White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 43: Putting on a Show

Soon, the two of them arrived in the corner.

Su Mo Li chose an excellent place, surrounded by walls, not far away is a small pond, and there is no fear of an accidental fire.

When Su Chen and Li Qianshi came over, they heard Su Mo Li’s voice.

“Mother, I’m back at the Prime Minister’s Residence now. I miss you ……

I’ve often wondered if I could do whatever I wanted to do if you were still here.

Mother, I wish you were still here ……”

Li Qianshi hooked her lips. She knew Su Mo Li is still a child, when talking to her own mother, of course, she will speak her own heart.

She thought, ‘I’m sure Su Mo Li will take this opportunity to express her dissatisfaction with the people in the Prime Minister’s Residence.’

Li Qianshi stole a glance at Su Chen and saw that his face was full of anger.

Seeing that Su Chen wanted to rush over, Li Qianshi held him back: “Master, let’s wait so we can listen to what the girl has to say.”

Su Chen endured the anger in his heart.

After Su Mo Li burned the last piece of paper money, she slowly said: “But don’t worry, Mother, my grandmother is very good to me, and she will think of me when she has anything good to eat or use.”

After hearing this, Su Chen looked a lot better and was considered a conscientious person.

“As for Father ……”

Su Chen’s heart tightened violently.

Su Mo Li laughed softly: “Maybe I haven’t seen my father for too long, to the point where I can’t be as spoiled as my second sister, but my father is also good to me, after all, the love between father and daughter is thicker than water.

Even if my second sister grew up under his knee, he would help me if I was bullied. Mother, I used to hate my father in the Tianjia Village, hating him for leaving me alone and not caring about me.

But now it’s better, I do know that Father likes me, and I’m happy at home.

Mother didn’t slacken off on me and even let me learn qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting with a teacher.

Second Sister is a bit arrogant, but I can put up with it, and Third Sister is lively and lovely, and I am extremely close to her.

Mother, don’t worry, I’m fine here.”

Listening to Su Mo Li’s words, Su Chen’s face flushed red.

Where did he help her? He just gave a little punishment to Zhen’er, blocking people’s mouths. Where did she think ……

This kid ……

Li Qianshi’s whole body was bad, her hand squeezing the handkerchief in a death grip, the pain keeping her sane.

“Let’s go.” Su Chen sighed and turned to leave.

Li Qianshi reluctantly turned her head to look, just in time to meet the eyes of Su Mo Li, who raised her eyebrows and smiled.

Li Qianshi’s pupils shrank sharply. She quickly turned back, her heart panicked, but when she turned around to look, Su Mo Li was still crying with her head down, as if she had imagined by everything she had just seen.

“The things in Tianjia Village, we must find out where the things we sent to Li’er have gone!” Su Chen said in a cold voice, “Li’er is my daughter no matter what, and I can’t allow my servants to bully her.”

“Yes, Master.”

Li Qianshi had already made the arrangements when the Second Prince and Second Princess investigated the matter. She returned to the courtyard, directly asking Momo Chen to handle it.

After the two of them left, Su Mo Li patted the dust on her body and laughed softly.

When they returned to the courtyard, Su Mo Li sat on a stone stool: “Cheng Tao, Huang Fan, call the others over.”

After responding, Cheng Tao and Huang Fan quickly gathered everyone together.

Huang Fan stepped forward and slowly said, “Miss, there are ten servants in the Cui Zhu Courtyard, the first-class maids are this slave girl and Cheng Tao, the second class maids are not yet available, the third class maids are the two maids, Cui Hong and Niu Niu, the fourth class maids Xiao Xiao and Miao Miao, and the three small servants are Jin Zi, Yin Zi, and Cu Zi.”

“This slave servant has seen the Eldest Miss.”

“Slave servant has seen the Eldest Miss.”

Looking at the few people kneeling on the ground, Su Mo Li took a sip of tea and said faintly, “The first-class maids are still Cheng Tao and Huang Fan, and Er Ya and Miao Miao are the second-class maids, given the name Zi Su and Zi Yan.”

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan were slightly startled and looked at each other, looking at Er Ya and Miao Miao a little more cautiously.

“Xiao Xiao is a third-class maid, Jin Zi, Yin Zi, and Cu Zi are third-class servants, and Cui Hong and Niu Niu are driven out of the Cui Zhu Garden and handed over to Mother.”

Er Ya and Miao Miao were delighted but somewhat puzzled.

On the other hand, Cui Hong and Niu Niu were stunned and did not react until Jin Zi, Yin Zi, and Cu Zi dragged them both away, crying and shouting.

“Miss! Where did the slaves go wrong! We are people too! How could you do this to us!”

“Miss, please let us go! Where did we go wrong! We didn’t do anything wrong!”

Su Mo Li looked at the maids and boys who had gathered around and slowly said, “I wanted to save face for you, but since you want to know, that’s fine.

Cheng Tao.”

“Yes, Miss.” Cheng Tao came out and took out some gold and silver jewelry and threw it in front of them, “These jewelry are worth a fortune, not something you can afford.”

Niu Niu looked a little flustered, “Can’t this be a reward from the masters?”

“Yes.” Cheng Tao nodded, “You can take the rewards from your masters, but what are your intentions when you are a servant girl of Cui Zhu Courtyard, a servant girl of the Eldest Young Lady, and yet you report the Eldest Young Lady’s whereabouts to others?

