I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 53: Li Li will fish (3)

Lu Junhan finished answering the phone in the courtyard outside.

Just as he turned around, a small pink figure pounced towards his arms, “Daddy!”

The little girl was giddy and still looked happy. She tilted her delicate little face, and her dark eyes looked at him with a clear gaze, “Daddy, auntie said that we wouldn’t go home today.”


“Then, then, Daddy, are we going to sleep with Great Grandpa today?”

She had written down all the bad guys in the book, and there was no Great Grandpa in it, so Great Grandpa must be a good guy.

She likes good people.

She would be happy if she could sleep with Great Grandpa, and she would be even happier if she could ask her aunt to join her!

“You wish! Who wants to be with you ……”

Lu Junhan has not yet replied before he was interrupted. The old man was holding a fishing rod in his hand happened to pass by heard the words. He was instantly angry and blew his beard, and glared as he responded angrily.

“A little girl, actually, actually dare to say such words, simply harming the customs and insulting the family style!”

Song Qingwan: “……”

Tch, did this old man decide to fight with Li Li today?

How can he find fault with a little girl everywhere?

The little girl is only three years old; she must simply want to sleep.

The little girl is a good girl. Whether the old man is a good man or not, it is uncertain.

Looking at the old man’s expression, he definitely thought wrong.

Sure enough, people ah, once they got old, they think everything is dirty!

The little girl was indeed a good girl; she didn’t understand at all why her great grandfather was angry.

Then, she blinked her eyes, looked up, and asked her father incomprehensibly, “Dad, what is a white pig that kills the wind, is it a door style?”

The old man: “……”

Song Qingwan: “Pfft–“

Lu Junhan didn’t bother to explain and directly said indifferently, “Your great grandfather is complimenting you on your beauty.”

The little girl did not expect that the great grandfather liked her so much. She was a little shy, but she still said to the old man with a happy face, “Thank you, great grandfather, you are also beautiful!”

The old man’s face turned blue: “You!”

Song Qingwan almost couldn’t hold back her laughter.

The old man is such a masculine and rigid person, but he was actually complimented by a little girl who is beautiful. She was afraid that he would really be angry and vomit blood.

In the end, the old man held back and didn’t say a thing. Even though his face was red with anger, he couldn’t say anything.

He only glared at the little girl with hatred, gave a heavy cold snort, carried his fishing rod and fish bucket, and walked towards the pond.

The old man usually has no special hobbies other than work, just like fishing and gambling.

When he was young, it was fine for fun, but he became more and more obsessed with these two after he was old. If he went fishing and gambling, he would not feel comfortable.

Now the yard had a large pond that the old man requested specifically for fishing.

The old man just walked a few steps, I do not know what came to mind, and back again, with a pale face, voice majestic shouted on Lu Junhan: “Just so you kid in, I do not know.

“It just so happens that you came. I’ll have someone go get you a rod later. Come and accompany me to fish a few games!”

“No,” Lu Junhan refused simply, his face was light, “No time.”

Fishing is not like playing mahjong or golf; you could play a few mahjong or golf games for an hour, but fishing is different. A person can fish from morning to night.

And the old man’s game is obviously a game only when he catches a fish!

He does not have that much time to spend on this.

And also didn’t have the patience.

“No time?” The old man gasped and laughed, “Look, you have a lot of time!”

“I’m very busy.” Lu Junhan lightly stated.

“Busy? What are you busy with?” The old man said gloomily.

“Don’t tell me it’s about the company; I didn’t even give you much trouble!”

(End of this chapter)

Translators Note:

So you know you gave him trouble grandpa

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