White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 40: Investigation of the Case

Su Jia Xuan’s words made Su Mo Li a little surprised.

She learned that her mother’s dowry had been spent just a few days ago, and the spies in the house had been investigating the issue for a long time.

It seems that her own guess was right on target.

This girl should also be reborn.

Su Jia Xuan’s words stunned Su Xin Zhen.

Li Qianshi’s face went pale: “Xuan’er, what’s wrong with you, you’re in a daze! What nonsense are you saying?”

Old Madam Su finally felt something was wrong: “What’s going on? Wasn’t the dowry always in the public accounts? Why the overreaction?

Chen’er? Do you know about this?”

Su Mo Li smiled in her heart, how can Su Chen not know? Without his approval, Li Qianshi would not dare to touch the dowry even if she had the guts to do so!

Su Chen looked at Li Qianshi, and Li Qianshi reluctantly revealed a smile, and slowly said: “No, Mother, the dowry is good, before it was time to send out gifts and the time was too short to buy a good one, I took one of the agate bottles from my sister’s dowry, but we’ve already replaced it so don’t worry.”

Upon hearing this, Su Chen nodded his head: “Yes, that’ s true.”

Old Madam Su breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good.”

Su Jia Xuan’s eyebrows furrowed, and when she wanted to say something, she saw Su Mo Li take two steps forward, blocking Su Jia Xuan’s way. She looked up with tearful eyes at Su Chen: “Father, then, can you give me the dowry? I’m going out, but I also need silver to find a house.”

“Nonsense!” Su Chen shouted, “You’re the Miss of my Su family, why do you want to set up your own house?”

“Father ……” Su Mo Li’s face was full of emotion, then saw Su Xin Zhen’s annoyed expression, and took two steps back, shaking her head, “My sister doesn’t like me, I don’t want it …… Father, you let me leave ……”

“There’s no need to talk about this!” Su Chen swept a glance at Su Xin Zhen, his face full of disappointment, “As for Zhen’er, you’re really too much! Did you know that this is your own sister?”

Su Xin Zhen was about to retort when she heard Li Qianshi’s voice: “Master is saying that it was this concubine who didn’t teach Zhen’er well.”

“Hmph, isn’t it you!” Su Chen was furious, “Don’t come out without my order! And apologize to your sister!”

“I won’t apologize! Who am I to apologize!” Su Xin Zhen was once again furious, her eyes filled with tears, “She’s not my sister, I don’t have a sister!”

“You! You’re just going to piss me off!” Old Madam Su’s face was full of incredulity, and then she looked at Su Mo Li in distress.

Su Mo Li wiped the tears on her face haphazardly: “It’s my fault, Father, don’t let the family fight because of me, I will try not to appear in front of my sister in the future ……”

“Big Sister, this is supposed to be your home!” Su Jia Xuan couldn’t help but say, “Big Sister, you are my sister!”

Hearing Su Jia Xuan’s words, Su Chen was in a better mood, but when he thought of Su Xin Zhen, he was furious again: “Look at you, you’re not even as good as your sister!”

“Su Jia Xuan!” Su Xin Zhen also heard Su Jia Xuan’s words. She directly freed herself from Li Qianshi’s grip, ran to Su Jia Xuan, and glared, “Don’t you forget, I’m your sister from the same mother!”

“Big Sister is also a sister.” Su Jia Xuan looked into Su Xin Zhen’s eyes and said word for word, “Big Sister is Father’s child, and she is my sister too!”

“Pah!” Su Xin Zhen threw a slap across her face, “You get out! I don’t have a sister like you!”

Su Jia Xuan covered her face but her expression was calm.

Su Mo Li frowned slightly and held Su Jia Xuan without moving, and cried: “Xuan’er is still a child. What grievances Sister has should be directed at me, how can you hurt Xuan’er?”.

Saying that, she pushed Su Jia Xuan to the side with Cheng Tao, and then faced Su Xin Zhen: “Don’t touch Xuan’er, hit me, if hitting me will make you feel better, you can hit me.”

When Su Xin Zhen saw Su Mo Li’s soft and weak look, she was even more furious and directly raised her hand.

“I’ll see who dares to touch Li’er!”

Old Madam Su took two steps at a time and came to Su Mo Li: “Who dares to hit!”

Su Xin Zhen bit her lips tightly, her eyes full of cruelty.

Su Mo Li, however, was grieving, letting her tears fall silently.

Su Xin Zhen, who also wanted to speak, was pulled away by Li Qianshi. Su Chen also felt a headache, and was just about to leave when he heard Su Mo Li say: “Father, today Xuan’er received a grievance for me, and I have nothing good in my hands, can I go see my mother’s dowry ……”

Saying that, Su Mo Li looked at Su Jia Xuan with pity: “I want to give something to Xuan’er.”

Old Madam Su became more and more pitying, who would have thought that the first-born Eldest Daughter of the Su Family couldn’t even take out a decent piece of jewellery?

“Chen’er, it’s what Huimin left behind. It’s right to give it to Li’er, so that the three sisters won’t be able to fight over it later, so why not give it to Li’er today?”

Old Madam Su’s heart was inclined to Su Mo Li.

Su Chen nodded haphazardly. He asked someone to instruct Li Qianshi, and then left.

Old Madam Su sighed, “Li’er, you’ve suffered.”

Su Mo Li shook her head.

“Xuan’er is also a good child.” Old Madam Su touched Su Jia Xuan’s head, then said, “Ah Ke, you go and ask the kitchen to bring some food over, these two children have suffered.”

As soon as Su Mo Li returned to the Su Residence, these things happened, and her spirit was not too good.