The other masters of the Prime Minister’s Residence are all relatives of the Eldest Miss, and it wouldn’t hurt for them to know, but if this is out there and someone buys you off, our Miss is afraid for her life!”

“I didn’t. I didn’t ……” Niu Niu was busy shaking her head, her face full of anxiety, “I just said it because I knew it was someone from the house. If it were a stranger, I would have never said it.”

“Oh?” Cheng Tao looked at Niu Niu coldly, “As far as I know, you told your brother outside about Eldest Miss and even stole Eldest Miss’s handkerchief to sell outside. If Huang Fan hadn’t seen it once, you would have ruined my Lady’s reputation!”

Niu Niu’s face turned abruptly white, and she opened her mouth, but she couldn’t say a word.

“You are a slave servant sent over by Mother, I will not punish you, but I will report to Mother about what happened.” Su Mo Li said faintly, “As for Cui Hong.”

Su Mo Li lowered her head, “I think I have treated you well, but you poisoned me, Cui Hong. What are your intentions?”

Everyone took a breath, poisoning?

Cui Hong looked up fiercely: “This servant didn’t poison her!”

“Then why is there □□ in the bird’s nest that I drink every day? If the doctor hadn’t found it, I would be dead now! I also hope you are innocent, but my bird’s nest has only gone through your hands, and no one else has been able to get close to it.

Of course, you can say that there are other people ……” Su Mo Li blocked out what Cui Hong wanted to say and looked at Huang Fan, “Go to her room and search it.”

Huang Fan quickly went to Cui Hong’s room and quickly took out a packet of unknown powder: “Since you are not convinced, I’ll go and ask Mother to do justice.”

Cui Hong didn’t know how she could be exposed when everything was going fine.

When Li Qianshi got the news, she was having dinner with Su Chen.

Seeing Su Mo Li walk in dressed in white, before opening her mouth, she saw Su Mo Li kneel on the ground, her face full of tears: “Father, Mother, Daughter does not want to die.”

“What’s going on?” Su Chen’s eyebrows were furrowed because he had just listened to Su Mo Li’s “words from the heart,” so his feelings for Su Mo Li were strong, “What are you talking about? You are a Young Lady of the Su family. Who would let you die?”

Su Mo Li only knelt on the ground and cried quietly.

All along, Su Chen’s impression of Su Mo Li was that she was cautious and would endure even when she was extremely sad.

Today, when she suddenly cried so loudly, he knew that something big had happened.

Cheng Tao quickly told Su Chen what happened today, and Su Chen was shocked: “Poisoning? Someone actually poisoned Li’er!”

Li Qianshi’s eyes fluttered, and she stood up quickly: “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and send the murderer to the authorities!”

“Father, I would like Father to ask for this daughter. Why did she want to poison me? I have no grudge against her, so why are you doing this to me?”

Li Qianshi immediately said, “Why else? Such a person has a bad heart!”

“Bring the person here.” Su Chen said in a deep voice.

Li Qianshi’s heart was tight.

Cui Hong and Niu Niu were soon brought up.

The two of them were sleeping in the same room, so it was definitely one of them.

The only thing is that the stuff was found in the quilt on Cui Hong’s side, so Cui Hong is the biggest suspect.

“Say it, who told you to poison Miss!”

Su Chen sat on the top seat, his eyes full of cruelty.

Cui Hong couldn’t help but shudder, and her whole body trembled, “Master, spare my life, Master, spare my life! It’s not this slave-girl; it’s Chen ……”

“Cui Hong, you think it over before you say anything. If you tell a lie, the Master and I will not forgive you! Don’t let your family get into trouble because of you!”

Cui Hong’s voice stopped abruptly, and looked numbly at Li Qianshi, opening her mouth, but she couldn’t say a word.


Su Mo Li kowtowed heavily, “I understand, Father, I’ll retire.” With that, Su Mo Li stood up with the help of Cheng Tao and Huang Fan, her face pale white, and her whole body relying on the two maids to move her forward.

When he reached Li Qianshi, Su Mo Li raised her head, and her eyes were filled with sadness: “Mother, are you so intolerant of me?”

Without waiting for Li Qianshi’s answer, Su Mo Li left.

Li Qianshi’s face was white, and she forced a smile, “What is this child saying?

You don’t think I poisoned her, do you? How could I do that!”

Li Qianshi was busy looking at Su Chen but saw that his face was gloomy and his eyes were deep, and now her heart started beating faster and faster: “Master …… you do not believe it, right?”

Su Chen didn’t reply to Li Qianshi’s words, but looked at Cui Hong and said indifferently: “Drag her down, beat her to death with a stick, and as for the Niu Niu, directly sell her.”

“Miss, what Madam just said is actually not flawed,” Huang Fan whispered.

“Indeed there is no flaw, other people will find this sentence very normal, but Cui Hong can hear the threat in it,” Su Mo Li said indifferently, “And my action is to break her words so that everyone knows that she is threatening Cui Hong.”

“Then, Miss, what are we going to do next?” Huang Fan said in a soft voice, her eyes shining brightly.

Su Mo Li laughed, her pair of eyes filled with coldness: “Since she has placed someone by my side, using my mother’s death anniversary to set me up, I’ll do the same to her.

Momo Chen, she can’t keep it, □□, let her have a good taste for herself.”

The author has something to say: tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, we can withdraw from the marriage.

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