White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 41: The Magnanimous Su Mo Li

Zhong Li Xi looked at Su Mo Li with pity: “It’s okay Li’er, if my brother dares to bully you in the future, I will definitely help you! Don’t worry, I won’t let you be bullied!”

Su Mo Li looked at Zhong Li Xi gratefully and gave Cheng Tao a look surreptitiously, and Cheng Tao cautiously left.

Seeing that Zhong Li Xi was still scolding Zhong Li Lian, Su Mo Li smiled slightly: “It’s okay, I know the Second Prince doesn’t like me, maybe I’m not good enough.”

“Where are you not good enough!” Zhong Li Xi glared at Su Mo Li, “You’re fine everywhere, I won’t let you talk about yourself like that!”

Seeing Zhong Li Xi’s appearance of protecting herself, a warm feeling emerged in Su Mo Li’s heart.

Luckily, Zhong Li Xi knew what she was here to do, and started asking about Tianjia Village once again. The more she listened, the angrier she became, and directly asked people to find Zhong Li Lian, ready to return to the Palace.

“Li’er, don’t worry, I will definitely help you get justice!”

Su Mo Li took a look at Zhong Li Ling, who was in a state of disarray and was a bit surprised.

After saying a few words to Zhong Li Xi, she watched them leave, and then returned to the gathering in Cui Zhu Courtyard: “What happened?”.

After closing the door, Cheng Tao came in, with a heavy look on her face: “Miss, I followed behind the Third Miss, and saw that she was dressed extraordinarily gorgeous today, and seemed to want to have a chance meeting with the Second Prince.”

“But I didn’t expect that the Second Miss would come and meet the Second Prince.”

“Isn’t Su Xin Zhen grounded?” Su Mo Li raised her eyebrows.

Cheng Tao pursed her lips and did not speak.

Su Mo Li didn’t care, after all, Su Xin Zhen was so favored, no one dared to stop her from coming out.

“After Su Xin Zhen came out, what about Su Jia Xuan?”

After thinking for a moment, Cheng Tao said slowly, “Third Miss stood and watched for a while, then left.

I saw that the Second Miss and the Second Prince were chatting happily.”

Su Mo Li put the cup down and laughed lightly, “A bit interesting, it seems that my Second Sister and the Second Prince have taken a liking to each other?”

“I think so, I saw the Second Prince and the Second Miss getting along very well.” Cheng Tao said slowly.

Huang Fan couldn’t help but ask, “Miss, why didn’t the Emperor help you? In order to pay back your mother for saving His Majesty’s life, His Majesty should also help you, right?

If he said he didn’t know you were being bullied in the countryside before, now that he knows, he’s only sent the Second Prince and the Second Princess to investigate, which is too …….

And I can’t believe that the Emperor doesn’t know who’s behind it!”

Seeing Huang Fan’s angry look, Su Mo Li laughed.

“My mother did save the Emperor’s life, but so what? My mother has already passed away for so many years, and I’m afraid the Imperial Family is so thin-skinned that they have long forgotten.

Moreover, when my mother saved the Emperor, the Emperor promoted my father and made him Prime Minister, and in the Emperor’s heart, he has already returned this kindness. Now he still remembers me, it’s not easy to find out the truth.

As for me, I have only met him once in seven years, how much pity can the Emperor have for me? In this capital, we are the only ones who can rely on ourselves.”

Huang Fan was heartbroken: “Miss, what about the Empress and the Empress Dowager?”

“The Empress and Empress Dowager do take pity on me, but there is not much they can do, they are harem women and they are also pitiful. Back then they also wanted to protect me, but they were not strong enough.

What’s more, Grandmaster Sankong has interfered across the board. Grandmaster Sankong is the one and only Grandmaster of the Fengyun Empire, who dares not listen to what he says?”

Huang Fan was confused, “What did Grandmaster Sankong say?”

