White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 42: Entrapment

The second time Zhong Li Ling stepped into the Prime Minister’s Residence, it was three days later, still under the guise of investigating the case.

Su Mo Li looked at Zhong Li Ling’s absent-minded appearance after asking three questions, and couldn’t help but reveal her grievances: “If the Second Prince doesn’t want to see me, why did you come here? Just let the Second Princess come over directly.”

Zhong Li Ling took a look at Su Mo Li’s weak appearance, and the dislike in his eyes was about to spill out.

“I’ll go find Lord Su.” When Zhong Li Ling saw that Su Mo Li was about to cry, he directly stood up and quickly left.

After Zhong Li Ling left, Su Mo Li laughed in her heart: “Go to Mudan Courtyard, see my second sister.”

At this time, Su Xin Zhen stared at Su Jia Xuan who was eating snacks beside her, “The Second Prince is here?”

Su Jia Xuan looked to Su Xin Zhen with a puzzled expression, “Second Sister, what’s wrong with you? The Second Prince is here to investigate the case, and to see Big Sister, so why are you in such a hurry?”

“Where am I in a hurry?” Su Xin Zhen glared at Su Jia Xuan, “Eat, eat, eat, all you know how to do is eat!”

Su Jia Xuan put down the snack and stood up, “Since my sister doesn’t want to see me, I’ll leave first.”

Saying that she bowed her body and left directly.

“Su Jia Xuan!” Su Xin Zhen was anxious, “What I told you, will you agree or not?”

Su Jia Xuan’s face was filled with hesitation: “Why?”

Su Xin Zhen took a deep breath, rolled her eyes, and quickly said, “I want to see the Second Prince because I want to tell him to be nice to Big Sister.”

On hearing this, Su Jia Xuan’s eyes lit up: “I knew the Second Sister also likes Big Sister.”

With that, Su Jia Xuan jumped up and ran out.

Not long after Su Jia Xuan left, Su Mo Li came.

“What’s she doing here?”

Su Xin Zhen frowned and walked out, seeing Su Mo Li dressed in white, her beautiful face made her heart swell with jealousy.

Su Mo Li took in Su Xin Zhen’s look, and said quietly, “I’m here to show goodwill to my sister, I’m about to marry the Second Prince, I can’t stay at home for long, please don’t target me in any way ……”

“Sister don’t worry, I will definitely take a detour when I see my sister in the future, and I will never hang around in front of you.”

Su Xin Zhen laughed mockingly, “What marriage to the Second Prince? You’re just going to be a concubine for the Second Prince! It sounds like nice saying side consort, but what’s the difference between that and a concubine? I say Su Mo Li, you’re not thinking that you can climb to the position of the Second Prince’s consort in the future by virtue of the Second Prince’s favor, are you?

I’m telling you, no way! The Second Prince doesn’t like you! You’re just going to have to die.”

Su Mo Li looked at Su Xin Zhen incredulously, her pair of eyes filled with shock: “Sister, you, how can you say that to me? We are sisters!”


Su Xin Zhen interrupted Su Mo Li, “If you want to play sisterly love, go to Su Jia Xuan, not me! I just don’t like you!”

Su Mo Li was silent and nodded her head, “I know.”

With that, Su Mo Li turned around and was about to leave.


Su Xin Zhen seemed to have thought of something, walked up to Su Mo Li, leaned close to Su Mo Li’s ear, and enunciated every word, “Do you think that if I become the Second Prince Consort, you will have to serve me every day?”

Su Mo Li’s pupils contracted sharply, and her voice trembled as she cried out, “Sister, you ……”

“Yes, I like the Second Prince, and the Second Prince likes me!”

“But, you guys haven’t met at all ……” Su Mo Li was full of doubt.

Su Xin Zhen said proudly, “Who says we haven’t met? We’ve already met!

The Second Prince told me himself that he doesn’t like you, and he’ll do everything he can to get out of the marriage, so just wait.”

Su Mo Li’s face was full of aggravation.

The surrounding maids looked at each other, their faces full of shock.

Su Mo Li bit her lips and handed over the jade hairpin to Su Xin Zhen, “I heard from Mother that you particularly like this hairpin, but because it was in my mother’s dowry, Grandmother never gave it to you.”

Su Xin Zhen sneered: “Do you think I care about this? It’s just a jade hairpin, and I have more than enough!”

After saying that, she directly took the jade hairpin in Su Mo Li’s hand and slammed it on the ground: “Don’t pretend to be nice here, it’s disgusting.”

“It’s a shame to have a sister like you who grew up in the countryside!”

Su Xin Zhen’s face was filled with disgust as if Su Mo Li was some dirty thing.

“You’re not welcome in my Mudan Courtyard, so get out!”

As she said that and pushed Su Mo Li hard.

Su Mo Li staggered back two steps and fell to the ground.


Su Chen was shocked in his eyes and quickly came over, shouting at Su Xin Zhen, “What are you doing!”

Su Xin Zhen was stunned, she didn’t expect Su Chen and Zhong Li Ling to actually come, looked at Su Jia Xuan next to her, bit her lip, didn’t expect the timing to be so unfortunate!

Su Jia Xuan even ran over and helped Su Mo Li up, her face full of worry.

“Father, I’m fine.” Su Mo Li said evenly, only to have tears fall from her eyes.

Su Chen was afraid that Zhong Li Ling would blame Su Xin Zhen, and was busy saying, “The sisters are joking, the Second Prince is laughing.”

