I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 54: Li Li will fish (3)

The old man coldly snorted, “I see that you just don’t want to accompany me, an old man!”

Lu Junhan’s face was expressionless, “You’re just looking for someone to accompany you?”

Seeing this grandson of his loosening up, the old man eased his countenance in a rare moment, “Of course! What else do you think I’m doing it for?”

No matter how cold-blooded and heartless he is rumored to be outside, that was also when he was young. Now that he is old and there is no one around to talk to, he’s always a little lonely.

Lu Junhan does not care whether he is lonely or not. Anyway, he is very busy and does not want to waste his time on such meaningless things as fishing.

So, said in a light voice: “Then I’ll recommend someone to you.”

The old man was alert: “Who? I don’t want underlings! They are beside themselves except pretending to be mute. It’s boring; it’s better than me alone!”

“It’s not an underling.”

“That’s ……”

Lu Junhan pushed out the little girl in his arms: “Her.”

Seeing the little girl’s clear and innocent big eyes, the old man’s face was bad again: “Her? What the hell does she know about fishing.”

Lu Junhan lightly glanced at him sideways, “Didn’t you say it was just to find someone to keep you company?”


“She’s fine and won’t play dumb,” Lu Junhan raised an eyebrow and gave a rare faint smile, “You won’t be lonely.”


The old man took one look at his expression and knew it was no good. Waving his hand in anger, “It’s just the same, you and your father are the same; both are wolf-hearted and dog-lunged! If you don’t want to come, I’ll go by myself.”

After saying that, the old man carried his fish bucket and fish pole and left in anger.

Song Qingwan looked at the back of the old man and sighed with emotion: “This time I came back, I realized that Dad had changed a lot, and his temper has become fierier……”

Lu Junhan, however, ignored her. He looked down and let the little girl go and play with the old man.

“Then, dad, you will come to me later?” The little loli was very reluctant to let him go.


“Really?” The little girl did not expect him to agree so easily, and before she could get happy, she saw the man raise his eyebrows and say, “False. I’ll go home later, without you.”

The little girl suddenly looked aggrieved, and her eyes were red again.

Song Qingwan was really helpless, came over and hugged Lu Li heartily. She looked at Lu Junhan speechlessly: “Do you have to make her cry?”

Lu Junhan pulled his thin lips: “I didn’t know she was so incapable of teasing.”

Song Qingwan glared at him and whispered to comfort the little girl: “Li Li, don’t cry, your father lied to you; he wouldn’t leave you alone ……”

“Really?” The little girl lifted her red eyes, looking pitiful.

“Really, really,” Song Qingwan looked heartbroken, “If you do not believe me, ask your father.”

The little girl looked at the man with tearful eyes, “Daddy ……”


“Don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone,” Lu Junhan looked down at his phone, absent-mindedly coaxing her, “I promise to take you with me to the toilet and bath in the future, so is that okay?”

Song Qingwan: “……”

Little girl: “……”

Lu Junhan raised his eyelids, “Still crying?”


After the little loli knew that her dad was playing with her, she pouted her little mouth and stepped on her dad’s foot fiercely with her little foot, then hummed, “Bad dad.”
After saying that, she didn’t even look back and ran off to play with her great grandfather.

Song Qingwan watched the little girl run to the old man’s side, and only then did she withdraw her eyes.

She turned her head to look at Lu Junhan.

She thought about his cold look just now.

She was afraid that he would have some kind of disconnection with the old man.

She deliberated, not knowing whether she should say that thing out.

But she was afraid that if she didn’t say it this time, she wouldn’t have the chance to say it later, so she finally sighed lightly and said.

“In fact, there is something that I have not said ……”

(End of this chapter)

Translators Note:

Around Jan 18, I’ll be taking a 1 week break from posting. I’ll let you guys know closer to the date, but your girl needs a break :(. I’ve been consistently putting out chapters for the past 2-3 months and need to rest my head and replenish the stock pile of chapters.

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