Just at this time, Dong Xue also invited the doctor over, who prescribed medicine. Su Mo Li and Su Jia Xuan, after having some snacks, left separately.


Su Mo Li signalled the maids to back off. She looked at the expressionless Su Jia Xuan, and raised her eyebrows, “Do you remember how old you are?”

Su Jia Xuan was slightly startled and puzzled.

“You’re only eight years old.”

Su Mo Li only turned to leave after taking a deep look at Su Jia Xuan.

Su Jia Xuan, however, was cold all over, she was only eight years old, she was only eight years old ……

But she didn’t just act like an eight-year-old!

Taking a deep breath, Su Jia Xuan realized that she couldn’t be too different from the past.

“Dong Xue, let’s go.”

Dong Xue looked at Su Jia Xuan, who had regained her usual vitality, and breathed a sigh of relief: “Miss, don’t worry, Eldest Miss will be fine.”

“Hm, I know.”

When Su Mo Li returned to Cui Zhu Courtyard, Huang Fan greeted her: “Is everything okay?”

Cheng Tao shook her head, signalling that there were others around.

After the three of them entered the room, Su Mo Li directly collapsed on the princess couch: “Tell me, what are the rumours outside?”

Huang Fan thought about it and slowly said, “It’s not a big deal, after all, it’s just a concubine position, and not many people know Miss.

However, Miss’ destiny has been widely spread.

A lot of people think that Miss’ destiny is very peculiar.”

“It’s just a fabrication.” Su Mo Li said indifferently, “I have to say, Li Qianshi has also used a lot of brains, it’s been really difficult for her.”

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan looked at each other, then asked, “Miss, what are we going to do next?”


Su Mo Li laughed, “My ten thousand taels, I can’t let it go to waste.”

With a light sigh, Su Mo Li went to rest.

“What ten thousand taels?” Huang Fan was confused.

Cheng Tao thought about it and said tentatively, “Miss should mean, the ten thousand taels she gave the Crown Prince.”

When Huang Fan finished listening, her face was filled with surprise: “So the Imperial Doctor is the Crown Prince? But what did the Lady exchange with the Crown Prince?”

“I don’t know.”

Cheng Tao shook her head.

But soon, they knew.

The next morning, Zhong Li Ling and Zhong Li Xi came with the Imperial decree.

“Thank you, Second Prince.” Su Chen sighed, “Actually, I also sent people to investigate the matter of the Tianjia Village, but I couldn’t find out anything.”

Zhong Li Ling faintly responded, “In that case, please ask Miss to come out.”

Zhong Li Ling’s voice carried a hint of boredom, without the slightest bit of respect because Su Chen was the Prime Minister and future father-in-law.

Su Chen knew Zhong Li Ling’s temperament, so he didn’t mind.

But Li Qianshi was a bit gloomy, so it seemed that Zhong Li Ling did not like Su Mo Li at all.

Yes, after all, Zhong Li Ling likes a confident and flamboyant woman.

Soon, Su Mo Li came over, and today Su Mo Li wore white clothes, which made her more and more delicate.

Zhong Li Xi was overjoyed: “Li’er!”

“Princess.” The smile on Su Mo Li’s face was a little deeper, then she bowed to Zhong Li Ling, her little face blushing with shame.

“Second Prince.”

Su Chen smiled and said, “I won’t bother the Second Prince and Second Princess to investigate the case, Li’er, treat the Second Prince and the Princess well.”


Su Mo Li responded and said softly, “Why don’t you go sit in the garden?”

“Yes!” Zhong Li Xi quickly answered, “Let’s go.”

“Second Prince?” Su Mo Li looked to Zhong Li Ling, “Doesn’t the Second Prince want to go?”

Zhong Li Ling took a look at Su Mo Li and walked straight over.

Seeing this, an aggrieved look appeared on Su Mo Li’s face: “Does the Second Prince have a problem with me?”

“It’s fine.” Zhong Li Xi even shook her head, “You don’t need to care about him, he’s just like that, always feeling that everyone in the world is inferior to him.”

Zhong Li Xi said this and rolled her eyes, “If I were to look at him, he can’t even compare to my big brother with a finger.”

Su Mo Li was busy saying, “Xi’er, don’t say that, I think the Second Prince is still not bad looking.”

“Is he as good-looking as my big brother?” Zhong Li Xi asked rhetorically.

Su Mo Li paused and decided not to lie: “No.”

Immediately, Zhong Li Xi was happy: “I knew you were a discerning one, and I also think my big brother is good-looking, and so are you! You’re the prettiest as well!”

As they talked, they went to the garden pavilion.

In the pavilion, herbal tea and snacks had been placed.

After the three of them sat down, Zhong Li Ling directly said, “Miss Su, tell us what happened in the estate.”

Su Mo Li blinked her eyes, and after staring at Zhong Li Ling for half a moment, she said carefully, “Second Prince, do you dislike me?”

“It’s good that you know.” Zhong Li Ling mercilessly returned.

Su Mo Li dropped her tears: “But what did I do wrong? Why are you doing this to me?”

Zhong Li Xi was stunned, and in the next second, her whole body exploded: “Second Brother, what are you doing? Li’er is the concubine whom the Emperor gave you by decree, what is wrong with her?”

Su Mo Li only knew how to cry, making Zhong Li Ling irritated, directly stood up: “Wait until she finished crying and then come back and find me.”.

With that, he directly left.

Su Mo Li wiped her tears: “I’m fine, Princess, let me tell you about the things in Tianjia Village.”

Zhong Li Xi, who was just trying to console her, was full of question marks, she was fine so quickly?

In the dark, Su Jia Xuan looked at Zhong Li Ling’s back, bit her teeth, and walked straight over.

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