color matches you.”

Old Madame Su smiled: “Yes, yes, yes, since it’s from Li’er, I’ll naturally take it.”

Most importantly, she did like the color.

Su Mo Li took the goose-yellow cloth, and without saying a word, looked at Su Xin Zhen, and then handed it to Su Jia Xuan: “The goose beak-yellow cloth makes Xuan’er’s skin even whiter, so it’s suitable for Xuan’er.”

The blue cloth was given to Li Qianshi, and the green one to Su Xin Zhen: “Second Sister’s skin is suitable for green, and green can help the skin look whiter.”


Su Xin Zhen directly threw the cloth on the ground: “What do you mean? Are you saying I’m dark?”

Su Mo Li stumbled and took two steps back, fear on her face: “I, I didn’t mean it ……”

She said, tears falling down, “I just think that my Second Sister fits green.”

“You’re just saying I’m black! You just said it!”

Su Mo Li bit his lips tightly and looked at Su Chen, who was not looking well: “Father ……”

Su Xin Zhen is indeed the darkest in the family, but it is actually a normal skin tone, but she is extraordinarily calculating, so every time she applies rouge and powder, she always puts on a thick layer first to hide her skin tone.

“Su Mo Li! You just do it on purpose!” Su Xin Zhen’s face was filled with anger, “You’re insulting me! Get the hell out of here! Get out of my house!”

Su Mo Li’s face turned incredibly pale as she looked at Su Xin Zhen incredulously.

Li Qianshi reacted quickly and immediately pulled Su Xin Zhen: “Zhen’er, what are you talking about?”

“I’m not bullshitting! Ever since she came back, I’ve been punished by my father a lot, and I’ve had trouble with her life. Get her out of here!”

Su Xin Zhen is really angry, she hates people calling her dark; however, Su Mo Li touched her reverse scale.

In addition, in the past when she was at home, she used to say one thing and do another, but after Su Mo Li came back, she was the one who was punished, and she already had a certain amount of resentment in her heart.

Naturally, Su Mo Li is also aware of this, otherwise, she would not have angered Su Xin Zhen.

“I’m sorry, I’ll leave now.” Su Mo Li said with a trembling voice, then she looked at Old Madam Su and Su Chen, her eyes full of reluctance.

“You get out now!”

Su Xin Zhen directly pushed Li Qianshi away, came to Su Mo Li, and raised her hand and hit her!

However, it struck the air.

Su Mo Li directly fainted.

“Miss!” Cheng Tao quickly ran over, hugged Su Mo Li, and cried out loudly.

For a moment, Su Chen only felt his brain hurting.

“Miss don’t be afraid, I’ll take you out of here, let’s go, we’re leaving now.” Cheng Tao said, wanting to drag Su Mo Li away, yet how could she, a weak woman, move Su Mo Li.

Cheng Tao thought, ‘It’s really not easy to pretend to be a weak woman, and I have to admire Miss’ dedication.’

If her brothers saw that she couldn’t even carry a lady, she didn’t know how she would be laughed at.


The slapping sound made Cheng Tao freeze.

Cheng Tao was confused as she watched Old Madame Su slap Li Qianshi in the face.

“Is this the child you taught?” Old Madam Su glared at Li Qianshi, “Where is Li’er going? You say! Li’er is the Eldest Daughter of this House! Where is she going!”

Li Qianshi covered her cheek, showing an aggrieved appearance: “Mother, I know that Li’er is the Eldest Daughter of the family, and Zhen’er did not mean to do it, you also know that Zhen’er hates to be called dark, plus these days, you and the Master favored Li’er, Zhen’er is still small and can still learn and change her mind ……”

“Favored? If we had really favored Nan Nan, with Zhen’er acting like this, we would have invoked family law long ago!” Old Madam Su was so furious that Momo Ke on the side was busy helping to calm her nerves.

When Su Xin Zhen saw her mother was beaten, not only did she not reveal her distress, but on the contrary, the look on her face became more and more fierce.

And Su Jia Xuan had immediately asked Dong Xue to call a doctor when Su Mo Li fainted on the ground.

Momo Ke had people carry Su Mo Li into an upright position, pinched her midsection, and only then did Su Mo Li wake up, but her face was frighteningly pale.

“Miss, how are you?” Cheng Tao asked hurriedly.

Su Mo Li just shed tears and didn’t say a word.

“Someone! Take Second Lady down! She is not allowed to leave her courtyard without my permission!” Su Chen finally spoke out.

“Father! I won’t! Why should I be punished! On what grounds!

It’s all Su Mo Li’s fault! Why blame me!” Su Xin Zhen shouted out.

Li Qianshi glared at Su Xin Zhen: “Zhen’er!”

“Mother, do you also think I’m wrong? Where did I go wrong! She’s the one who said I was dark! It’s her!”

Su Xin Zhen pointed at Su Mo Li, her face full of anger: “If she hadn’t suddenly come back, how would I have become like this! We are a family! She’s nothing!”

“It’s my fault.” Su Mo Li got up with the help of Cheng Tao and knelt down, “I shouldn’t have come back.”

Su Mo Li spoke softly, the tears in her eyes fell hard, but her face showed a sad smile: “Father, Grandmother, it was Li’er who shouldn’t have come back, Li’er is willing to continue to go back to the Tianjia Village, to pray for you.”.

Saying that she kowtowed heavily.

“Thank you Grandmother, Father, and Mother for taking care of me these days.” With that, Su Mo Li stood up and supported by Cheng Tao, walked outside.

Su Xin Zhen’s eyes lit up and immediately said, “Everything in your yard belongs to the Prime Minister’s House, you are not allowed to take it away!”

“Okay, I won’t take it with me, but can I have my mother’s dowry back?”

Li Qianshi’s face changed dramatically!

Su Chen’s face also had the appearance of panic.

Old Madam Su, on the other hand, was furious: “What’s the point of going! This is your home! Your mother’s dowry is yours, of course, and no one can take it away!” .

“But grandmother, you guys are the family.” Su Mo Li shook her head.

“Chen’er! Are you just going to watch your daughter live on the streets?” Old Madam Su shouted at Su Chen.

Before Su Chen spoke, Li Qianshi immediately said, “How could she! Li’er is the Young Lady of the Prime Minister’s Residence, how can she leave! Zhen’er, quickly make amends with your Big Sister!”

Su Xin Zhen looked at Li Qianshi incredulously: “Mother!

You’re asking me to make amends? I don’t want to see her! I don’t want to! Get her out of here!”


Su Chen threw a slap across her face: “Get out of here!”

Su Xin Zhen covered her face, her expression full of incredulity: “Father, you hit me again! You’ve beaten me twice for Su Mo Li!”

After saying that, Su Xin Zhen looked at Su Mo Li again and cried out, “It’s you! It’s all you!

I’m not done with you!”

With that, Su Xin Zhen rushed towards Su Mo Li!

Su Mo Li moved towards the side under the pretense of fear, thinking of ways to keep quiet so that Su Xin Zhen could not injure herself.

Then she saw Su Jia Xuan rush over and kick Su Xin Zhen’s leg.

Su Jia Xuan was very young, so she could only cause Su Xin Zhen to fall to the ground, but no real harm came to her.

“Are you crazy?” Su Xin Zhen looked incredulously at Su Jia Xuan, who was in front of Su Mo Li.

Su Jia Xuan’s face was expressionless: “I’m not crazy, it’s you who’s crazy. You spent the dowry money that Big Sister’s mother left her, but you still want to do something to her, do you have a conscience?”

Translators Note:

Su Jia Xuan is truly best girl 🙂

Edited by EllieKit

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