Su Mo Li’s eyes looked uncertain, and sh slowly said, “Grandmaster Sankong personally went to the Su residence and told my father that I was a blessed person, but I was also prone to sucking away other people’s blessings, so I needed to pray for five years, plus at that time, my mother had just left, and my grandmother was seriously ill.

So, I had to be sent to the countryside.

Grandmaster Sankong’s words also spread, but there was no harm done to me, but it was just that I couldn’t stay in the Capital, I didn’t understand before, I thought Grandmaster Sankong’s name was a sham, but now, I do understand.”

Su Mo Li took out a jade pendant from her bosom. Huang Fan and Cheng Tao looked at each other. This quick jade pendant was never away from Miss’s body. They heard that it was left by the Eldest Princess.

“This jade pendant was my mother’s, given to Grandmaster Sankong. When I left the Capital, Grandmaster Sankong returned it to me. Now that the dust has settled, I didn’t understand at the time, but now I know.

When Mother was seriously ill, she specially asked someone to invite Grandmaster Sankong, and I’m sure it was Mother who asked Grandmaster Sankong to help me leave the Capital, a place of evildoers.

The people that Mother arranged around me were all loyal people, thinking that away from the Capital, away from the Su Residence I should be able to grow up safely, what she didn’t expect was that Li Qianshi was so malicious… If I hadn’t received a good fate, I would have died at her hands.”

Su Mo Li held the jade pendant tightly and took a deep breath: “But it doesn’t matter, I have plenty of time, it’s not too late to take revenge in ten years.”

Saying that a smirk graced her face.

“Miss ……”

Huang Fan was filled with guilt: “I shouldn’t have mentioned this.”

“No problem, if you just don’t mention it, I’ll still tell you guys, lest you think that my mother’s identity can hold up the sky for me.”

Su Mo Li stood up and took a look at the hot weather outside: “Go invite Su Jia Xuan over.”

“Yes, Miss.” Huang Fan quickly walked out.

Cheng Tao also said, “It’s overly warm, I’ll go and bring some soup to relieve the heat.”

Soon, Su Jia Xuan came over.

Apparently, Su Jia Xuan had already removed her makeup.

“Big Sister.”

Su Jia Xuan held a jar of stinky tofu and placed it in front of Su Mo Li, “I made it especially for you.”

Su Mo Li smiled, “Thank you.”

Then she asked Cheng Tao to bring the chopsticks: “Let’s eat some together, you all go out.”

After Cheng Tao went out with the maids, Su Mo Li looked at Su Jia Xuan and took a bite of stinky tofu before saying, “Tell me about your dream, who is the Second Prince’s concubine?”

Su Jia Xuan’s hand trembled slightly and looked up, her eyes a little panicked, “Sister, do you believe me?”

“Xuan’er, you rushed to defend me, I still believe at the moment.” Su Mo Li’s words made Su Jia Xuan smile.

“Sister is different from the sister in my dream, but still defends me.” Su Jia Xuan pursed her lips, “The Second Prince’s consort, is Second Sister.

The Second Prince didn’t like Big Sister, but after all, the Emperor gave the marriage, so the Second Prince would still come to the house and then meet with Second Sister, who was so impressed by the Second Prince that she became the Second Prince’s consort with the help of my mother.”

Su Jia Xuan thought of what happened to her big sister in the dream and bit her lips with her front teeth tightly.

Su Mo Li was thoughtful: “So you dressed up so gorgeously today, but you actually wanted to attract the Second Prince’s attention?”

Su Jia Xuan hesitated, then nodded her head: “I want the Second Prince to like me so that if I force the Second Prince to withdraw his marriage, my sister will be free to go, but Second Sister interfered, I thought that if I collect evidence of their dealings, perhaps, I can also let Elder Sister withdraw the marriage.”

Su Mo Li looked at Su Jia Xuan unexpectedly, “You are very smart, do as you want, but be careful with yourself.

