I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 50: The Old Master’s Favoritism (4)

She said so, but Liu Huilan’s heart was sinking.

This old man only has 15% of the shares in his hand, and in one fell swoop, he gave out 5% ……

What about her son?

And her grandson ……

How come Lu Junhan can get so many shares just by staying one night, but her grandson Lu Tianhua has nothing!

It’s so unfair!

Lu Junhan stopped and raised his eyes to look at his grandfather and said in a cold voice: “7%.”

“……” the old man was furious and heavily put down the teacup in his hand: “5% is already my biggest concession, you brat, don’t get too far ahead of yourself!”

Lu Junhan did not change his face: “8%.”


The old man’s face turned red with anger.

“Nine percent.”

“Fine! Then 7%.” The old man gritted his teeth, “Just like that father of yours, it’s ……”

“9%.” Lu Junhan raised his eyebrows and said lightly, “No negotiation.”

“……” the old man took a deep breath. His face looked like he was about to die of anger, and finally waved his hand helplessly and said in a deep voice.

“OK, OK, OK, I owe you! But you have to let me meet my great-granddaughter! After all, it is your first child ……”

Liu Huilan’s fingers tightened.

Is this old man not patriarchal?

How could ……

Lu Junhan glanced sideways toward Song Qingwan.

Song Qingwan’s eyes signaled: really no problem?

Lu Junhan did not say anything, just patted the little girl’s head, pulled his lips, and said in a light voice: “Go, give your pig-feed candy to your grandfather.”

Before Song Qingwan came in, she cautioned her many times not to make a sound in front of her great grandfather; he would not like it.

Although Lu Li wanted to talk to her great grandfather very much, she didn’t dare say anything.

Now that Daddy had said so, the little girl happily hugged her candy and went over.

“Is it really okay?”

Song Qingwan was still uneasy.

“You mean the old man or that little thing?”

Lu Junhan looked down at his cell phone and said lightly without raising his head.

Song Qingwan was baffled: “Of course it’s Lii Li!”

“She will be fine,” Lu Junhan looked at the little girl’s back and raised his eyebrows, “whether the old man will be fine; that’s not clear.”

Song Qingwan: “????”


“You are my great-granddaughter?”

The old man frowned harshly, his sharp eyes carefully tracing over every inch of the little girl’s face.

This little girl looks delicate and weak as if the wind will blow over, not at all stronger than the boys.

His tone was inevitably tinged with a bit of dislike.

How can it not be a grandson!

How good it would be if it were a boy!

In the future, he can also bring him to the army to exercise!

Auntie had just taught her how to address people, so the little girl nodded, her two little ponytails wagging, and said happily, “Yes, Great Grandpa, I’m your great-granddaughter.”

“What’s your name?”

The old man’s brow furrowed even tighter.

Even the voice that she spoke with was delicate, soft and weak, no strength at all!

But this little girl is not afraid of him; this point is good, but still not as good as a boy.

“Lu Li! Dad’s Lu and the Li of Lihua,” the little girl said, and pulled out a large handful of milk candy from the bag: “Great-grandpa, eat some candy? My dad said this is delicious!”

Although the old man also dislikes this kind of sweet and greasy things, he did not forget that Lu Junhan did eat the candy just now. Even when he asked him to spit it out, he did not spit it out.

Is this candy really that delicious?

Even that brat Lu Junhan also ……

If this is really the case, he can keep some of this candy at home next time.

He had a serious face as he picked one up from the little girl’s hand. He unwrapped it and stuffed it in his mouth, and looked at the wrapper, which was a foreign brand he had never seen before, and asked.

“What kind of candy is this?”

The little girl thought about it, her little face very serious, and honestly said, “Grandpa! This is the candy for feeding pigs.”

“Cough cough cough ……”

The old man choked until his face red, and his voice was raised several degrees: “You, what kind of candy did you say this is?!”

The little girl looked at him with some confusion, her big black eyes full of confusion: “candy for feeding pigs.”


(End of this chapter)

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