Su Xin Zhen didn’t dare to look at Zhong Li Ling’s eyes and lowered her head, her heart was nervous.

Zhong Li Ling faintly glanced at the crying Su Mo Li, unconcerned, said: “Since it’s play between the sisters, some accidents are normal. The way Miss Su wept, those who do not know would think that Miss Su had been wronged a lot and that the Second Miss had done something as evil as that.”

Su Chen was stunned, and the surrounding servants were stunned as well.

They all had eyes! They all know that the Second Prince is trying to justify the actions of the Second Miss!

The Second Prince isn’t bad if he doesn’t show affection to the First Miss, but he still blames the First Miss like this ……

“Although Miss Su will be the side consort of this Prince in the future, but this kind of behavior is a bit too petty.”

Zhong Li Ling lifted his jaw, his eyes filled with contempt, and frowned, his face full of dissatisfaction.

Su Xin Zhen, however, was proud of herself and looked up into Zhong Li Ling’s eyes.

Zhong Li Ling revealed a faint smile.

“That’s right! My sister and I were just having a little fun, but I didn’t think she would be so weak that I pushed her and she fell to the ground! I didn’t even try very hard!”

Su Xin Zhen immediately said, “Sister, you didn’t see Father and the Second Prince coming over, did you do this on purpose?”

The gloomy voice made Su Mo Li look up with a hint of incredulity on her pale face, then squatted down and picked up the broken hairpin.

The moment Su Chen saw the hairpin, he remembered Huimin, after all, it was Huimin’s favorite hairpin.

“Father, this daughter will take her leave first.”

Saying that Su Mo Li turned around and left.

That lonely figure made everyone present feel a little unbearable.

Of course, it did not include Zhong Li Ling and Su Xin Zhen.

Su Jia Xuan wanted to follow, but thinking of her own plans, she could only force herself to endure it.

After Zhong Li Ling said a few words to Su Chen, he also took his leave.

Su Chen returned to the study, found his servant, and when he learned the cause and consequences, his brows were furrowed to death.

“Master, this servant also had the courage to say that the Eldest Miss has been wronged this time.” The housekeeper couldn’t help but say.

Su Chen nodded his head, “I know, go down.”

He was more concerned about the matter between Su Xin Zhen and Zhong Li Ling than Su Mo Li being wronged.

So he had someone call Su Xin Zhen.

With a bright smile, Su Xin Zhen said unconcernedly, “Father, I’ve attended so many banquets, it’s extremely normal for me to run into the Second Prince.

Father, the Second Prince is protecting me, I don’t know what for! Maybe he just doesn’t like Big Sister?

Daddy, even if the Second Prince likes me, it’s not something I can control.”

Su Chen sighed helplessly as he watched Su Xin Zhen hug his arm and act coquettishly.

In the end, she was the child he held in his heart: “Li’er is going to join the Second Prince’s household as a concubine, and you shouldn’t get too close to the Second Prince.”

Su Xin Zhen was unhappy, but she could only nod her head at Su Chen’s words.

But turning her head, she ran over to Li Qianshi’s side: “Mother, can’t I marry the Second Prince?”

Li Qianshi was stunned: “Marry the Second Prince?”

“Right! I want to be the Second Prince Consort!”

Su Xin Zhen’s words enlivened Li Qianshi’s heart: “But what did the Second Prince say to you?”

Su Xin Zhen smiled and said, “The Second Prince said that he likes my straightforward and direct nature that makes a clear distinction between love and hate.”

“You should let Mother think about it.”

Su Xin Zhen nodded her head but did not force Li Qianshi.

However, after this, letters began to be passed between Su Xin Zhen and Zhong Li Ling.

The middleman, naturally, was Su Jia Xuan.

At the same time, while Su Mo Li was drinking tea in the courtyard, she saw a little maid sneak out.

Raising an eyebrow, Su Mo Li stood up.

When she saw the little servant girl burning paper money in the corner, chanting about her mother, Su Mo Li walked over, “You’re paying tribute to your mother?”

The little servant girl was Cui Hong, who was bought by Su Mo Li from the people broker. When she saw Su Mo Li, she kneeled down, and her body couldn’t stop shaking: “Eldest Miss spare my life, today is the anniversary of the death of my mother, I really miss my mother, so …… please Eldest Miss spare my life.”

“Get up.” Su Mo Li sighed a long sigh, “You’re also a filial one.”

With a glance at the paper money beside her, she said softly, “Can you sell me this extra paper money?”

“Of course.” Cui Hong said evenly.

Su Mo Li nodded and sighed, “The day after tomorrow, it will also be the anniversary of my mother’s death, so I will also pay my respects.”

With that, Su Mo Li left with the rest of the paper money.

Soon it was the day of the death anniversary of the Eldest Princess Huimin.

Su Mo Li took the paper money and found a corner and squatted down.

A shadow in the back looked behind him for half a second and then quickly left.

Li Qianshi, who got the news, had a winning smile on her face and quickly walked toward the study.

“I don’t know if it’s my fault that Li’er is unhappy with me ……”.

Li Qianshi’s eyebrows were filled with sadness: “Master, how about you and I go to see it together?” Hearing Su Mo Li sneakily burn paper money, Su Chen’s mood was already bad.

“Let’s go, I’ll also go and see what she’s so upset about, as I’ve provided for her with good food and drink!”

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