Don’t worry, I’m not the big sister in your dream anymore, I’ll find a way to withdraw my marriage.”

Su Jia Xuan’s eyes lit up and she nodded vigorously, “Sister, don’t worry, I will find the evidence!”

After Su Jia Xuan left, Su Mo Li instructed Cheng Tao to go to the Marquis Cheng Ning Residence.

The next day, Su Mo Li cleaned herself up and went to the courtyard of Old Madam Su.

After explaining her intentions, Old Madam Su was stunned: “You, you! Don’t you think for yourself?”

Su Mo Li laughed: “We are all sisters, no need to be so hostile.”

Old Madam Su stroked Su Mo Li’s hair: “Good, good, our Li’er is really magnanimous.”

She said to Momo Ke, “Go ahead and tell Chen’er what Li’er means to do when he comes back from Court.”

Momo Ke responded.

The surrounding maids, hearing this, all gave their support to Su Mo Li.

However, they could only clamor for the injustice in private.

“In fact, Second Miss is not grounded at all, I even saw Second Miss out yesterday.”

“Me too, I saw the Second Miss and the Second Prince over the pond laughing and talking. The Second Miss is not young, she doesn’t even know how to avoid suspicion!”

“Yes, but the Second Prince has a marriage contract with our Eldest Miss, Second Miss should not be thinking ……”

“Shh, don’t say it, you just know.”

After Su Chen heard Momo Ke’s words, he felt a bit guilty again, thought of something, and quickly went to Li Qianshi’s yard.

Li Qianshi was naturally happy when she knew that Su Chen had come over.

But before she opened her mouth, she heard Su Chen say, “Has Huimin’s dowry been made up? Send the key over to Li’er.”

The smile on Li Qianshi’s face stiffened, didn’t we agree last night that we would delay for a while? Why did it change in the morning?

Su Chen sat down and let out a long sigh: “Although I don’t like Huimin, but Li’er is my daughter, after all, Huimin’s dowry really shouldn’t be taken by us.”

“But Master, the residence is now unable to make ends meet, and the stores outside are not profitable ……”


Su Chen placed the cup of tea directly on the table: “Then let Zhen’er buy two fewer sets of jewelry and clothes so that you can have more money.”

Li Qianshi was stunned, “Master, how can Zhen’er attend all kinds of banquets without dressing up?”

“Then buy the cheaper one!” Su Chen’s eyebrows tightly furrowed together, “Her set of jewellery is worth ten thousand taels, how can she afford to consume them?

Okay, it’s settled, you give me the key, I’ll go deliver it to Li’er.

Also, discipline Zhen’er well, if Zhen’er was three times as understanding, she wouldn’t have done anything to push her elder sister into the water!”

Li Qianshi’s heart sank and looking at Su Chen’s gloomy face, she said: “Master, Zhen’er is still young, don’t worry, I will take good care of her. And Feng He Old Man will come to the capital soon, so she will be favored by him.”

Upon hearing this, Su Chen’s face looked a little better, and nodded casually.

Li Qianshi also asked Momo Chen to take the key over and hand it to Su Chen, and the smile on her face disappeared as she watched Su Chen’s back.

“I didn’t expect that the master would actually start to be dissatisfied with Zhen’er, it must be something that Su Mo Li said, you go and ask around.”

Momo Chen immediately left.

Half an hour later, she told Li Qianshi what she had heard.

“Oh.” Li Qianshi sneered, “What an understanding person, since you dare to use Zhen’er, then don’t blame me for being rude!”

Thinking about it, Li Qianshi whispered something in Momo Chen’s ear, her eyes lit up and she immediately said: “Madam, this is a good plan, don’t worry, I’ll do it right!”

Li Qianshi’s heart settled down, and she quirked her lips, her eyes revealing a fierce expression: “I’d like to see how you can still hop around in front of me when you’re completely abandoned.”

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