I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 52: Li Li will fish (2)

The old man gave a heavy “hum”; his gloomy old eyes stared at the young girl as he coldly said.

“Kindness? Humph, I think she is just angry because I just said that she is a ‘useless girl,’ and now she wants to see me make a fool of myself!”

“Dad, Li Li really isn’t ……”

“All right,” the old man interrupted her with a wave of his hand, saying coldly and stiffly, “I have eyes, I will see for myself!”

If not for fear of treason, Song Qingwan, who has always had a fiery temper, really wanted to yell.

You don’t have any eyes!

You can’t even see such a cute and well-behaved little girl, and you’re telling me that you have eyes?

But Song Qingwan knew he wouldn’t listen.

The old man was already patriarchal and did not like young girls or women.

A cold-blooded and ruthless person, his eyes are only on the family interests and power first.

For the sake of power, he can even bend the rules. He is no different from a cold machine.

When his wife, Wen Wanwan, died, her brother, who was only five years old, would cry loudly over the loss of his mother, but the old man would not. His eyes were only focused on work and his career. He was cold and cruel.

Even to Liu Huilan, who has been with him for so many years and saved him so many times, he is ruthless to the bone.

The old man wanted to send her off with money at first. If it weren’t for the fact that Liu Huilan gave birth to his child, Liu Huilan wouldn’t even be able to enter the door of the Lu family.

But it’s useless to come in. Many times, the old man doesn’t care about her at all, and only occasionally does he think of her, so Liu Huilan’s status in the Lu family is almost as good as a servant.

And now, the old man looks like he attaches great importance to that brat Lu Junhan, but this is mainly because he is a boy and is a proper heir of the Lu family. He can inherit the Lu family’s estate so he can get a little preferential treatment from the old man.

In addition, to say that the grandfather has feelings for his grandson, she was afraid there is only a little bit.

Although only a little, that is also much better than others.

But right now, although Lu Junhan has a child, it is a girl. She was afraid that the old man wouldn’t be able to get past ……

Especially since the old man and Liu Huilan have a great-grandson.

The person is a serious boy!

His body is also flowing with the blood of the Lu family, and the old man deeply loved him, but the name is not correct.


The beautiful and gentle face of Liu Huilan is very pale. She looked around and saw that no one was paying attention to her in the living room, so she took the phone and hurried upstairs.

She locked herself in her room and dialed her grandson, Lu Tianhua, without stopping for a moment.

“Hey, grandma, what’s up?”

Lu Tianhua’s side is probably playing cards in a room; his voice was loud and boisterous, with a lot of noise in the background.

Liu Huilan hates iron that won’t turn into steel: “Why are you out fooling around again? Can’t you learn from your brother Lu Junhan, be more competitive!”

“What’s so great about Lu Junhan? He’s still relying on that woman Song Qingwan to get where he is today? I should learn from him? Heh, learn from him to rely on women?”

Even through the phone, you can hear the contempt and disdain in Lu Tianhua’s tone.

“Right now is not the time to talk about this; you now hurry home, bring Qi Qi to the old mansion ……”

“Didn’t I bring him just a few days ago?” Lu Tianhua was impatient, “Why today again ……”

“Lu Junhan is here,” Liu Huilan said sharply, “and he brought his daughter! The old man also said that he wants to give all 9% of Lu’s shares to Lu Junhan!”

“What?!” Lu Tianhua was shocked. This time, he didn’t even play cards anymore and was busy asking, “Grandpa is really giving it?”

“That’s not true!”

“Grandma, why don’t you stop him!”

“I also want to stop him, but my words are useless!” Liu Huilan couldn’t help but complain, “You don’t know your grandfather’s nature; when did he ever put a woman in his eyes! I don’t want to talk to you; you hurry to bring Qi Qi over. The old man has always loved Qi Qi; If he is happy to see Qi Qi, the old man will give you 9% of shares!”



The old man is very trashy, but he is the kind of cold-blooded ruthless; he does not like Liu Huilan, nor does he like Wen Wanwan. He only cares about the continuation of the Lu family, but he is also an old grouch who only likes boys. But this cold-blooded person, if they really like a child …… you understand.

(End of this chapter)

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