I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 51: Li Li will fish (1)

The old man held that milk candy in his mouth, neither swallowing nor spitting and finally almost choked himself to death alive!

It was hard to get over the cough.

The thought that this candy is used to feed the pigs, his originally solemn and strict face changed and changed again, like a color palette, it was especially wonderful to see!

No one had ever been able to force him to such a sorry state.

In the past, when people see him, which one of them is not respectful, not even daring to say a word!

Even that brat, Lu Junhan, did not dare to fool him so freely!

This little girl, how dare she do this!

“Grandpa, isn’t this candy very delicious?”

The little girl did not notice his increasingly gloomy and sharp gaze. Her big black eyes shone brightly, not afraid, but also very happy, and her little hand-pulled out another one.

“Li Li still has one here, ah!”

When the old man who was already angry heard her innocent and simple words, his anger surged up again and could not be stopped.

He spat out the candy with a blue face.

His face, which was always serious, was red with anger.

He looked at the cute little girl with clear eyes in front of him and said furiously, “You! You did it on purpose!”

He saw that she was deliberately giving him the candy she fed the pigs.

In disguise, she was calling him a pig!

And now she’s pretending to be innocent!

At such a young age, she has such a deep heart; how will she grow up!

The little girl looked at him puzzled and confused; her eyes were full of bewildered clarity: “What deliberate ah? Li Li did not intentionally ah.”

“You still dare to play innocent!”

“Dad! Dad, you misunderstood Li Li; she really didn’t mean to do it.”

Song Qingwan was afraid that the old man would lose his temper with Lu Li, so she stiffened her face and hurried over to explain.

“This candy is just ordinary milk candy; it’s not fed to the pigs.”

“Don’t explain for her! I’m old, but I’m not deaf yet!” The old man looked at her with an angry face, “I heard everything just now! This candy is clearly, clearly used ……”

The old man could not go on. He looked at the little girl and said angrily: “She’s simply audacious!”

Song Qingwan was first startled by his harsh and appalling eyes, and then helpless.

How come she hadn’t realized before that the old man had such a serious and stupid side!

Song Qingwan looked back at where Lu Junhan was standing and wanted the brat to come over and explain himself!

She did not dare to contradict the old man.

But when she looked over, Lu Junhan was no longer in that position, and it looked like he might have gone out to answer the phone again.

Song Qingwan couldn’t help but want to curse.

The brat really knew how to find the time, not to answer early and not to answer late, but at this time to go out to answer the phone when they needed him.

Song Qingwan looked at the furious old man in front of her, deliberated, opened her mouth, and tried to calm his anger.

“Dad, I really did not lie to you. This candy …… this candy was given to her by that brat Lu Junhan, and he was also the one who lied to Li Li that it was fed to the pigs!”

She paused and said again, this time with a bit of helplessness.

“But how is it possible! Dad, think about it yourself, if it was really fed to the pigs, how could that brat possibly eat it, and how could he let Li Li eat it.”

The old man still pursed his thin lips, his eyebrows deep, but the gloomy face obviously eased a lot.

It was only after a good half-second that he gave a deep, cold hum.

“It’s also true that brat has a very picky mouth; if it’s really fed to pigs, he really won’t eat it.”

Song Qingwan was relieved to see this and struck while the iron was hot.

“Dad, you don’t blame Li Li for this. She is a child who does not know what to eat and what not to eat, and does not care whether it is pig food or dog food, anyway, as long as she thinks it is delicious, she wants to give you to eat, she is also a good intention ……”

(End of this chapter)

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